YouTube Premium APK Mod Download Latest Version Free 2022 – The Youtube Premium Apk Mod now can be downloaded for free, considering the download link is currently very widespread. There have been lots of articles that discuss this one apk and provide the download link for free. However, don’t be happy just yet.

Because, some websites or articles provide fake links or links that cannot be opened. So, you have to really choose which articles or websites you can choose and trust. For example, like the article you are currently reading.

You can download this cool apk in our article because the link we provide is a real download link and not a fake. If you don’t believe it, you can just try downloading it right away. But, you read this apk review first, yes.

Review YouTube Premium Mod APK

YouTube Premium APK Mod

As we know, Youtube currently provides premium features for users who are willing to pay. Because it pays, of course there will be lots of benefits that we will also get. You must know all right.

Yup, for example, you will no longer find ads when you are watching the videos in it. At all. And there are a few others too. So, there’s really nothing to lose for you if you become one of the Youtube Premium users even though it’s paid.

However, if you find it difficult to spend money, we have a solution that seems right for you. Yup, Youtube Premium Mod Apk. So, this app is a mod version apk from Youtube that can make its users enjoy premium features for free.

In another sense, of course, you don’t have to pay to become a premium user by using this mod version of the apk. Approximately, what benefits can you feel if you use this one apk, right?

Is it 100% the same as the official Youtube Premium? Find out the answer below.

YouTube Premium Mod APK Vanced Features

There are several benefits that you will indeed get if you use this apk. You can see the details directly below.

1. Watch YouTube Without Ads

Youtube premium is really identical with the name of watching videos without any advertising interference. And exactly as we have said, even using the Youtube Premium Mod Apk you can watch Youtube without ads, my friend.

So, there will be no more ads that appear on your phone screen when you are watching one of the videos in this apk. Whether it’s at the beginning, in the middle, until the end of the video, you will no longer get ads that have the potential to annoy you.

2. Dark Theme

If you use the Youtube Premium app, you also have the opportunity to get additional app themes. Even though it’s not a cute or cool theme, we are sure that you will really like the theme in this apk.

So, if you use the Youtube Premium Mod Apk, you will automatically get a dark theme or dark mode, buddy. So, if you often play Youtube at night and in a dark room, your eyes will still be comfortable looking at your own cellphone screen.

3. HDR Mode

Besides you will get a dark mode, in this apk you will also get an HDR mode. So, HDR mode itself is a feature that can make the quality of the screen or the resulting image clearer and sharper.

So, those of you who use it will be much more comfortable than when you don’t use it. And of course this is one of the features of the Youtube Premium Mod Apk which is also the most favored by people.

4. Play Video in Background

Another advantage that you will get if you choose to use this apk is that you can play background videos. What does that mean? So, this mode is a mode that only those who use Youtube Premium can enjoy.

And this mode allows you to still be able to watch the video you are watching on Youtube even though you are opening other apps. Cool, right? So, just try this Youtube Premium Mod Apk if you want to experience this one feature.

5. Youtube Music Free

Youtube Music is different from the music videos you usually watch on Youtube, buddy. You already know about this? So, Youtube Music is a feature that you can only get if you are a premium user of Youtube only.

And the form of this feature itself is the same as music apps in general, for example Spotify, Joox, and so on. So, you will not watch videos, only listen to music. However, the collection is still complete, considering that all singers do put their songs on Youtube.

6. Youtube Originals Content

It’s the same with watching apps that you usually use, like Netflix, for example, Youtube also has some original content. And if you want to enjoy content labeled as Youtube Originals Content, you must first become a premium user.

But, you no longer need to be afraid of being asked to pay. Because, you can now download an app called Youtube Premium Mod Apk.

And of course if you use this one app, you can get some of the features above plus this one feature you can immediately enjoy.

7. Save Videos Offline

If you are using the apk that we are writing or are part of a YouTube premium user, you can save the videos in it offline. And of course this feature will really help you in case you want to watch your favorite videos on Youtube but are blocked by a bad signal.

Again, if you use this feature, you will save more quota considering that you can still watch the video even if you are not turning on the wifi or internet network on your cellphone.

The Benefit of YouTube Premium Mod APK All Version

In addition to the benefits, you will also get some other plus points. Are you curious? If you really feel curious, we will discuss it especially for you with pleasure. So, please take a look at the following list.

1. Free

The main plus point of this apk is that it is free. Of course. Just imagine, when people pay, you who use this pack don’t need to spend any money at all. And of course, the features you get with what people out there get are 100% the same. No difference.

