WhatsApp New Feature Able to Send 2GB Files & 512 Groups

Dogzily.com – Along with the enthusiasm and interest of people around the world who are increasingly dynamic, WhatsApp managers are also not left behind, always providing additions in the form of the latest technology, namely WhatsApp has added new feature.

To be able to meet the communication needs of those who have faithfully used it. As one example is by providing the best features, namely being able to send files of up to 2 Giga Bytes capacity.

You can even accommodate entire conversation groups for family, close friends, friends, communities, and other needs, up to 512 members, which is quite a lot.

Because of that, don’t let all of you just pass it up, without contributing in it, who knows, it can be used optimally to help all your efforts or jobs.

If indeed you are looking for new features in WhatsApp, then it’s better not to go far and stay with us here and then read all the peels until it’s over.

The goal is that all of you can understand it very correctly, in the following we will also provide the download link until it’s finished that has been prepared.

What Are WhatsApp’s Newest Features?

WhatsApp New Feature

WhatsApp’s newest feature itself is the addition of a menu of three items, the first announcement of the release was announced a month ago, more precisely in April 2022.

From then on, you can enjoy the newest additional features freely and for free. Without having to pay any subscription fees again.

But the admin needs to remind you that if you are going to replace it with the latest WhatsApp, you need to look at the condition of the smart phone you are using, don’t get too full of internal or RAM that you are using.

So the solution is to continue updating to the latest version, delete one or two apps that are too large. Until it results in extravagant capacity of your own phone.

The reason why it got like that is because WhatsApp is the latest feature, of course it will have an even more complex algorithm that requires a larger and more spacious space capacity.

With the intention of minimizing severe traffic jams when you run it, or a well-known term known to the general public is lagging activity.

The Latest WhatsApp Feature Able to Send 2 Giga Byte Files

Before all of you will immediately download the latest WhatsApp Can Send 2GB Files directly to your own smartphone, we will first provide an explanation of the advantages that are already available in it. 

While all the descriptions have been prepared at the bottom here, friend.

1. The Latest and Fresh Emoji Features

If you compare it to previous versions of WhatsApp, in terms of the new WhatsApp emojis that have been presented, they are still limited and their appearance is just so-so, not very attractive to the eye.

Now, for the latest version of WhatsApp, you can send 2GB files, there are lots of emoticons that are very funny and you don’t need to download them anymore. Because a package has been presented when you download it.

2. Sharing Files Up to 2 GB

In the past, with the older version of the WhatsApp app, the process of sending files was still very limited, to the point that when you sent a 2GB file, it would be very difficult to continue to the destination number.

However, it was a different time now because now the latest update is available, which is better and is able to send files up to 2GB in size without any problems.

3. Group Capacity of Up to 512 Members

It’s clear that WhatsApp, which used to not really support the storage capacity of group members of up to 512 participants, now if you have installed or installed the latest WhatsApp Can Send 2GB Files, you will feel a distinctly different sensation.

From there, you can use it to create a community, social gathering group, extended family, or do business online, basically according to your needs, which you can use to reach the maximum extent. Because it can penetrate up to five hundred members if you have joined it without exception.

How to Update the Latest WhatsApp App

If you want to move right away by using WhatsApp’s new feature which can Send 2GB Files, actually it’s easy, all you have to do is download GB WhatsApp or follow the process, but if all of you are still a little confused about how to get started, stay calm, friends.

Don’t be in too much of a hurry to panic because I’ll also tell you all the practical tips for getting the wa update until it’s installed on your respective devices.

So it’s better to just follow all the steps that Mimin has prepared at the bottom here, most likely it will be successful and successful, of course, by paying attention to the directions that we have given.

  1. The first way that you have to do is look at the capacity of the cellphone storage space.
  2. If it’s too minimal, the solution is to delete several large apss.
  3. Now, if the space capacity is sufficient, the next step is to immediately connect to the internet network.
  4. Then you go directly to the Google Play Store machine ( for Android users ) or the App Store ( for iPhone users ).
  5. In the searching column, type ‘ WhatsApp Update ‘ after a few minutes then the ‘ Update Apk ‘ button will appear.
  6. You press the ‘Update apk’ button and wait for the process to finish so that it can be immediately installed on your device.
  7. Remember, don’t skip it suddenly because it will fail to install a new app.
  8. If everything about the Latest WhatsApp Update Can Send 2 GB Files has been completed, that is a sign that it can now be used.
  9. It’s over, my friends.

Final Words

Maybe that’s just a little review that we can convey about WhatsApp New Feature Released, Can Send 2GB Files Up to 512 Group Participants. Hopefully it can provide a treat of very useful information.

Thank you very much to all of you if you are ready to stop by here and read all the descriptions until it’s finished, see you again on another occasion.

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