10 Best Power Supply for PC – Reviewed by Software Engineer and Tech Enthusiast

Dogzily.comThe power supply is an important part of a PC (personal computer). This device provides power supply for the computer by converting AC current (alternating current) to DC current (direct current). 

You can find power supplies with a variety of power, from 400 watts to 550 watts. This time we will provide recommendations for the best PC power supply and review tips on choosing one. 

Cooler Master, CORSAIR, and Imperion are some examples of good power supply brands. This article has been reviewed by our software engineer, Yosua Surojo, and our tech enthusiast, Joshua Pandu. Happy listening!

Best Power Supply for PC

What is The Function of The Power Supply on a PC?

You must have heard the term power supply on a computer. However, do you understand what it does? The power supply unit or PSU is a piece of hardware that is square in shape and is usually placed in the PC case.

Basically, the power supply function is to supply power to the computer. The trick is to convert AC current into DC current. Thus, the PC gets the energy to operate all the components in it.

Collaborating With Experts: How To Choose a Power Supply for a PC

You will probably find a lot of power supply products for PCs on the market. To suit your needs, see our tips on choosing from the following, OK!

① Know the amount of power you need

Each PC has different component specifications. Therefore, the power requirements are not the same. The graphics card and CPU are the components that absorb the most power, followed by the motherboard and hard drive. Therefore, make sure the power generated by the power supply meets the needs of your PC

For example, let’s assume that the total power usage of your PC is 450 watts. Well, you should choose a power supply with power above 450 watts. This can prevent the PC or power supply from being damaged or shorted.

In choosing a power supply based on power, you should choose the most optimal capacity. The optimal conditions in question are not Consing and not overpowering.

If the power supply is too large for your PC’s power requirements, efficiency will decrease. The decrease in efficiency occurs because the PC draws power from the power supply which is not proportional to the electricity consumption of the power supply.

② Check the efficiency rating of the power supply

On power supply unit products, you may find labels 80 Plus, Bronze, Gold, and so on. The article shows the efficiency rating of a power supply unit product. Efficiency is the ability of a power supply unit to supply power to the computer.

The efficiency of a good power supply is up to 80% while dissipating less than 20% of the power as heat. With 80% efficiency, the PSU has passed the quality check process and meets the requirements for 80 Plus certification.

There are six levels in the 80 Plus certification, namely 80 Plus, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium. The higher the efficiency rating, the higher the power supply that goes into the computer. So, check the efficiency rating of the power supply unit for optimal power.

③ Modular or non-modular, choose your favorite type of power supply

You will find three types of power supply from the connection side, namely non-modular, modular, and semi-modular. Modular power supplies have separate connector cables, while non-modular ones are integrated. Here’s a full explanation.

  • Nonmodular power supplies

This type of power supply is the most common and has the most affordable price. However, nonmodular power supplies can often appear untidy. That’s because unused cables will just dangle.

  •  modular power supplies

For neater installation results, you can choose a modular power supply. You can attach only the cables that are needed. You can also use other cables in the market which are of better quality. 

However, the disadvantage of this type of power supply is that the price is higher. In addition, the plug head has the possibility of loosening and damage if something goes wrong during installation.

  • Semimodular power supply

This type of power supply is a combination of modular and non-modular. This PSU has non-removable power cables for the CPU and motherboard. Meanwhile, only PCI and SATA power supply is modular from semimodular power supply.

④ Pay attention to the size of the power supply

You also need to consider size when choosing a PSU. Usually, a special room is provided in the PC casing to place the PSU. The wrong size will make the PSU difficult to install.

The size of a PC case is generally mid-tower or full tower. You can choose the following sizes that are right for your PC.

  • ATX power supply or about 15 cm x 14 cm x 8.6 cm
  • The SFX power supply has dimensions of 12.5 cm x 10 cm x 6.35 cm
  • SFX-L power supplies are typically 12.5 cm x 13 cm x 6.35 cm

Apart from the ones we have mentioned, perhaps you will also find other sizes on the market. So, make sure you choose the right size, OK?

10 Best Power Supply Recommendations for PC

Next, we will recommend the ten best power supply products for PCs that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. Empire Gaming 550 P500

If your PC uses an Intel processor, this product can be considered. This computer’s power supply is Intel ATX standard. This product is certainly suitable for PCs with ATX type motherboards.

Not only that, this power supply unit is CE, ROHS, and CCC certified so it is safe and environmentally friendly. If you want to assemble a PC that is more environmentally friendly, just choose this product.


  • It has been standardized by Intel ATX so it is suitable for ATX type motherboards


  • The PCIe connector is only 6 pins so it would be unsuitable for modern PCIe


For those of you who need a PSU recommendation with strong and quality components, this product can be relied upon. FSP HV PRO comes with a DC to DC output which can deliver stable and highly efficient power.

The ground design of this PSU can also increase stability and ensure maximum safety for use. Not surprisingly, this product is one of the best computer power supplies on the market.


  • It has strong and quality components so it can last a long time 


  • Cable options are very limited making it unsuitable for PCs with multiple devices

3. Aerocool LuxRGB 550W

For those of you who are looking for PSU recommendations with the ability to customize RGB LEDs, this product can be chosen. Aerocool Lux has elegant RGB that can be customized based on your preferences.

There are thirteen color presets in this product that you can change according to your wishes. There is also an addressable RGB connector. So, you can connect it with a computer. This PC gaming power supply is suitable for those of you who like to express themselves.


  • RGB color can be changed as desired 


  • PCIe 6+2 pin cables cannot be connected

4. Varro Prime Ezmax 500W 80 Plus

Assembling a gaming PC is usually quite expensive because the components are pricey. So that your expenses are not too swollen, choose this 500 watt PC power supply. Even though it’s economical, this product is equipped with a very cool RGB fan.

Varro Prime Ezmax 500W 80 Plus also has performance that is on par with products from the best PSU brands. If you need a computer power supply recommendation at an affordable price, choose this product.


  • It’s affordable to assemble a gaming PC with a minimal budget


  • There are reviews that say that the cable is quite thin and not very sturdy

5. Armaggeddon Voltron Bronze 235FX

This 12 V power supply can be chosen for those who want to assemble a high-performance gaming PC. The voltage can reach 240 Volts. You can use this power supply for gaming PCs with high-performance components. 

The fan is also large and is able to cool the capacitor work more evenly. If you are looking for the best power supply for PC gaming, consider this product.


  • The voltage can reach up to 240 volts


  • There is no power factor correction in it

6. CORSAIR CV Series CV550

Your PC makes a loud noise when used? If so, try replacing your PSU with a CORSAIR CV Series. The power supply unit has a thermally controlled cooling fan. Under heavy pressure, the cooling fan will run at high speed. Conversely, the fan will slow down at low pressure. This makes the noise level lower.


  • Low noise making it suitable for office use or flats


  • The price is quite high compared to other PSUs with similar features

7. Innovations Legacy Series 400 W Gold 80+

This product is different from the usual PC power supply. This is because the Innovation Legacy Series has an 80 Plus Gold rating. This rating means that the efficiency can reach 87%. 

Thanks to high efficiency, electricity consumption is certainly more efficient. It’s no wonder that this product is one of the best PC PSUs for computers with high specifications.


  • It has been certified 80 Plus Gold so that the energy efficiency is high


  • Power is only 400 watts so it is not suitable for certain processors

8. Cooler MasterMWE 550 BRONZE – V2 MPE-5501-ACAAB

One of the best power supply brands, this is certainly no stranger to tech enthusiasts. Cooler Master presents the MWE 550 BRONZE – V2 power supply which is suitable for mid-range PCs.

This product is equipped with an Active Power Factor Correction feature that can maintain PSU energy output. So, you will not waste energy with this product. For those of you who are looking for PSU recommendations for mid-range PCs, this product is more than enough.


  • Has an Active Power Factor Correction feature that can maintain energy properly


  • There are reviews that say that the capacitors are not good at retaining heat

9. Deepcool ATX Switching Power Supply PF500

For those of you who are looking for a 500 watt power supply recommendation with large airflow, choose this DeepCool product. This computer PSU has large ventilation holes so that air can enter and exit smoothly.

The fan of the power supply unit is even equipped with a silent hydraulic bearing feature. Because of this, the sound is balanced and not too noisy. If you want the best 500 watt power supply in terms of quietness, this product can also be selected.


  • It has a box-shaped vent so that the airflow is greater
  • There is a silent hydraulic bearing fan feature  that can reduce vibration and friction


  • There are no RGB lights, which makes it less aesthetically pleasing as a PC gaming power supply

10. EVGA 500 Watt Bronze Power Supply 100-BR-0500-K1

This product is a great PSU to choose if security is your priority. This computer power supply is given various protections. There is protection against high voltage, low voltage, over current, short circuit, over power, to high temperatures. 

This product also has a 3 year warranty. If you need the best 500 watt PSU recommendations in terms of strength and security, choose this product.


  • There are six security features that can protect your PC


  • There are reviews that say that the performance is less quiet

How Many Watts of PSU Do You Need for PC Gaming?

Determining the wattage of the PSU needed for a gaming PC can be done with an online power supply calculator tool. You only need to enter the details of the CPU, motherboard, GPU, RAM, storage (SSD or HDD) variant that will be used.

After that, the calculator will issue a recommendation for the PSU wattage you need. In general, PC gaming requires a power supply with a minimum power of 450–600 watts.


Those are the tips on choosing and reviewing our recommended power supply products. Hopefully you can find a suitable power supply product that meets your needs from this article. Keep in mind that the PSU is an important part of a PC.

If the power supply has a problem, the power supply to the computer may be disrupted. This will affect the performance of the PC and its components. So, make sure you choose the best computer PSU, OK?

5 Best Power Supply Recommendations for PC

  • Imperion |Gaming 550 |P500
  • FSP |HV PRO 550W
  • Aerocool |Lux RGB 550W
  • Varro Prime |Ezmax 500W 80 Plus
  • Armaggeddon |Voltron Bronze |235FX

Other recomendations: