The 10 Best PS5 Multiplayer Games to Play With Friends

Dogzily.comNot only can you enjoy it alone, there are many PlayStation 5 (PS5) games that you can play with friends or family. You can choose offline or online multiplayer PS5 games with other gamers. The large number of the latest PS5 games might make you confused about choosing one. 

You don’t need to worry because we have prepared the best tips for choosing and recommending PS5 multiplayer games in this article. There are some great famous games to choose from, such as Gran Turismo 7, FIFA 23, and Elden Ring. There are even free PS5 games, you know. Come on, see the full review!

Best PS5 Multiplayer Games

How to Choose PS5 Multiplayer Games

To have fun playing together, you have to be careful in choosing your ideal PS5 multiplayer game. To help you, here are some points that can be used as guidelines.

① Offline or online? Pay attention to the connection type of multiplayer games

You can play PS5 multiplayer games offline or online, depending on the mode availability.Before buying, know in advance the differences of each type.

Offline multiplayer, play together with one console

If you want to play games with other people with one console, offline multiplayer PS5 games are the right choice. Offline multiplayer is a game that can be played by two or more people on one screen.

Unlike online multiplayer PS5 games, you don’t need an internet connection with offline multiplayer. Some examples of multiplayer PS5 games that can be played together with one console are FIFA and Gran Turismo 7.

Online multiplayer, connecting two or more players without distance limitations

Online multiplayer PS5 games will connect you with other players without being constrained by distance. Therefore, you need an internet connection. In general, online multiplayer games offer public servers and private servers. Here’s the difference between the two.

  • Public servers 

This server will connect you with other players who are online in the game. You can play with anyone, even players from different countries. Public servers usually require a large number of players at one time.

  • Private servers 

If you want privacy when playing games with friends, private servers are the solution. Usually you only need to give invites to other players who are on your friends list. Just make sure your friends have the same game, OK?

Online multiplayer PS5 games generally only connect players with the same console. However, there are also games that offer cross platform services. With this feature, you can play with friends who use PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or other platforms.

② Make sure you have a PS Plus subscription to play online games

If you choose an online multiplayer PS5 game, you must subscribe to PS Plus. PS Plus is a paid service that can connect your account with other players. The PS Plus subscription system consists of several types of packages, namely Essential, Extra and Deluxe. Before subscribing, make sure you know the differences in each package first.

  • If you just want to connect online, the Essential plan is the option. This package only offers online multiplayer services, cloud storage, and several free games each month.
  • Unlike the previous packages, the Extra package provides additional game catalog features. You can play various games for free. The catalog will also be updated every month.
  • In terms of online gaming, the Deluxe package offers not many benefits. This pack only adds a catalog of classic games and demos for new games. The price is quite high if you only need an online connection and a game catalog.

③ Your funds are limited? Consider free games on the PS Store

Buying a new game is certainly a bit draining the bag. If you want to save even more, there are lots of free games that can be downloaded on the PS Store. Keep in mind that some games offer in app purchases or in- game transactions. However, most of these games can be played at no cost to you, really!

④ Choose a game that is still getting updates

Games that always have new challenges are certainly more interesting to play. So that playing together is always fun, choose games that are still getting updates. Games that are still getting updates will save you from boredom. These updates can be in the form of expansions, new levels, new characters, or new modes.

10 Recommendations for The Best Multiplayer PS5 Games

Next, we will recommend the ten best PS5 multiplayer game products that we have determined based on the selection method above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. EA Sports FIFA 23

Football fans must dock! This game is a multiplayer PS5 game that should not be missed. FIFA 23 is the latest in the all-time favorite soccer game series. Present since 1994, FIFA games are always being developed with new technology in each series.

The latest technology in this game is HyperMotion2. With this technology, players look more flexible in processing the ball so that it is more like a real soccer player. The gameplay of FIFA 23 is also tactical, so you have to be able to strategize well. It’s no wonder that FIFA 23 is one of the best PS5 multiplayer games for soccer fans.


  • Presenting player movements that are more flexible with HyperMotion2 technology


  • There is still a glitch in the game 

2. Team17 Overcooked! All You Can Eat

If you’re looking for recommendations for multiplayer PS5 games that rely on teamwork between players, Overcooked! All You Can Eat should be selected. This offline and online multiplayer PS5 game is a cooking game that can be played by two or more people. 

Each level takes the form of a mission to complete an order. To make it even more challenging, there are several levels with added obstacles so that it demands more cooperation from the players.


  • The battle and cooperation modes are equally exciting


  • Not too different from Overcooked and Overcooked 2 so it’s not worth it for old players 

3. FromSoftware, Bandai Namco Entertainment Elden Rings

For those of you who have never played the Soulsborne game from FromSoftware, give this game a try. Elden Ring comes with different features from the usual Soulsborne games

With an easier mechanism, those of you who are still beginners in the Soulslike genre can definitely play it. The game even supports online co-op so you can ask your friends for help on difficult levels.

Elden Ring also frees players to choose and customize various characters. You can also choose the role and strength of the character being played. Apart from beginners, this game is also suitable for those of you who want freedom in creating characters in the Soulsborne game.


