10 Best Wireless Mouse – Reviewed by Software Engineer

Dogzily.comWireless mouse are widely chosen because they are practical, your movements are no longer limited by the mouse cable. So, the product specifications are very diverse in terms of connections, features, to design, so you might be confused about choosing a good product.

Therefore, we will review how to choose the best wireless mouse for you. We have also prepared recommendations for wireless mouse products from popular brands such as Logitech and ROBOT, both for work and gaming.

Not only that, this article has also been reviewed by our software engineer, Yosua Surojo. Can’t wait to choose it? Come on, let’s start the discussion!

Best Wireless Mouse

Advantages of using a Wireless Mouse

As the name implies, the wireless mouse does not require cables. These characteristics make you more flexible to operate it than using a wired mouse.

You also don’t need to worry about the space for movement because the reach of this mouse is quite far. Thus, using a wireless mouse is an advantage for those of you who like to move around while working. Practical product, right?

However, this mouse requires a certain amount of time to charge it. If you choose a battery-powered product, you will need to pay for a new battery. However, this mouse is more compact when carried with your laptop.

Collaborating with Experts: How to choose a Wireless Mouse

Wireless mouse specifications determine its effectiveness and comfort level for you. Therefore, you need to check its connection, features and design. In the following, we will describe how to choose a good wireless mouse. Listen carefully, yes.

① Check the connection type used by the wireless mouse

Even without a cable, the wireless mouse still has options for the type of connection. Let’s see the difference, then choose the type that is most suitable for you.

USB receiver, easy installation without special settings

If you are looking for a product that can be easily connected to a computer, we recommend this type. Wireless mice with a USB receiver or USB dongle can connect to your device without the need for complicated setup

Just connect the receiver to the USB port, then the mouse can be used immediately. The range is also quite far, about 10 meters.

However, this mouse requires a USB port on your device. So, if your computer’s USB ports are limited, we recommend using a USB hub. If you are going to be taking this mouse on a trip, choose one with a receiver case on the body to reduce the risk of loss.

Bluetooth, can be connected to many devices

This type of connection that does not require a receiver has many advantages. A Bluetooth mouse without a dongle can be a solution for computers with limited USB ports. Plus, you can connect it to multiple devices at the same time. Connecting to a tablet or smartphone is also easier.

The setup is quite easy and only needs to be done once. If your device is not equipped with Bluetooth, you can install a Bluetooth dongle. You can find this device on the marketplace

② Know the type of sensor installed in the mouse

Depending on the sensor used, the accuracy of the wireless mouse varies. Some products may not be readable in certain areas due to the sensor. We will describe three types of sensors that are commonly used in wireless mice. Please listen.

Blue LED, the level of precision is already high without a mouse pad

This sensor is most commonly found in wireless miceBlue LED still has high precision in reading movements even without a mouse pad. Another advantage, the mouse can still be used properly in dusty places.

This sensor can also be used on glossy surfaces or fabrics. However, the mouse does not work properly when used on a completely transparent glass surface. Therefore, you need to prepare a mouse pad when using it on a glass table.

Red LED, the price is affordable and easy to use

If you are looking for a product that is affordable but has satisfactory accuracy, choose this mouse. Red LED is the most popular system compared to other optical sensors.

However, this mouse cannot be used on shiny, white, or patterned areas. Thus, you still need to set up the mouse pad.

Laser, able to read the response well

The advantage of a mouse with a laser sensor is that it has a more accurate response rate than the optical type. This sensor is invisible to the human eye. The product can be used both on uneven and glossy surfaces.

However, like blue LEDs, laser sensors often become unresponsive when used on transparent surfaces. If you choose this mouse, we recommend using a mouse pad when you want to use it on a glass tabletop. 

③ Check the mouse source and charging method

There are two types of power sources in wireless mice, namely AA/AAA and Li-Po batteriesMice with batteries are more practical because the batteries can simply be replaced when the power runs out. Although the running costs are high because you need to buy batteries, this mouse has a more affordable price.

On the other hand, a mouse that can be charged has lower running costs. However, the product price is slightly higher than the battery type. You also need time to charge it. For information, there are products that can be used while the power is being charged. So, check carefully before buying, yes.

④ Make sure the product is light and comfortable to hold

A comfortable mouse in the hand is obligatory. You will not tire quickly when using it for a long time. Therefore, don’t forget to check the weight and design.

