Top 10 Best Samsung Monitor – Reviewed by Software Engineer – Best Samsung Monitor: Samsung is one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world. Not only HP and television products that are widely known by the public, but also monitor products for computers. 

This brand offers a variety of monitors with varying specifications for home & businessgaming, to professional needs. This time we will explain how to choose the best Samsung monitor. 

We will also provide recommendations for good Samsung monitors. You can find Samsung monitors 19 inches, 24 inches, 32 inches, to curved ones. This article has been reviewed by our software engineer, Yosua Surojo. Happy reading!

Best Samsung Monitor

Collaborating With Experts: How To Choose A Samsung Monitor

Available ports, screen size, and features can be considered when choosing a Samsung monitor. These points are important to remember to reduce mistakes in choosing a product. Let’s look at the description of each point below.

① Choose the Samsung monitor that suits your needs

Samsung produces monitors with specifications and features for various needs, from home & businessgaming, to professionals. The following is a complete description of Samsung monitors based on their intended use.

Home & business setups: Streamlined monitors are more comfortable to use

Monitors for home & business needs usually don’t feature any special features or advantages. Because of this, users usually look at less powerful specifications and efficient prices. However, technological developments have made Samsung start offering various additional features to pamper consumers. 

You can glance at monitors that are not too big in size for home & business needs. This is for the sake of providing efficient space on the computer desk. In addition, you need to consider additional features and technologies that are useful for maintaining your health and quality of work.

Samsung monitors feature eye saver mode and flicker free. Both features focus on reducing blue light emission and screen flicker. Eye comfort is important if you have to work facing the monitor for a long time.

Gaming setup: Has special features for a satisfying gaming experience

Gaming monitors have their own advantages over monitors for other needs. Good performance and image quality are important aspects to give you satisfaction while gaming. There are two elements that have a big influence on performance and visual quality when gaming, namely the refresh rate and response time.

  • Refresh rate is the monitor’s ability to refresh the display image per second. This can be seen from the increasing value of the refresh rate in hertz (Hz). 
  • Response time is the speed of the monitor to change the color displayed. This can be seen from the small value of the response time in milliseconds ms).

The choice of gaming monitor is determined based on what games are usually played. Monitors with high refresh rates and low response times are perfect for games with high game tempos. 

Racing, fighting, and sports games will suit the monitor well.There are also various gaming features that can be obtained from Samsung monitors, such as AMD FreeSync and G-Sync compatible.

Professional setup: Monitor with high resolution and good color quality

Professional monitor setups require high resolution and color quality to display maximum visual results. The products also have an aesthetic design to elevate the owner’s moodThis type of monitor is widely used for professional work, such as graphic design and video editing.

The superior features of this type of monitor are active crystal color and a 3000:1 contrast ratio. Both focus on improving the color and image quality of monitors. This feature is very useful to support the work and quality of results of graphic designers and video editors.

When choosing this monitor, you can consider additional features that can improve the visual quality displayed. In addition, a capable PC is needed to use a high-resolution monitor. It is not surprising that a PC package for this need requires a lot of money. So, make sure you have sufficient funds to buy it.

② Know the difference between flat and curved monitors

There are two forms of Samsung monitors, namely flat and curved. To be able to choose the one that suits your needs, make sure you know the characteristics of each form of monitor.

Curved, safer for the eyes with true image details

Curved monitors have curved screens. Screens that curved are safer for eye health and can provide an immersive experience. Users will also feel like entering the world displayed on the monitor.

The curved radius of curved monitors is divided into 1800R, 1500R and 1000R. The smaller the curved radius number, the curved monitor will be more curved. This gives the owner the advantage to feel a better immersive experience.

However, curved monitors have larger dimensions which result in a larger computer desk space requirement. You can choose a curved monitor if you really need finer image details to enhance your entertainment needs.

Flat, versatile and more efficient

Flat monitors are mostly used for gaming, including e-sports tournaments. Monitor screens with a flat design are considered to be better able to keep players focused, especially when playing first-person shooting games. Even so, this monitor can still be an option because it is more versatile and efficient.

Flat monitors are widely used for multi-monitor useThe flat screen designis also a distinct advantage in terms of space saving needs. With a price difference that is often quite far from curved monitors, this monitor is still the choice for activities.

③ Check the connection of the Samsung monitor

Don’t forget to check the connection on the monitor you choose. The mistake in buying a monitor is that it doesn’t have the connection a PC should need. This of course will hurt you, especially if you are buying a monitor for the first time.

On Samsung monitors, D-Sub (VGA port) and HDMI are the standard connections. You can also look at DisplayPort availability to provide a better visual output. Some Samsung monitors are also equipped with USB and headphone ports that you can use for various needs.

④ Adjust the size of the monitor according to your needs

Samsung monitors come in a variety of sizes with different resolutions. In choosing a monitor size, you also need to consider your needs.

In general, monitors with large screen sizes are equipped with high resolutions. Conversely, a monitor with a small screen size has a lower resolution. You can follow these guidelines in determining the right monitor size.

  • For home & businessmonitors with a size of 19–22 inches because they are efficient and pocket friendly
  • For gaminga monitor with a screen size of 24–27 inches is considered qualified
  • For professional setupsmonitors with a minimum screen size of 27 inches and high resolution can be relied upon to produce high-quality digital works

⑤ Pay attention to additional features in Samsung monitors

Samsung monitors have many features that can support your activities. There are several features that often appear in various Samsung monitors today. Here’s the full review.

  • Fashion games

Game mode improves monitor performance for gaming. This is done through additional settings on the Samsung monitor. The settings can improve the response time of the monitor when playing games. So, you can play your favorite games more smoothly.

  • Eye saver mode

For those of you who often spend hours in front of a computer screen, this feature is really needed. This feature reduces the blue light emitted from the monitor so that you can see the screen more comfortably. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about sore eyes after using the monitor for a long time.

  • Flicker-free

This feature is fairly new to Samsung’s modern monitors. Flicker free will protect your eyes from the flickering effect of the screen. These effects are usually found on old monitors or conventional monitors. With this feature, your eyes can see the screen without distraction.

10 Best Samsung Monitor Recommendations

Next, we will recommend the ten best Samsung monitor products that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. Samsung 24” SR35 LS24R350FZEXXD

If you are looking for a cheap monitor recommendation with a stable image, this product is not to be missed. This monitor has an anti-flicker feature that can eliminate flickering, especially if the voltage is not stable where you live.

This 24- inch Samsung monitor also features a refresh rate of 75 Hz which is sufficient for playing games and also editing videos. Apart from that, the screen is bezel-less. Buying this product will make you feel like you have a premium class monitor with a large screen.


  • There is an anti-flicker feature to produce flicker-free images
  • The bezel-less screen makes it comfortable to watch movies


  • The stand can only be tilted

2. Samsung 24″ CF39 LC24F390FHEXXD

Usually curved monitors have a relatively high price. Different from the others, this 24-inch Samsung curved monitor comes at a relatively friendly price. You can view content on a curved screen in a more immersive way, especially when editing videos.

This product also features a headphone jack so you can listen to audio. If you are looking for recommendations for Samsung monitors for video editing that are suitable for beginners, this product is worth choosing.


  • The price is affordable for a monitor with a curved screen


  • There is still a thick bezel along the monitor so the design is less seamless 

3. Samsung 32″ M7 LS32BM700UEXXD

Are you a fan of Netflix or Disney+ series? If so, this product is the best Samsung monitor to choose from. This product is equipped with Smart TV technology. You can open many applications without having to turn on the CPU.

Not only that, you can connect this monitor to Samsung Smart Things. With this feature, you can turn on and turn off this 32 inch Samsung monitor from anywhere.


  • Can be connected to movie watching applications without having to connect it to the CPU


  • There are reviews that mention that the monitor sometimes experiences lag, especially when opening files

4. Samsung 19″ SA33 LS19A330NHEXXD

This 19 inch Samsung monitor can be the right choice for your office needs. This product has eye comfort technology so it is suitable for use for a long time. The user’s eyes will not feel tired quickly even though looking at the monitor screen all day. With an affordable price, you won’t feel like a loss even if you buy this product in bulk.


