The Best Crypto Earning Games for Android Play to Earn & Proved – Is it only possible to get crypto currency by mining? Apparently not, because you can get it in an easier way, namely by playing crypto earning games on Android.

Crypto currency or cryptocurrency is becoming a hype among young people who like convenience and security in digital transactions. Crypto or crypto is a digital asset that has a unique code that cannot be duplicated so it is safer.

Cryptocurrencies are stored in an internet system called blockchain. So far, if people want to get crypto, they have to buy it or go through mining. Well, now just playing games you can get crypto currency which can cost millions.

The Best Crypto Earning Games for Android 2023

Crypto Earning Games

You don’t have to spend money to buy crypto, just play online games to generate crypto . If you don’t want capital first, all you have to do is choose crypto earning online games without capital , so you don’t need to prepare funds. 

Immediately, you note what are the best crypto earning gamess on Android that you can use to make money. Here is a list of online games to earn crypto money .


This game is a farming simulation game whose system is directly connected to the blockchain. You will get land or land, which can be used to grow crops and raise livestock. 

As a player in this game, you can carry out farming activities such as planting, feeding livestock, harvesting crops or selling agricultural products. Plant various plants such as corn, wheat, grass and others for the results and as animal feed.

Later you can get currency from selling agricultural products and other products. The livestock that you raise will produce eggs, meat and milk which are then sold to factories to be processed into other products.

The player’s task here is just to complete every order that comes in and then after that they will get tokens in return. This farming simulation game is really fun to play, because you can form your own guild. 

Presenting a combination of play to earn elements with social games, so you can collect other users. The more friends you get, the lighter the farming tasks that must be done.

There are 2 versions of the MEEET crypto earning games , the old version and the new version. New version released in 2022, with excess already published globally. However, the new version still has a drawback, namely the token value is relatively small.

Even though the token value is small, this game is quite fun to play, while trying to get crypto.

Detail MEEET
OSAndroid 4.1+
Size 67 MB
Developer MEEET


This is the most popular crypto game today with the concept of a play to earn (P2E) game, where players can play games and earn money at the same time. Tamadoge already has a more established ecosystem and is run through a metaverse called the Tamaverse.

In the Tamaverse, players will be tested how good their ability to make Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Tamadoge Pets is. Tamadoge Pets are NFTs in the form of dog-like pets that can be played with, nurtured, raised and bred.

Your Tamadoge Pets can also be used to battle with other players’ Tamadoge Pets. Whoever becomes the winner of the battle, he is entitled to a prize cryptocurrency, Dogecoin.

Furthermore, players can collect their Dogecoin so they can climb the top Tamadoge leaderboards. Every month, players who manage to occupy the top positions on the leaderboard will be rewarded with Tamadoge tokens, which are called TAMA.

Use the TAMA token to buy various needs available in the Tamaverse, for example pet grooming tools, accessories and so on.

The developer promises a new feature in this game in the future, namely an augmented reality feature, where players can experience a real experience when interacting in Tamverse. 

Detail Tamadoge
Developer Tamadoge Collection

3. Alien Run

Alien Run is a very fun crypto earning games to play. How not, if in this game you will find various funny game modes. You have to play by moving cute aliens to get past the obstacles.

You will also be given a daily mission that must be completed in order to get a prize. At every 5 levels that you successfully complete, there is a prize in the form of Bitcoin. The more levels you complete, the more Bitcoin you collect.

When you have successfully completed the first 5 levels in this crypto-earning online game , the prize is 2-6 Satoshi coins. It’s just that the price of these coins is still relatively low, which is only equivalent to IDR 6 – IDR 18. 

The latest version of the game Alien Run will be released in 2022, and has the advantage of a much better UI/UX design than the old version. But the drawback is the level of difficulty to play it is quite high and the token value is small.

Detail Alien Run
OSAndroid 3.0+
Size 7.8 MB
Developer Bitcoin Aliens

4. Bitcoin Solitaire

You must be very familiar with the old game on PC devices, namely Solitaire. This time the Solitare game comes in another version and can be used to get crypto digital assets. The name of this game is Bitcoin Solitaire, the gameplay is the same as the Windows version.

Although the gameplay is the same as the old Windows version of Solitaire, here you can earn Bitcoins as you complete more and more levels. The game system is that you will get points if you level up, then these points can be exchanged for Bitcoin. 

You can exchange Bitcoin through Coinbase and collect as much as possible. The developer promises coins worth USD 0.2 every week if you are more diligent in playing it. 

Curious? Just play Bitcoin Solitare, which has been downloaded by 1 million users on the Play Store.

Detail Bitcoin Solitaire 
OSAndroid 5.1+
Size 90 MB
Developer PlayDay Studios

5. The Sandbox

In this game you can freely build your own world like a sandbox in a playground. This is in accordance with the name of this game, namely Sandbox, which means sandbox. This crypto-earning NFT game is perfect for Gamecraft fans to play.

If online games usually require you to pay for game items, The Sandbox can instead be your way to earn money. You can buy or collect land purchased from other players.

Just like buying and selling in the real world, in this game it’s like you’re really making transactions with the $SAND currency, which is a form of crypto. The value of these assets will increase from time to time.