Mouse under 100 g, classified as lightweight

A light mouse is certainly easier to move. For that, we recommend that you choose a mouse that weighs 100 g and below. The weight is classified as lightweight.

However, a mouse weighing over 100 g is not a bad product. The product is intended for users who prefer control over speed. So, just adjust to your needs looking for a wireless mouse.

Ergonomic design, not easy to tire hands

The ergonomic mouse is designed to minimize wrist twist. The product can even naturally follow the shape of your hand. Your thumbs can rest on the mouse so that it’s easier for you to grip the product.

If you use a mouse a lot, choose one that fits in your grip so that your hands don’t tire quickly. Mouse comfort is not only affected by the size of your hand, but also how you hold the mouse. So, check the size, weight and shape.

⑤ Select a mouse with high resolution

The response rate or resolution on the mouse has a unit called DPI or CPI. Choose a high-resolution product if you need a sensitive response, such as when playing a game. Make sure the product has a resolution of 1,600 DPI and above.

On the other hand, products with a resolution of 800–1,000 DPI are sufficient for light computing such as typing and browsing. Please use this value as a guide.

⑥ Consider other useful features

Some wireless mice have additional functions for specific purposes. The features differ for each product. Choose a product with features you use frequently.

Additional buttons make designing or gaming more comfortable

Conventional mice are usually equipped with three buttons, namely the left click, right click, and the scroll wheel. If you are looking for a product for design or gaming, we recommend a mouse with extra buttons. Buttons on some products can even be assigned their own functions or known as macros.

In addition, the ease of use of the scroll wheel also affects the comfort of the product. Rough wheels can cause your hands to get tired quickly. If you use the button a lot, choose a product with a wheel that rotates smoothly.

Silent click, more focused because silence is maintained

The clicking sound from the mouse might disturb others when you are working in a quiet area. To overcome this, choose a product with a silent click feature. This feature can reduce the click sound volume by up to 90%. So you can concentrate on your work without worrying about disturbing others.

However, the click pressure on some of its products is lower than that of a conventional mouseFeeling You may not be familiar with the mechanics. To be sure, you can first check the click pressure of the product.

10 Best Wireless Mouse Recommendations

Next, we will recommend the ten best wireless mouse products that we have determined based on the selection method above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller.

1. ROBOT Wireless Mouse M220

If you frequently move places of work, don’t forget to take this product with you. This mouse will adapt well to wherever you work thanks to its compact size. The size is relatively mini compared to other wireless mice.

Working at a cramped cafe table or an office desk filled with stuff isn’t a problem with this mouse. You also won’t have any trouble storing this product in a laptop bag with its size. In addition, it is very light in weight. Its flexibility makes this product one of the best-selling wireless mice in the marketplace.

2. Fantech RAIGOR II WG10

Gaming mice generally have the highest prices compared to other types, especially wireless ones. However, you don’t have to prepare a lot of budget to bring this product home. 

The price of this gaming mouse is affordable for its features. In addition to the already wireless connection, this product is equipped with five buttons that will give you many alternatives when gaming.

This product is especially convenient for playing FPS games. You can set the resolution yourself. Low resolution can be used for accuracy, while high resolution for speed. Fantech RAIGOR II is a good mouse if you want to try switching to wireless products for gaming.

3. Rexus Wireless Mouse Q20

Battery resources can be a pain when you don’t have a backup, especially if you’re outside. If the wireless mouse power runs out while in use, like it or not you have to buy a new battery. 

Now, with this product, you don’t always have to be bothered with running out of battery power. Rexus Q20 is equipped with the Pixart PMW 3065 chipset which is able to save energy.

Another interesting feature of this product is the silent click. Even though the price is pocket-friendly, you will already have a wireless mouse with a quiet sound. This product is certainly very fitting for those of you who want to keep a budget.

4. Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850

You are bored with the same mouse color? Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 can be a fresh alternative for you. This product is available in a variety of color options. Apart from black, there are purpleflame redmagentacyanwool blue, to light orchid. Eye-soothing color choices, right?

If you intend to change the atmosphere of your desk, you can start with this product. Besides, you won’t lose your USB dongle easily because you can store it in this mouse.

