Video Maker Best Apps For Beginner Free On Android – Video Maker Best Apps can turn you into a professional video editor. Even though it’s only through an Android or iOS smartphone, you can produce great video content to upload to social media.

Yup, you’ve probably heard of PC and laptop video editing apps like Adobe Premiere Pro, right? The apps is indeed very popular. Unfortunately, to operate Adobe Premiere Pro requires a device with a fairly high spec.

But, now you don’t have to worry anymore because there is the best video editing apps without a watermark that you can try here.

Moreover, a number of these free video editing apps have been selected and collected directly by the team specifically for you, you know. Curious what are the recommendations? Come on, see more below!

Video Maker Best Apps Free For Begginer

video maker best apps

Video editing apps are a necessity, especially for those who like to document a moment using their smartphone. The videos and photos that have been collected will provide memories that are hard to forget. Unfortunately, sometimes the best video apps are paid.

As a result, not everyone can get access to edit videos according to their wishes, and the worst thing is that the videos and photos that have been taken just appear without any stories or music playing.

Even so, you don’t need to worry, there are still some of the best video maker apps on your Android smartphone that are free, which you can use to edit your best videos. Check out the best free video apps that you can try at home:

1. Lightworks

Lightworks is an app you need to try. The reason is, this one platform can produce high-quality Full HD videos without a difficult process. Lightworks has a lot of interesting features that can help with the video editing process.

Starting from the Effect feature, Timeline, and dozens of other interesting features available here. This video maker best apps is quite widely used and preferred because it is free to get. Once edited, you can easily share the video to social media like on TikTok.


  • Complete features and effects are available.
  • Very easy to use for beginners.


  • Change video format to GIF sometimes error.
DeveloperPz Production
OSAndroid 7.0+
Rating3.2/5 (Google Play)
Developer: Pz Production
Price: Free

2. Alight Motion Pro

Alight Motion Pro is the video maker best apps in 2023 that is used to make motion-designing quickly and easily. You can use this apps on your smartphone or tablet. You can also adjust the colors, add images and audio, and export the project to MP4 or GIF.

However, Alight Motion Pro is a paid apps. Therefore, of course the features are much more complete than the free version. Take it easy, for those of you who want to try all the features of Alight Motion Pro, has provided a MOD version so you can use this apps for free.


  • Complete features that make it easier for you to edit videos.
  • Can be used both on smartphones and on tablets.


  • To unlock all its features, you have to pay for the Pro version.
DetailAlight Motion Pro
DeveloperAlight Creative, Inc.
OSAndroid 6.0+
Rating4.2/5 (Google Play)
Alight Motion
Alight Motion
Developer: Alight Motion
Price: Free

3. VN Video Editor Maker – VlogNow

You can also get the VN Video Editor Maker aka VlogNow apps which is arguably powerful and has a professional user interface. This video maker best apps without a watermark can be used for both novice and professional editors with a variety of free tools.

One of the excellent features of VN Video Editor is the ability to provide filters or FX that you can set yourself, guys. So for those of you who want to do color grading like in Adobe Premiere Pro, the VN apps can give you the flexibility of setting just through your finger.

Moreover, you can use this apps for free and still receive direct support from the developer through the official Telegram channel.


  • Can be used for free and without a watermark.
  • Direct support from developers who can be contacted via the official Telegram channel.


  • The apps is still relatively new so the features are not as complete as its competitors.
DetailVN Video Editor Maker – VlogNow
DeveloperUbiquiti Labs, LLC
OSAndroid 5.0+
Rating3.9/5 (Google Play)
VN - Video-Editor & Foto
VN - Video-Editor & Foto

4. KineMaster

Next there is KineMaster which is one of the most popular video maker best apps among mobile device users. In addition to standard features such as cut and paste, you can also get other features such as the chroma key which is widely used by gaming YouTubers.

KineMaster provides both free and paid options in its app. In the paid option, of course, the features provided will be more complete and you can remove the KineMaster watermark. Meanwhile, for free users, it’s better to get ready for a watermark on the video every time you export it.

Of course the watermark will reduce the aesthetics of your video. No wonder many people are looking for ways to remove the KineMaster watermark.


  • Looks like a professional video editing software.
  • Chroma key option to activate the green screen feature for making gaming videos.


  • Watermark that can only be removed in paid options.
DetailKineMaster – Video Editor
DeveloperKineMaster Corporation
OSAndroid 5.0+
Rating4.4/5 (Google Play)

5. FilmoraGo

Another video editor that you can find on Android and iPhone is called FilmoraGo which was developed by Wondershare developer. This iPhone video maker best apps which is also popular on Android provides basic editing features.