  • There is an eye comfort technology feature so it is comfortable to use for work all day


  • Refresh rate is only 60 Hz, not suitable for gaming

5. Samsung 27″ CRG5 LC27RG50FQEXXD

This 27 inch Samsung monitor is perfect for those of you who like to play competitive games, such as DOTA and League of Legends. This product has a high refresh rate, which is 240 Hz. 

This will guarantee a smooth game display. Not only that, this monitor is equipped with the G-Sync feature which can produce the best gaming performance . For true gamers, this Samsung curved monitor is a must-have.


  • Anti-lag thanks to the high refresh rate


  • Response time is not as high as other Samsung gaming monitors

6. Samsung 24″ CRG5 LC24RG50FQEXXD

You can have this 24 inch Samsung monitor if you want to play FPS games in a more immersive wayThe game mode feature that is supported by low input lag mode will reduce the delay when the GPU sends an image. 

This monitor also has a virtual aim point feature. This feature is in the form of a dot in the middle of the screen which functions to maintain focus when you are using a gun in the game. Of course, this can help you play Valorant, Apex Legends, and other FPS games.


  • There is a virtual aim point feature that makes it easier to play FPS games


  • The bezel is thick enough to make it less seamless to play games

7. Samsung 27” S80UA LS27A800UJEXXD

If you are looking for recommendations for a suitable Samsung monitor for graphic design, choose this product. The Samsung S80UA has a flexible stand so that the screen can be viewed from various angles. Enjoy the convenience of working from various angles with this product.

Not only that, this one of the best Samsung monitors for graphic design provides a USB-C port. So, you can connect it with your laptop, tablet or even smartphone.


  • Can be moved to the most comfortable angle to work thanks to a flexible stand


  • Not yet equipped with speakers to immediately enjoy video content

8. Samsung 24″ S40VA LS24A400VEEXXD

For those of you who don’t want to be bothered looking for accessories for video conferencing via a computer, this product is worth choosing. The Samsung S40VA is a monitor that is complete with a webcam and speakers. This Samsung monitor is also equipped with an IPS panel. So, the color will not fade even if viewed from any angle.


  • Equipped with a webcam and speakers for video conferencing


  • There are reviews that say that the contrast is less sharp

9. Samsung 24″ Odyssey G3 LF24G35TFWEXXD

The price of gaming monitors is generally high because the specifications are not playing games. Take it easy If your budget is limited because this Samsung monitor can be the solution. 

This product is equipped with a 144 Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, making it capable for various games. In addition, this product is given a modern and dashing design. You can have all the advantages at a relatively affordable price, you know.


  • Response time is only 1 ms making it suitable for gaming 


  • There are reviews that say that the monitor experiences ghosting in fast games, especially when the background is dark

10. Samsung 32″ Odyssey G7 LC32G75TQSEXXD

This product is here for those of you who want a professional monitor setup with super gaming performance. The Samsung Odyssey G7 can be said to be a multifunctional monitor for multimedia needs.

The image quality of this 32- inch Samsung monitor is also superior thanks to the QLED panel with Quantum Dot and HDR600. If you want to buy this product, it is better to consider as best you can because the price is higher.


  • The picture is of high quality thanks to the QLED panel with Quantum Dot and HDR600


  • There are reviews that say that the Adaptive Sync feature doesn’t work well


After reading this article, have you found the best Samsung monitor to own? In choosing a good Samsung monitor for you, it is important to know the type and features available. 

We hope that our review on how to choose Samsung monitors and recommendations from us can be your reference. Happy hunting for the product you’ve been dreaming of!

5 Best Samsung Monitor Recommendations

  1. Samsung |24” SR35 |LS24R350FZEXXD
  2. Samsung |24″ CF39 |LC24F390FHEXXD
  3. Samsung |32″ M7 |LS32BM700UEXXD
  4. Samsung |19″ SA33 |LS19A330NHEXXD
  5. Samsung |27″ CRG5 |LC27RG50FQEXXD

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