Best Uninterruptible Power Supply – Reviewed by Tech Enthusiast

Dogzily.comAn uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a device that functions to secure data on a computer when a power failure suddenly occurs. When the power goes out, the UPS becomes a temporary power source so you can back up your data. You can also turn off the PC normally so that it will minimize damage.

This time we will review the important points in choosing the best UPS for you. We will also provide recommendations on good UPS brands, such as Prolink, ICA, and APC. This article has been reviewed by our tech enthusiast, Joshua Pandu. If you’re looking for a UPS, then read this article to the end!

Best Uninterruptible Power Supply

What is UPS?

UPS is a device that can prevent damage to electronic equipment when the power supply is suddenly cut off. This device is very useful for those of you who work on a PC or computer. There are several UPS functions that you should know below.

  • When the power suddenly goes out, the UPS works to keep the computer on for some time. Thus, you have enough time to save important data that you are working on so that it is not lost.
  • There is also a UPS that is installed in the building and works on a large scale. This type of UPS functions to back up the elevator so it doesn’t stop in the middle when the power goes out.
  • UPS can also be a temporary backup for those of you who use generators. When the power goes out, there is enough time lag for you to turn on the generator. The UPS becomes a temporary source of electricity during these intervals. So, various electronic equipment in the building can function safely until the generator is turned on.

Collaborating With Experts: How To Choose An Uninterruptible Power Supply

Next, we’ll cover the things to consider before buying a UPS. You can use the following points as a guide to find a product that suits your needs.

① Customize the UPS type according to your needs

There are several types of UPS on the market. Each type has its own characteristics and Pros. Therefore, you need to know each type of UPS available and match it to your needs.

Standby UPS, affordable price for personal use

Standby UPS is often used for personal use. This UPS is usually used to back up only a few computers. When the power goes out or the line is unstable, the UPS will automatically take over the power supply. 

Because it is used on a small scale, the size of this UPS is smaller and the price is affordable. Unfortunately standby UPS is currently hard to find in Indonesia.

Line-interactive UPS, the voltage is more stable and durable

Line-interactive UPS is designed for small business infrastructure, web developers, to government servers. This type of UPS has a high level of reliability and is able to adjust the voltage quite well.

This type of UPS is also equipped with a system that can protect components when power surges occur. That way, your UPS and electronic equipment remain safe in the event of a sudden voltage increase. Of course, this type of UPS is suitable for use in places with uncertain electrical conditions.

Online UPS, capacity usage for large scale

For use on a large scale, you need an online UPS. This type of UPS is most widely used for voltages of 5 kVA and above. There are two types of online UPS, namely double conversion online and delta conversion online. Because it is used for large-scale needs, this is a type of UPS with a high price.

Double conversion online is able to adjust the required voltage very well. The double conversion type is also easy to connect in parallel. Delta conversion online also has good voltage adjustment.

Another Pros, this type of UPS is able to minimize wasted energy so it has a high level of efficiencyDelta conversion is also compatible with many types of generators.

For use on a large scale, you need an online UPS. This type of UPS is most widely used for voltages of 5 kVA and above. The Pros of online UPS is that it can minimize wasted energy so that it has a high level of efficiency.

Because it is used for large-scale needs, this product is a UPS type with a high price. There are two types of online UPS, namely double conversion online and delta conversion online.

  • Double conversion online is able to properly adjust the required voltage. The double conversion type is also easy to connect in parallel.
  • Delta conversion online has good voltage adjustment. In addition, delta conversion is compatible with many types of generators.

② Calculate the amount of power required by the connected equipment

Know the UPS capacity to meet your needs. If your equipment is out of power than the UPS, it will not operate. Conversely, a lot of power is wasted if the UPS capacity is too large.

In addition to knowing the UPS capacity, you need to know the UPS power factor. Information regarding capacity and power factor can usually be found in the product specifications.

UPS capacity is indicated in kVA (kilo-volt amperes). Ideally a UPS with 1 kVA means capable of delivering 1,000 volt amperes. However, the usable power (watts) of the UPS is about 50% to 100%. This depends on the power factor. For example, the usable power on a 1 kVA UPS with a power factor of 0.6 is about 600 watts.

③ Also consider the duration of the UPS operating time

As a temporary power source, the duration of UPS operation when the power goes out is not too long. Some UPSs are only able to keep the computer on for 5–15 minutes. This short time is used to save your work and turn off the computer properly.

With a UPS, your work files are not lost and your computer is not damaged quickly. If you work with a lot of demanding applications, we recommend a long uptime UPS.

④ Choose a UPS with a durable and long-lasting battery

Over time, the UPS battery capacity decreases. If that happens, the UPS performance will also decrease. If you want a longer lasting UPS, consider choosing a product with replaceable batteries. When the old battery is worn out, you can replace it with a new battery.

There are several types of batteries used in UPS, namely valve regulated lead acid (VRLA), flooded cell or VLA batteries, and lithium-ion batteriesFor extended use, we recommend the product with a lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries are small in size and light in weight.

Lithium-ion also has integrated battery management. That way, the battery is able to adjust the balance of charge current, cell voltage, to overcome the hot UPS. However, UPS with lithium-ion batteries have a higher price than other types.

10 Best Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Recommendations

Next, we will recommend the ten best uninterruptible power supply products that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. Laplace Trident 850

Laplace Trident 850 is a multifunctional UPS for PC. Not only as a power backup, this UPS is equipped with AVR with Boost and Buck technology. The electric voltage it provides is firmer and more efficient.