So, this is indeed the main advantage of this one apk. The point is, if you want to enjoy YouTube premium without spending money at all, aka free, the Youtube Premium Mod Apk app is very easy for you to choose.

2. All Premium Features Unlocked

Apart from being free, this apk also provides all the premium features of Youtube for its users without exception. For details, we have discussed in the benefits section which we wrote above before.

However, if you want to prove it yourself, please download it immediately plus install the apk.

3. The Interface is The Same as YouTube

If you think this apk has a different appearance from ordinary Youtube, you are wrong. Like the mod app, what has changed from the Youtube Premium Mod Apk is only the features, my friend.

For display and system problems that this app uses is still the same 100% as the official version of the app. So, people won’t know if you are using a mod apk considering that this apk does look 100% the same as regular Youtube.

Disadvantages of YouTube Premium Mod APK

You think this app is perfect? If you think and feel that way, we will change that mind with this section. Yup, this apk does have its drawbacks, friends, where we will discuss its shortcomings directly in this section. Let’s have a look.

1. Difficult to Update Latest APK

Are you thinking of updating this app? If so, you are prepared to feel a little complicated. The reason is, because this pack is not in the Play Store, you will automatically not be able to carry out the automatic update process from the platform.

So, you have to do it manually where you have to download the latest version of the apk file, then delete the old apk file. After that, you can just re-install the apk like the procedure we have given. How? Difficult isn’t it? Or do you think it’s normal?

2. Unofficial App

If you think this apk is an apk that is 100% the same as regular Youtube, you are not wrong. The reason is, as we have said, the only difference between the two apps is the features and the price.

However, that does not mean that these two apps are the same, considering that the mod version of the apk is not an official one.

Well, if the Youtube that you usually download on the Play Store was created by an official developer, then it’s very different from this one apk whose developer is anonymous.

3. Security is Not Guaranteed

In addition to features and price, what distinguishes the mod version of this apk from the original apk is the security system. This Youtube Premium Mod Apk has a questionable security system. Unlike the official Youtube which is definitely 100% safe.

So, if you want to use this apk, you have to think carefully first. Who knows in the end it will actually harm you considering the security of this apk is still questionable.

4. Your Account Can Be Banned

Actually, it’s not only Youtube Premium Mod Apk that can ban your account, buddy. But all mod apk. Yes, the mod apk, whether it’s an app or a game, all have the same risk or potential, which is getting banned.

So, if you don’t want to get banned, you just use the official version of the apk. Well, even though you are not 100% sure you will actually get banned.

Download YouTube Premium Mod APK No Ads

DetailYouTube Premium Apk
Size5.9 MB
Install100.000+ downloads
OSAndroid 7.0 or higher
VersionLatest Mod

As we promised above, we will also provide you with a download link for the app. And of course, the download link that we will provide is a real download link, not a fake download link or anything like that.

Well, we will include the download link in this app, my friend, in case you are curious where we put the link. And as we have explained too, this apk is free. And we also don’t charge any fees for those of you who want to download from the link we provide.

So, without the need to linger, you just open the direct download link that we have provided below.

“Click Here to Download“

As already stated, the link we provided above is a special download link for Android devices only. Then, those of you who don’t use an Android device, of course you won’t be able to download it, buddy.

How to Install Music YouTube Premium Mod APK

For those of you who are using an Android device and have finished downloading the apk file above, you can directly follow the procedure for installing the apk below.

  1. First, please directly open the File Manager.
  2. After that, please go directly to the Download Folder.
  3. After that, you can immediately find and open the Youtube Premium Mod Apk file earlier.
  4. Once you’ve opened it, an Install option will appear. You just click on that option.
  5. After that, the installation process will start immediately and will be completed automatically.
  6. However, if the process does not run or fails, you can go to Settings first.
  7. After that, you can just go straight into Additional Settings.
  8. Next, you select the Privacy option and just turn on the Unknown Sources menu.
  9. After that, you can just repeat the failed installation process. This time it will work.

Of the nine steps that we have given, you have to go through all of them without exception. Because it’s a must, my friend. So, good luck with that.

Tips for Using YouTube Premium Mod APK With Safe

Want to avoid getting banned when using this apk? Don’t worry, we have some tips for you.

  • If you really want to avoid getting banned, make sure you follow it. Check it out.
  • Don’t use the original Google account if you want to log into this mod apk. So, if you get banned, it’s not your Google account that gets hit.
  • Do regular updates if needed so that the system in this apk will continue to be updated.
  • As soon as possible, just delete the Youtube Premium Mod Apk from your cellphone if you are no longer using this apk.

What do you think? The tips that we have mentioned above are not difficult tips for you to do, right? Then, please just run it if you want.

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