Where can you get profits and collect money? Like the property business in the real world, you will get a profit every time you succeed in selling your land to other players.

Every transaction made on The Sandbox uses ERC-20 tokens which are a type of SAND token. Apart from that, you can also use LAND tokens which can be used to buy land and ASSET, then use them if you want to buy NFT.

The first thing you have to do to be able to play The Sandbox game is to buy an ASSET, namely the Alpha Pass. The price for Alpha Pass in Open Sea is around USD 148 or the equivalent of IDR 2.2 million.

This crypto earning games application has released its latest version in 2022, with the advantages of a more real experience when playing it.

Detail The Sandbox
OSAndroid 4.4+
Size 79 MB
Developer PIXOWL Inc

6. Soul Seeker Defense

RPG game apps are games that can generate crypto and you can play through an Android device. Arrange your strategy to be able to defeat enemies, namely bosses and monsters. 

The interesting thing about this game is the RPG animation effects that spoil the eye. Use a maximum of 150 heroes with unique characters in this game to win battles against enemies.

You can also upgrade the hero characters that will be played so that their abilities increase. The majority of people who have played this one game are satisfied and give a 5 star rating on PlayStore.

The size of the application which is quite large in this application might be a drawback, because people have to use devices with sufficiently large memory so they don’t lag.

Detail Soul Seeker Defense
OSAndroid 6.0+
Size 909 MB
Developer PanFriend Inc

7. My Crypto Heroes

This is a crypto earning games application that can be played on cellphones and PCs. The genre of this game is RPG and it’s very easy to play. The player’s task is only to collect characters then install the best equipment after that do a monster hunt in the dungeon.

This game features its own uniqueness that you might not find in other crypto generating games. The uniqueness is that every character in this game is a blockchain node that you can buy and sell. 

In this game, every time you have successfully completed a dungeon, you will be given the opportunity to obtain rare items. Did you know that the rare items here have a fantastic price, namely 0.1 Ethereum or IDR 2 million.

Even though this game has the latest version, there is one drawback, namely the relatively small reward value.

Detail My Crypto Heroes
OSAndroid 5.0+
Size 45 MB
Developer tokenPocket Inc

8. Battle Infinity

Are you looking for a complete fighting game that can make money? Try Battle Infinity, a P2E fantasy sports game. Battle Infinity revolutionizes traditional gaming into the metaverse and blockchain world.

With this game, the players can experience playing on a decentralized platform. This game ecosystem is very complete, namely Battle Swap, Battle Games, Battle Arena, Battle Market, Battle Staking and IBAT Premier League.

The Battle Infinity game is a crypto earning games, which is the designation of games from India. IBAT Premier League is the main feature of this Battle Infinity game and is the world’s first NFT-based fantasy sports game. 

This game is connected to the metaverse and a centralized blockchain network, where NFTs in the game can be traded between players. In each season, the IBAT team that achieves the highest points will receive an IBAT digital token as a prize.

With this game you can create a team with other players from all over the world, and then choose your favorite athlete to become the NFT.

Detail Battle Invinity
OSAndroid 5.0+
Size 119 MB
Developer Clegames Inc

9. CryptoKitties 

The game is based on Ethereum digital currency where you are required to virtually raise a cute cat. The crypto earning games carries the concept of Play to Earn (P2E) which was released in 2017. 

The virtual cat that you care for will later be used as an NFT item, which you can sell through the marketplace. The price of the NFT virtual cats varies, depending on their rarity and how they appear.

How to play it is quite simple, you only need to buy 2 cats, male and female to breed. After successfully procreating, you can sell these cats on the marketplace for a profit.

Most people who play this game do have the goal of mining crypto. You can also join the search for crypto assets through this CryptoKitties game and see how much you earn.

This game has a very small size so it doesn’t require a god spec HP device to play it.

Detail CryotoKitties
OSAndroid 4.4+
Size 3 MB
Developer Axiom Zen

10. Axie Infinity

Still a crypto game with a pet concept where players have the task of caring for cute virtual animals. The way to play is as easy as CryptoKitties, that is, you only need to collect as many animals as possible, then raise them to become strong.

After the animals are strong, you can sell them to other players. As an illustration, this game seems to combine Animal Crossing, Tamagotchi and Pokemon games. You can earn a lot of money through this fun game.

It’s just that, before it is used to earn money in the form of crypto assets, you do have to spend capital first. The average capital needed by Axie Infinity players is around USD 13.32 or the equivalent of IDR 206 thousand. That is the cheapest Axies price.

You must have at least 3 Axies in order to play Axie Infinity and earn money from this game. How? Are you ready to get out of capital first so you can make a profit through the crypto earning game Axie Infinity?

Even though you have to buy Axies first, this game can be downloaded for free without any fees. For the new version of Axie Infinity, you can already enjoy the application with minimal bugs. It’s just that the value of the reward is still relatively small.

Detail Axie Infinity 
OSAndroid 4.4+
Developer Sky Mavix

Final Word

So, which is your favorite crypto earning games? By playing this crypto money-making game, you are not just having fun in your spare time, but also have the opportunity to earn money. Download, install and play your favorite game right now to earn crypto.

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