You can edit videos in 16:9 ratio for YouTube or 1:1 ratio for Instagram feed posts. Although there are several paid options, this video editing apps is still comfortable for you to use in the free version and free from watermarks, you know. Very cool, right?

In addition, for those of you who are looking for a Windows 10 video editing apps, FilmoraGo is also available in a desktop version under the name Filmora, guys.


  • Available across platforms, from desktop to mobile.
  • The user interface provided is like a professional video editing apps.
  • Option to use various aspect ratios.


  • Must make payment option to unlock some features.
DetailFilmoraGo – Free Video Editor
DeveloperWondershare Software (H.K.) Co., Ltd.
OSAndroid 4.2+
Rating4.0/5 (Google Play)
Filmora - Videobearbeitung
Filmora - Videobearbeitung

6. PowerDirector

If you want a YouTuber video editing apps, there is also PowerDirector which has a semi-professional look that is present on mobile devices. This video maker apps on the best smartphone has indeed been recommended by many content creators, such as on the MYtakesilo channel.

The user interface is quite common with editing features using the concept of a timeline. You can insert videos, effects, stickers, and two audio timelines at once.

For those of you novice YouTubers who are looking for a free Android video editing apps, PowerDirector can be recommended by, guys.


  • Looks like a PC or laptop video editing apps.
  • Has a variety of professional features.
  • The ability to do video editing up to 4K quality.


  • Watermark that can only be removed in paid options.
DetailPowerDirector – Video Editor & Video Maker
DeveloperCyberLink Corp
OSAndroid 4.4+
Rating4.4/5 (Google Play)

7. Inshot

Another best Android video maker best apps is InShot. The editing features in it are quite simple so they are suitable for use by beginners. InShot allows you to trim, compose, and add music to videos. There is also a text input feature, emoji, and effects that make it even more interesting.

This apps is also very suitable for light video editing on Instagram, both for the needs of posting to Instagram Feeds and Instagram Stories.


  • A wide selection of stickers and filters in the app.
  • Make a video with a blur background.


  • Difficult setup for some conditions.
DetailInShot – Free Video Editor
DeveloperInShot Inc.
OSAndroid 4.3+
Rating4.8/5 (Google Play)
InShot - video bearbeiten
InShot - video bearbeiten

8. Adobe Premiere Rush

Who doesn’t know a software called Adobe Premiere Pro as one of the video maker best apps on a PC or laptop? Adobe Premiere Rush which is present on Android smartphones also offers automatic editing features from the photo and video galleries that you have.

You can also edit manually by inserting various available tools, effects, and music. Anyway, it’s light for social media needs, okay!


  • The user interface is lightweight and quite easy for beginners to use.
  • Full support for creating social media content, such as Instagram.


  • The function is fairly simple and less than optimal for vertical video.
DetailAdobe Premiere Rush
OS MinimalAndroid 4.4+
Rating3.4/5 (Google Play)
Adobe Premiere Rush: Video
Adobe Premiere Rush: Video
Developer: Adobe
Price: Free

9. Quik

Are you one of the GoPro action camera users to record extreme activities? You can use this apps called Quik, guys. Can be connected to a smartphone, here you can add up to 50 photos and videos so Quik automatically edits short videos for sharing on social media.

This vlog video maker best apps also provides a large collection of filters that you can use to make your video look even more beautiful.


  • Optimized for use on GoPro-connected devices.
  • Easy to use with automatic editing.


  • Only limited to making short videos.
DetailQuik – GoPro Video Editor
OSAndroid 5.0+
Rating4.7/5 (Google Play)
GoPro Quik: Video-Editor
GoPro Quik: Video-Editor
Developer: GoPro
Price: Free

10. VivaVideo

Then if you want to download a free offline video maker best apps, there is also VivaVideo which has been recommended by many users around the world. VivaVideo provides more than 200 filters that you can use with a storyboard-based user interface in the editing process.

There are also various interesting effects, text input, and support for fast or slow motion videos for Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, which are popular today.


  • The video editing features are quite complete.
  • Easy to use for both beginners and professional editors.
  • Payment options that you can buy at affordable prices.


  • The free background music selection is minimal.
DetailVivaVideo: Free Video Editor
DeveloperQuVideo Inc.
OSVaries by device
SizeVaries by device
Rating4.5/5 (Google Play)

Final Words

Those are the recommendations for the best video maker apps that can be used on Android phones, iPhones, and PCs. The series of apps above are certainly very suitable for mobile videographers to make cinematic videos and other needs.

What’s more, all the recommendations that has collected above can be accessed for free even with standard device specs. So for those of you who are still beginners can also use it, guys. You will be confident when you want to upload video content on social media!

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