5. Logitech MXMaster 3

Wherever you are looking for the best ergonomic Bluetooth mouse recommendations, this product is there. Logitech MX Master 3 is even considered one of the best wireless mice for work. This mouse is designed so that designers and programmers can work more smoothly. Don’t miss this product if you are one of them.

The three additional buttons will make you more flexible in using various Adobe software. This mouse is also equipped with a horizontal scroll button so that you can browse more freely through various types of documents. Want to work anywhere? Relax, this mouse is equipped with a responsive Darkfield™ sensor on the glass surface.

6. Corsair HARPOON RGB WIRELESS Gaming Mouse

You don’t need to bother buying different mice for work and gaming purposes. As a gaming mouse, this product is given a simple design so that it is not conspicuous to work with. The contoured design and rubber side grips of this mouse ensure a comfortable hand while working all day long.

Its features when used for gaming are no less interesting. Corsair HARPOON RGB WIRELESS is equipped with RGB LEDs which make it look more attractive with colorful light. 

You can even change the connection to wired so you don’t worry about the mouse running out of power in the middle of a game. A pretty complete package for a gaming mouse, right?

7. HP Bluetooth Wireless Mouse Z5000

Not everyone only prioritizes functions and features when looking for a mouse. There are also those who take into account the design in order to always look stylish. If you are one of them, this product is worth having. 

This mouse looks elegant with a color combination of dark ash silver metallic matte style with copper pads. Your desk will look more stylish with this Bluetooth mouse without a dongle.

The HP Z5000 isn’t just about looks. The contoured design with rubber side grips of this product will ensure the comfort of your hand. In addition, the weight of this product is classified as the lightest on the market.

8. Lenovo 600 Bluetooth Silent Mouse

Mouse with a Bluetooth connection is not as stable as using a USB receiver. However, you can feel a commensurate connection with this product. This mouse is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 with a more stable connection than the previous version. If your computer device already supports the Bluetooth version, this product can be relied upon.

Another advantage of this product is that it is equipped with a resolution that you can set yourself. There are three levels of resolution to choose from, namely 800, 1,600, and 2,400 DPI. With the silent click feature, you can use the Lenovo 600 Bluetooth Silent Mouse for a variety of situations that require silence.

9. Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse

The mouse includes items that are easily damaged by accident. This computer device is light weight and is usually placed on the table. So, it’s not impossible that there are parts of the mouse that break when they fall. 

If you have experienced it, avoid with this product. Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse uses an aluminum body so it is stronger than plastic ones.

Because it supports two different connection types, this product can connect with two devices at the same time. However, the privileges do not end there. This product is equipped with shortcut keys so you can switch devices quickly. This mouse is also suitable for those of you who often multitask.

10. Razer DeathAdder V2 X HyperSpeed

The price of a wireless mouse for gaming is usually not economical, especially one with an ergonomic design. However, if you are looking for one of the best without worrying about the price, this product can be considered. 

Razer’s Deathadder series has sold more than 13 million units. The mouse design of this series is even relied on by Faker, the world champion of League of Legends.

The uniqueness of the Razer DeathAdder V2 X Hyperspeed is its resource. This product can use AA or AAA batteries. The amount can also be adjusted, depending on the weight you want. In addition, this mouse has seven buttons whose functions you can set yourself.

What to do if the Mouse Doesn’t Work?

Your wireless mouse may not work. Try these steps to see if your mouse is still working.

  • Check if the power has run out
  • If the power is still there, try turning your wireless mouse off and on again
  • If it still doesn’t work, reset and set up the mouse connection again

Usually, a mouse that doesn’t work can be resolved with these steps. If you feel something is wrong with your mouse, try following the steps above.


Have you found a wireless mouse that fits your needs? Each product is given different features, designs, and advantages. This is adapted to the needs of users who are also diverse, such as working, playing games, and others.

Therefore, you need to know in advance the specifications of the mouse you need. Next, choose the design that makes the most impression on your heart. Hopefully this article can help you find the best wireless mouse

5 Best Wireless Mouse Recommendations

  1. ROBOT |Wireless Mouse|M220
  2. Fantech|RAIGOR II|WG10
  3. Rexus|Wireless Mouse|Q20
  4. Microsoft|Wireless Mobile Mouse|1850
  5. Logitech|MX Master 3

Other recomendations: