10 Best Trackball Mouse Recommendations

Dogzily.comA trackball mouse is a mouse that uses a ball feature to move the cursor on a computer screen. Logitech, Kensington and Elecom make trackball mice with various functions and designs. Maybe at first you are not used to using a trackball mice, but after getting used to it you will definitely be more comfortable using it than a regular mouse.

There are lots of trackball mice on the market with various shapes and uses. How do you choose a trackball mouse? Surely you are wondering right? The following article will explain how to choose a trackball mice that you can use everyday. Happy reading!

Best Trackball Mouse

How to choose a Trackball Mouse

You have to move the entire body of the mouse to move the cursor on a conventional mouse. With a trackball mouse, you simply move the trackball attached to the mouse with your finger or palm so that your hands and shoulders don’t tire too quickly. With a mechanism like this, you save more space when using a trackball mice.

Trackball mouse will be easy to use when you already know your needs, tastes and habits in operating a conventional mouse. Let’s follow the review in the following article to find out how to choose a trackball mice that is right for you.

① Select the mouse based on the position of the trackball

Trackball mouse has a ball attached to the body of the mouse in different positions. How to use this ball also varies depending on the finger used to move the ball.

There are three types of operations based on the part of the hand used when moving the ball on the trackball mice, namely the type of thumb, type of index finger and type of palm.

Use of the trackball mouse with the thumb

This type of trackball mouse uses the thumb to move the ball. The position of the ball on the trackball mice depends on the dominant body part. 

The ball that is attached to the left side of the mouse body is suitable for those of you who are dominant with your right hand and the ball that is attached to the right side of the mouse body is suitable for those of you who are left-handed. 

Some trackball mice of this type have buttons that are similar to a regular mouse. If you are used to using a conventional mouse then you will find it easy to use this thumb type trackball mouse.

Using a trackball mouse with the index finger

This type of trackball mouse uses the index finger or middle finger to move the ball on the mouseThis type of mouse trackball has a ball in the same position as the scroll wheel on a regular mouse. Usually this type of trackball mice places another button in a position further to the side of the mouse body.

This type of trackball mouse can generally be operated more precisely because it usually has a larger ball than a trackball mice that is operated using the thumb. In addition, you can use two fingers at the same time to achieve more perfect cursor movement.

Use of the trackball mouse with all fingers

This type of mouse trackball can move the cursor more quickly. This type of trackball mouse moves the ball using all or just the middle part of the fingers. In this type of trackball mice, the ball is placed right in the middle of the mouse body.

② Trackball mouse is wireless or wired?

Like mice in general, some trackball mice use cables and some don’t use cables (wireless). Wired trackball mice generally use a USB cable. This type can be used more easily because you don’t need to pay attention to other things such as battery strength or not connecting to a laptop or computer.

Cordless trackball mice can have a battery life of up to a year and a half. Another advantage that you can get from a trackball mouse that is operated wirelessly is that you can use it remotely in a position that makes you comfortable. 

If you want to use a trackball mouse while relaxing on the couch then we recommend opting for a cordless trackball mice.

③ Select the appropriate size for use

You can choose a trackball mouse with a certain size depending on the situation or hand size. If you use a trackball mice in front of your computer device, choose a trackball mice that is large but fits easily in your hand. This will reduce your fatigue if the trackball mouse is used for a long time.

If you use a trackball mouse for presentations, you can choose a trackball mice that is easy to use with one hand. If you use a trackball mice outside the home or outside the office, you should use a trackball mice that is easy to carry.

④ Choose the position and number of other buttons according to habits and usage

The number of buttons on a trackball mouse can vary depending on the manufacturer. The trackball mouse button can be changed based on the shortcut function you want to set. 

If you’re using a trackball mice for standard use only, you don’t need a trackball mouse with too many buttons. But if you want to set as many shortcut key functions on the trackball mice as possible, then the more buttons the better.

Also, the location of the buttons may differ depending on the product you choose. For example, if you are used to using a trackball mouse with your index finger, a button that is placed near your index finger will make it easier for you to use the trackball mice

You can select the button at any position according to your finger habits when using the mouse.

Top 10 Best Trackball Mouse Recommendations

After explaining how to choose a trackball mouse, we will recommend the 10 best trackball mice by comparing the features of each product. Please choose according to your habits, tastes or needs. Enjoy reading and hope you find the right trackball mice!

1. Joway Y08 Mini Trackball Mouse

Joway Y08 is a mini trackball mouse using a USB cable that you can plug directly into your computer without the need for additional installers. This product is suitable for you to use when you need to operate a mouse in a limited space without a desk. You can use this product in any position as long as it is within reach of the USB cable.

Mini product sizes can make it difficult for those of you who have large hands, resulting in imprecise cursor movements. Even so, Joway Y08 is a product that is suitable for those of you who have high mobility. This product is small so it does not require a large space for storage. Maximum work in minimal space? not a problem anymore.

2. Minidiva Wireless Portable Handheld Trackball Mouse

This trackball mouse has a small size and light weight and is easy to carry anywhere. You can even use this product without needing a support like a table. The location of the scroller which is under the trackball will make it easier for you to move pages on the computer screen. This product can also be operated remotely wirelessly.