  • The new feature is friendly for gamers who have just tried the Soulsborne game


  • There are cutscenes which can get annoying in some tough boss fights

4. 2K NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 is the best PS5 multiplayer game for basketball fans. This basketball game offers better gameplay than the previous series. In this series, you can play as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and other legendary basketball players. 

The gameplay in this series is more realistic as players cannot spam dribbles. The MyCareer feature has also been improved making it easier to create structured player drafts. Not only that, you can play NBA 2K23 with up to three other friends. Enjoy a fun game of virtual basketball with your friends!


  • Gameplay and MyCareer creation features are more structured and resemble the NBA


  • Features in Create-A-Player are limited so it can’t do extensive character customization 

5. Polyphony Digital, Sony Interactive Entertainment Gran Turismo 7

This car racing game won’t let you get bored thanks to the various track formations. There is also a track with an Indonesian background. In addition, there are more than 420 types of cars that you can play in Gran Turismo 7. The number will also increase through updates.

The process of tuning the engine, acceleration, and technical matters also feels real. You can even see the crowd’s faces on the sidelines! If you want to experience a realistic PS5 game in terms of visuals and gameplay mechanics, play Gran Turismo 7. There is also a cross generation multiplayer feature so you can play with friends who have Gran Turismo 6.


  • The detail is stunning, it’s like you’re racing in real places
  • The SCAPES feature supports ray tracing so that the graphics look more realistic


  • The gaming experience can be grindy as you have to spend a lot of time getting good cars

6. Sumo Digital, Sony Interactive Entertainment Sackboy: A Big Adventure

If you are looking for a recommendation for a PS5 multiplayer game that is friendly for children, choose Sackboy: A Big AdventureThis platformer game tells about the adventures of Sackboy. The player’s task is to save Craftworld and Sackboy friends from an enemy named Vex. 

This game has easy controls and an adorable look for kids. Plus, you can connect two controllers so the whole family can play together. The character customization of this game is also cute and adorable. You can also change the Sackboy costume as you wish.


  • Cool level design and easy for kids to play


  • The gameplay might seem boring to those who often play platformer games

7. Sledgehammer Games, Activision Call of Duty: Vanguard

Call of Duty is one of the most popular FPS games among gamers. Now the franchise is here on PS5 with Call of Duty: VanguardThis game tells about a secret mystery that exists among the Nazi soldiers. The story is shown in two timelines, present and past. 

This multiplayer PS5 game offers close combat as its appeal. So you can just do a kill-streak. There are also two challenging maps for multiplayer players, namely DOME and DAS HAUS. If you want to play a more challenging multiplayer FPS game, choose Call of Duty: Vanguard.


  • The new maps DOME and DAS HAUS are challenging when played together


  • There are too many pre-rendered cutscenes so that the immersive sensation is reduced

8. Electronic Arts Apex Legends

Permainan battle royale favorit para streamer ini akhirnya hadir di PS5. Seperti di platform lain, Anda dapat memilih berbagai karakter dengan peran masing-masing. Maka dari itu, game PS5 multiplayer online ini membutuhkan kerjasama antara rekan satu tim.

Apex Legends juga punya sistem yang menantang. Tiap pemain akan melawan puluhan player dalam zona yang luas. Jika Anda ingin membentuk tim yang besar dari berbagai platform, pilih game ini.


  • The game phases are fast and challenging for experienced players


  • There are still many bugs scattered in the game

9. Bungie Inc. Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a multiplayer shooter game with a space theme. You will act as a Guardian whose mission is to maintain earth peace. The stories presented are interesting and make the game even more exciting. 

Not only that, character and weapon customization add to the attractiveness of Destiny 2. You can also play cross-platform with friends to eradicate enemies. This free PS5 game on the PS Store is perfect for those of you who like shooting games.


  • The storyline makes the gameplay even more interesting
  • There is an addictive multiplayer quickplay mode


  • No elements have been replaced from Destiny, making it less exciting for old players

10. COGNOSPHERE PTE. LTD. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a well-known mobile game that is now available on PS5. Set in Teyvat, you will play a character who is looking for his missing brother. On your journey, you will be accompanied by various anime characters and seven gods known as Archons.

You can attack and fight enemies using the seven elements that you give each time you travel to a new territory. Not only that, you can collect artifacts to design the best character strength. You can also connect with friends in co-op. For those of you who want to play PS5 multiplayer games with anime character designs, choose Genshin Impact.


  • Abundant in-game events as a distraction every update
  • Many playable characters that are unique and fun to play with


  • Performance is not good on the PlayStation console


Some PS5 games are more fun to play with other people. However, you should also make sure that the game suits your playing style. Offline or online multiplayer PS5 games are available on the market. Don’t make the wrong choice, OK? Enjoy playing PS5 multiplayer games with friends, family, or other gamers out there!

5 Best PS5 Multiplayer Game Recommendations

  1. EA Sports |FIFA 23
  2. Team17 |Overcooked! All You Can Eat
  3. FromSoftware, Bandai Namco Entertainment |Elden Ring
  4. 2K |NBA 2K23
  5. Polyphony Digital, Sony Interactive Entertainment |Gran Turismo 7

Other recomendations: