10 Best Scented Cat Litter – Reviewed by Veterinarian

Dogzily.com – Best Scented Cat Litter: Fragrant cat sand is a must have item if you decide to have a cat. This sand will absorb the pungent smell of cat litter or urine. Thus, the house will feel comfortable not only for the cat, but also for you. 

Kong Irae, Maxi, Markotops, also Kit Cat are examples of good brands of cat litter on the market. In this article we have prepared tips on how to choose the best cat litter. We have also included various recommendations for the best products. This article has been reviewed by our vet, drh. Doel.

Best Scented Cat Litter

Collaborate With The Experts: How to choose a Scented Cat Litter

Scented cat litter is made from a variety of materials and has a variety of scents. What kind of scented cat litter is right for your needs? Here are the things you should pay attention to when choosing cat litter that smells good. 

① Pay attention to the material

Fragrant cat litter that isn’t only made of materials like zeolite. There is also cat litter made of wood and even soybean dregs. Each type of fragrant cat litter material has its own advantages. Therefore, get to know the characteristics of the various types of cat litter material before you buy it.

Zeolite, able to bind the source of unpleasant odors

This type of cat litter is made from crushed zeolite rock. Usually zeolite sand is available in several sizes of sand, ranging from coarse to soft. Zeolite sand has the advantage of being able to bind ammonia which is a source of bad odor. Zeolite sand is also easy to obtain and the price is relatively affordable

Bentonite, easy to agglomerate with high absorption

Bentonite sand is a type of material that is widely used for scented cat litter. Bentonite is generally a small grain of sand that feels comfortable on a cat’s feet

Before use, this sand should be filtered first to separate it from dust that disturbs the cat’s health. Bentonite sand easily clumps when exposed to cat urine. In addition, this type of sand has good absorption. 

Wood (wood pellets), natural and environmentally friendly

This type of cat sand is made from environmentally friendly materials, namely wood fiber (wood pellets). This sand is suitable for those of you who are concerned about the environmental impact of using regular cat litter. Even though it is made from natural materials, the absorption capacity of this material is not inferior to other sand materials

Soybean dregs, dust and odor free

This type of cat sand is made from unused soybean dregs. Reusing materials such as soybean dregs for cat litter is actually quite a lot to do. Sand from soybean dregs is claimed to be environmentally friendly because it is made from recycled materials. 

The sand can also be decomposed naturally. Another advantage, this fragrant cat sand from soybean dregs does not cause dust. 

② Consider dust-free sand for more hygiene

Cats have a habit of burying their waste, this can cause sand to scatter and create dust. Not only can it pollute the house, dust from sand is dangerous for cats and humans to breathe. 

Therefore, consider dust-free sand to make your home cleaner. Most scented cat litter products include dust-free information on their packaging.

③ Adjust the litter size according to the cat’s age

Cats have natural traits and habits when it comes to burying their waste. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the right cat litter for your pet. Below, we will explain the good litter for adult cats and kittens

  • Kittens or kittens are still learning in terms of throwing away their waste. Not infrequently, kitten kisses and eats its own feces. What’s more, fast clumping sand will attract the attention of kittens to put it in their mouths because kittens have a high curiosity. To avoid this, use sand made from wood pellets or soybean dregs. 
  • The types of cat litter that are good for adult cats are more diverse. You can use sand in the form of small, large grains, wood pellets, or other materials. However, cats prefer sand with fine particles. If you find that your cat is uncomfortable with the litter, try mixing it with regular sand.

④ Check the type of sand

Fragrant cat sand has two different results after being exposed to water or cat urine. Some are lumpy and not lumpy. Both have their advantages and disadvantages as we will explain below.

  • This type of clumping or clumping sand  is much sought after by cat lovers. This is because sand is easier to clean and scrape. As a result, the litter box is kept clean. Sand that has clumped hard also won’t crumble so that the dirt doesn’t fall apart. The best scented lumpy sand is seen from how quickly the sand clumps after being exposed to cat urine. 
  • This type of non-clumping sand is found in sand with wood pellets. This sand will be destroyed when exposed to cat urine. You can use a litter box that has a filter underneath. That way, the pellets that have been destroyed will fall to the bottom and remaining pellets that are still intact.

⑤ Know the scent offered

Cats have a sharper sense of smell than humans. If the smell is too strong from the sand, the cat may not want to dispose of dirt in its place. When choosing a scented cat litter, choose one that doesn’t smell too strong. There are various choices of scented cat litter. 

  • Fruity scents like apple and lemon. Fruity aromas tend to be fresher and less overpowering. It is this type of scent that you need to consider when choosing cat litter.
  • Floral scents, such as rose, jasmine, and lavender. Be careful when choosing flower-scented sand because the characteristic aroma tends to be more pungent.
  • Natural aromas, for example the aroma of pine wood in products made from wood pellets Natural scents tend to be less overpowering and still hold odors.
  • Another unique sand scent, scented cat litter is also available in a variety of unique scents. This unique aroma is for example  green teamochacandy, or coffee. This wide selection of unique scents can be an option if you are bored with the same scents.

10 Best Scented Cat Litter Recommendations

Next, we will recommend the ten best scented cat litter products that we have determined based on the above selection method. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. Vetsand Zeolite Cat Litter

If you use this product, you don’t have to worry anymore about the room where the litter box smells bad. This scented cat sand is made of zeolite. This product is the first product with round granules (granules) so that it is comfortable on the cat’s feet. The zeolite content in this product functions as an anti-odor because it is able to bind ammonia in cat feces and urine. 


  • Sand can be washed and reused so it is more efficient
  • The details are round so that it is comfortable on the cat’s feet


  • Clumping adhesion is less according to consumers

2. Cub n Kit Scented Cat Litter

If you want to save money on premium quality products, the Cub n Kit cat litter is a great choice for you. You can get this product at a price that can be considered economical for a 5 liter size. With premium quality, this sand has good clumping power. During the clumping process, you can still use the dry part of the sand. Really practical and economical!


  • It has good clumping power so it is easy to clean
  • The scent is able to absorb the smell of cat litter


  • Sand tends to create dust 

3. TOP Cat Litter

TOP Cat Litter is made of bentonite and will agglomerate when exposed to liquid. You also don’t have to wait long to clean the litter box easily. What’s more, the fragrant aroma keeps the litter box  and room fresh. Cats are more comfortable playing, you are not bothered by bad smells.


  • Sand clumps more quickly, which saves time on cleaning


  • Sand tends to create dust

4. Arthacat Tofu Clumping Cat Litter

This cat litter product from Arthacat is made from organic soybean dregs. The granules are 3 mm in size, light in weight and easy to scoop out because they have high agglomeration power. 

This product is suitable for cat owners who live in apartments because it can be flushed directly into the toilet. This product is also safe for use by kittens and is available in six scent options.


  • Can be flushed down the toilet (flushable)
  • High clumping power and easy suction


  • Only one size option is available

5. Markotops Tofu Soya Clump

Are you bothered by the smell of the cat litter cat litter? Even though it has a scent, some cat litter still leaves a bad smell. For that, you can rely on this brand of fragrant cat sand. Markotops not only produces dry and wet food for cats, but also scented lumpy sand. 

This product is highly absorbent and can neutralize the pungent smell of cat feces and urine. There are quite a lot of fragrance variants offered, one of which is Coffee, Candy, Strawberry and Lavender. So, this cat sand is just right to make your room smell fresh. 


  • Has high absorption, quickly clots
  • Available in seven scent variants


  • Sand cannot be washed and reused

6. Friend Cat sand

Get the convenience of picking up and storing cat litter that smells good by buying this product. This product has a ziplock packaging that makes it easier for you to store it, especially if you buy in large quantities. This sand is available in three sizes, namely 5 liters, 10 liters and 20 liters. You can buy a small size or go straight to a large size to stock up on at home. 


  • Packaging using ziplock, sand so it doesn’t spill easily
  • Three size options are available


  • Small grains of sand so it is easier to dust

7. Best in Show Maxi Cat Sand

This product is made from bentonite sand which is easy to agglomerate. The clumps don’t crumble easily, so this cat litter is very easy to clean. Those of you who want to clean cat litter without eating time are right to consider this product.

Maxi Cat Sand also has nine scent options, ranging from fruity to floral. The scent lasts a long time so that the area around the litter box remains fragrant for a long time.


  • Clumps are not easily disintegrated so they are easier to clean
  • Long-lasting aroma so the litter box remains fragrant 


  • Only one size option is available 

8. Kit Cat Soy Clump

Clump’s Cat Soya Kit uses unused soy milk production leftovers. This cat sand is environmentally friendly and is claimed to absorb three times more liquid than regular sand. 

Interestingly, this product is also safe if swallowed because it is made from food grade soybeans. For those of you who are very concerned about the health of the rabbits, this product is the right choice. In addition, this product is available in unique scents that you can try according to your wishes.

9. Kong’s Wrath 100% Tofu Cat Litter

Are you looking for cat litter that smells good, is natural, and has small grains? This product is worth considering. Kong Irae cat litter is made from soybean dregs which can be decomposed naturally. 

Interestingly, this product also has small and soft granules on cat paws. In addition, this product is dust free and safe for children or adult cats. This product provides a wide selection of scents, choose the one you like the most.


  • The details are small so they are comfortable on the cat’s feet
  • Dust-free sand, safe for cat breathing
  • Can be flushed in the toilet


  • Reviewers say that even though it has a fragrant aroma, it has a slightly musty smell because it is made from soybean dregs

10. Easy Lite The Natural Pet Litter

This natural cat litter product is made from selected clean wood fiber that is free from chemicals. The rest of its use can be used as compost for plants. This is what makes it waste-free. 

In addition, Easy Lite Natural Wood Pellet is cleaner because it won’t stick to the cat’s feet. This product can be an option for you lovers of cats and the environment. It’s just that because this type of sand doesn’t clump, you should change the sand more often.


  • Chemical-free so it’s safe for cats’ respiration and digestion
  • Leftovers can be used as compost


  • Cannot be washed and reused

Tips from our vet, drh. Doel

Sand made from non-organic materials will have a negative effect on cat health. Cat sand that is eaten can form lumps in the digestive tract and can cause blockages in the intestine. This would be very dangerous if it happened to cats.


There are many choices of scented cat litter products. When choosing, consider the material, grain size and aroma when selecting it. 

With the right choice of scented sand products, taking care of cats will be even more fun and easy. The cat will feel comfortable and love you even more. Enjoy choosing the product that works best for you and your cat!

5 Best Fragrant Cat Sand Recommendations

  1. Vetsand|Zeolite Cat Litter
  2. Cub n Kit|Scented Cat Litter
  3. TOP |Cat Litter
  4. Arthacat |Tofu Clumping Cat Litter
  5. Markotops |Tofu Soya Clump

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