This mouse trackball is suitable for use when you are giving a presentation. If you need a long explanation or interact with the audience during a presentation, you can keep this product in your pocket. This product is also equipped with a laser pointer to make it easier when you guide a presentation. Want a presentation? Don’t forget to bring this product!

3. Sanwa MA-TB42BK

This product is a rod-shaped trackball mouse that uses a USB cable to connect to a computer. Once connected to your computer, you can place the trackball mice right under your computer’s keyboard. The function of this product is similar to the touchpad on a laptop.

This product is made for those of you who actively use both hands in front of a computer such as writers or accountants. The position of the trackball mice, which is in the middle of the keyboard, allows you to move the cursor with your index finger, middle finger or thumb. For better results and faster performance, don’t hesitate to own this product!

4. Logitech Trackman Marble

Logitech Trackman Marble is covered in silver which gives the impression of being a luxury product. This product is suitable for those of you who are tired of using a mouse with a standard black color or other colors that are too flashy. You can also pair this product with a Macbook because the color is quite compatible with the Apple computer. The patented

trackball allows you to be precise when moving the trackball mouse anywhere. This product also has a trackball that is large enough so you don’t need a lot of movement when moving the cursor and keeps your arms from getting tired quickly.

5. OEM Black Wireless Trackball Mouse

You can operate this mouse with your right thumb or left thumb. This product can be used as a trackball mouse when stored on a desk with the mouse position sideways. In addition to the sideways position, you can also use this product in an upright condition with the trackball position above. 

When the trackball is in the top position, this product resembles the Nunchuck on the Nintedo Wii. Those of you who want to play FPS (First Person Shooter

) games or Nintendo Wii games on a computer are suitable for using this product. Wireless connectionwill make you more comfortable when playing games on the computer. This product is suitable to accompany you while working or relaxing. From now on live a balanced life by having this product.

6. Perixx Perimice-717

Attention! Working too long repeatedly using the mouse can cause you to get RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries). This disease is characterized by aching, aching or tingling in the arms, back or shoulders. But don’t worry, now there is a Perixx Perimice-717 mouse trackball that is designed to prevent RSI from occurring.

Those of you who work as designers or programmers who work long hours in front of laptops are suitable for using this product. The trackball on this mouse is easy to clean by removing it using a pencil or pen tip. What are you waiting for? Love your body by having this product right now!

7. Clearly Superior Technologies CST2545-5W(GL)

This product is quite large in size with a trackball with a diameter of 57 mm, so this product is suitable for those with large hands. The left-click and right-click buttons are located along the side of the trackball which will make it easier for you. 

At the top of the mouse you will find the scroll function. This product is equipped with a backlit that will emit color when used. The backlit

feature will be useful if you work in a space with poor lighting. You can use this mouse for standard or gaming purposes. This product is also suitable for those of you who work a lot with Computer Aided Design(CAD) because you will easily move the line 1 pixel at 1920×1080 resolution.

8. Elecom Wireless Trackball M-HT1DRBK

This product is made with an ergonomic design and size so that you will be more comfortable when using it. The 8 additional buttons on the Elecom Wireless Trackball M-HT1DRBK will make it easy for those of you who like to play MMORPGs or other strategy games.

The large size makes this product heavy enough to prevent movement when you use this mouse. In addition, the large size allows you to have enough area to rest your palms for a more comfortable grip. Those of you who are comfortable using your index finger, middle finger, or both are suitable for using this product.

9. Kensington Expert Mouse Wireless Trackball K72359WW

This product has a DiamondEye trackball that makes you more precise when moving the cursor. A 55 mm trackball that fits in the middle of the palm makes moving the cursor easier. This product has a scroll ring to quickly move the page up and page down around the trackball making your moves faster. 

Worried that your mouse gets dirty easily? The ball on this mouse can also be removed so it’s easy to clean if it gets dirty. Suitable for you with hands that often sweat and make the mouse dirty quickly. Trackballs big, maximum results, you are satisfied!

10. Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball

This product has a mouse design that is similar to a conventional mouseThe scroll button is in the center in the same position as a conventional mouse. With these similarities, this product is suitable for those of you who are using a trackball mouse for the first time.

5 additional buttons are quite useful for daily use. This product is equipped with a dry battery that can last up to 18 months. The first experience with a trackball mice is memorable, leaving you wanting more.


We’d like to congratulate you on finding a trackball mouse that fits your needs and tastes. When you use the trackball mice for the first time it may be uncomfortable. But this is normal, because your body has not adapted.

Over time you will get used to it and will feel more comfortable with a trackball mice than a conventional mouse. Have fun working and playing with the trackball mice you choose. Are you ready to switch from a conventional mouse to a trackball mouse?

5 Best Trackball Mice Recommendations

  1. Joway Y08 Mini
  2. Minidiva Wireless Portable Handheld
  3. Sanwa MA-TB42BK
  4. Logitech Trackman Marble
  5. OEM Black Wireless

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