In addition, this uninterruptible power supply has auto restart technology so you don’t have to bother pressing buttons. If you want a more efficient computer performance, choose this product.


  • There is a Boost and Buck feature that flows electricity faster and more efficiently
  • There is an auto restart feature so you don’t have to bother pressing buttons when you want to restart the computer


  • There are buyer reviews that say that there is no charging indicator light so it’s hard to tell if the battery is full

2. APC by Schneider Electric BVX700LUI-MS

This product is known as one of the best UPS for Wi-Fi modem and CCTV. This is because the power capacity lasts to keep the Wi-Fi modem and CCTV working. This uninterruptible power supply even has a USB port on the front to charge your gadgets.

With all the conveniences, this home electric UPS is suitable for those of you who often work from home. You can conduct virtual meetings on a laptop or PC without worrying about the network being disconnected.


  • Can be on for a long time for Wi-Fi modems and CCTV
  • There is a USB port on the front for charging gadgets


  • Some customer reviews say that the UPS heats up quickly

3. Kenika KE-600VA

Are you looking for UPS recommendations for PCs, but are limited by funds? Then you can consider one of the best UPS for this PC. KENIKA KE-600 VA is an uninterruptible power supply with affordable price and good performance. This product can not only function as a power backup, but also a voltage stabilizer.


  • The price is economical when compared to other UPS with similar features


  • The capacity is small, not suitable for large power devices


If you want an extra safe uninterruptible power supply recommendation, this product is reliable. GPOWER GP200 has smart multiple protection that can protect the UPS from all problems. 

This protection includes surge, short circuit protection, battery overcharge, overload, and others. The various protections protect you from the dangers of electric short circuits, overcharges, and unstable electrical power.


  • Equipped with smart multiple protection that provides extra protection


  • There are reviews that say that the voltage is less stable for devices with motors

5. Inforce UPS 1200WA

For those of you who are looking for an uninterruptible power supply for various devices, the Inforce UPS 1200WA can be considered. One of the best stabilizer UPS for computer has auto sensing frequency. So, the frequency can be adjusted according to your needs.

This product has two modes for different uses. Pure sine wave mode can be used on devices with AC to DC converters, such as motorized devices. Meanwhile, the simulated sine wave mode is suitable as a UPS for laptops, PCs and other electronic equipment.


  • The frequency can be adjusted according to the connected device


  • There is no soft start feature so it is not suitable for homes with low voltage

PROLINK PRO700SFC offers a fast charging feature. The battery from this uninterruptible power supply can be charged up to 90% within 2-4 hours. That way, this product is one of the best UPSs to choose if the electricity in your house often goes out. 

This product is also equipped with a universal socket. So, devices that are compatible with it are increasingly diverse.


  • There is a fast charging feature so that the power is charged faster when the UPS battery runs out


  • There are reviews that say the UPS will heat up when used for a long time

7. Micropack MFU-1200

If you have a home office, surely your little one has touched your computer. Well, we have a good UPS recommendation for those situations. So you don’t have to worry about your child getting electrocuted, this uninterruptible power supply from Microlink comes with a safety socket. So, your child can freely play while you are working.


  • There is a special socket safety feature to avoid electric shock hazard


  • Cannot be used for electronic equipment with motors

8. CyberPower BU650E

Are you looking for a UPS for a gaming device? If so, please list this product. CyberPower BU650E is suitable for all kinds of your gaming devices, from PCs to consoles. When the electric current is cut off, your gaming device is better protected.

Another Pros of this uninterruptible power supply is that it is compatible with generator power sources. For those of you who have a generator at home, of course this feature will help. This product can also be used as a UPS for many computers, you know. That’s because this product offers three outlets.


  • Suitable for game consoles because the voltage is not too high


  • There are several reviews that say that the power goes up and down easily

9. ICA UPS SE 3100

ICA manufactures uninterruptible power supplies with large power capacities. UPS SE 3100 has a capacity of 3 kVA. So, this product can be a temporary power source for printing machines and other high power machines.

In addition to its large power capacity, this product has good performance. This is thanks to two fans that keep the UPS cool while in use. Therefore, this product is suitable for those of you who need UPS recommendations for industrial needs.


  • It has great power making it suitable for large machines


  • Prices tend to be higher than other UPSs with similar features

10. CyberPower OLS1000EA

This uninterruptible power supply is designed for all types of devices with motors. This is because the CyberPower OLS1000EA produces pure sine waves. This product is also suitable for devices that consume power, such as servers

So, its usage is quite flexible. This product is also complete with an anti-noise fan for air circulation. If you need a UPS for office use, don’t miss this product.


  • Produces pure sine wave output suitable for devices with motors


  • Does not offer a simulated sine wave so it is not suitable for home use


UPS is an important equipment for those of you who often use a PC, especially if the electricity supply in your home is unstable. With the UPS, your computer equipment becomes more durable.

Currently there are many brands of UPS available in the market with varying specifications and prices. If you are confused, you can use this article as a guide to find UPS recommendations. Hope you can find the best UPS!

5 Best Uninterruptible Power Supply Recommendations

  • Laplace |Triden 850
  • APC by Schneider Electric |BVX700LUI-MS
  • Kenika |TH600 VA
  • GPOWER |GP200
  • Inforce |UPS 1200WA

Other recomendations: