Top 10 Best Pet Carriers Recommendation for your Lovely Cat – Best Pet Carriers for Cats: Do you keep cats? Of course there are times when you want to take your cat out with you, like for a trip on a bicycle, car or plane, right? At times like that, you need a special place which is commonly called a pet cargo cat or pet carrier.

We will explain tips on choosing a good and comfortable pet carrier for cats. We will also review ten of the best pet carrier recommendations that you can buy online. You will find products from Angola, Alobon, and Focat whose designs are stylish, cute, and breathable, in this article. Read more below!

Best Pet Carriers

How to Choose a Pet Carrier for Cats

There are various forms and types of pet carriers for cats. In order not to choose the wrong one, it’s a good idea to know the types of pet carriers first.

① Choose plastic products for carriers that are strong and safe

This type of pet carrier is made of hard plastic and is shaped like a cat cage. On the front there is a door in the form of a net to be used as a way for animals to enter and exit. This type is very strong and not easily damaged, so it is suitable for cats that are actively moving or have heavy weights.

You can enter any breed of cat safely and don’t have to worry about the cat escaping during the trip. Pet carriers made of plastic are also suitable for use when you have to wait a long time, for example when waiting in line at the vet.

② Prioritize the carrier in the form of a backpack so that it is easier to carry on bicycles or outings

This type of pet carrier is suitable for taking your cat for a leisurely walk or when you want to cycle. The structure is stronger and stronger than the fabric type. That way, you don’t have to worry about taking your cat for long walks or bike rides. 

Thanks to its shape which resembles a backpack, the weight can be distributed evenly and does not burden one of your shoulders. You can’t go wrong with this cat backpack just in case. You can use it to quickly evacuate cats when disaster strikes.

③ Check the pet carrier made of cloth because it is light weight and can be folded

This pet carrier is a cat bag made of soft cloth. Compared to the plastic type, this type has a lighter weight making it practical and easy to travel with. When not in use, you can fold it up and store it compactly.

However, cats can easily jump out. For that, look for a bag that has a cover on the top. In addition, this type of pet carriers also has a weakness which lies in the fastening straps. If the rope is even slightly torn, the tear can widen and cause further damage. 

There are also many incidents of the rope breaking when carrying a cat that is too heavy. So, make sure the pet carrier strap is made of strong and not easily torn, OK!

④ Try to keep the pet cargo one and a half times the size of your cat

Cats will not feel comfortable if the size of the carrier is too small. On the other hand, a carrier that is too big will actually make it move too actively. The size of the pet cargo that we recommend is one and a half times the size of your cat. For this reason, you should first measure the length and width of your cat’s body before buying a pet carrier for him.

  • Pet carrier size for kittens

In online stores, sellers usually include the size of the pet cargo they sell. For kittens up to 1 year of age, a 42 cm long M-sized pet carrier is sufficient. 

  • Pet carrier size for adult cats

Meanwhile, adult cats will be quite comfortable in a pet carrier that is about 52 cm long or an L size. Now, XL size pet cargo that is more than 60 cm long is recommended for large breed cats.

⑤ Consider transparent or mesh-based products to make it easier to check your cat

Usually pet carriers have certain areas that are designed to be transparent or made of mesh. This is meant to make it easier for you to check the inside of the pet carrier. However, it could be that the area is too small or only pointed to one side making it difficult to see inside.

Instead, choose a pet carrier that allows you to check the inside from all sides. Indeed, cats will feel calmer if they cannot see the area around them. However, this can be overcome by covering the pet carrier using a towel, cloth, and so on.

⑥ To make it easier to put the cat in and out, use a product with a top opening

Pet carriers usually have one door, but there are also products that have two doors. The position of the two doors is usually on the side and top of the pet carrier. The top door will make it easier for you to get your cat in and out when the side door is blocked by an object.

Also, a cat that is feeling scared or angry will be more difficult to let out through a side door. At that moment, it will be easier for you to put the cat in or out if the pet carrier has an upper door. So, consider these points when you want to buy a pet carrier.

⑦ Check the presence of pockets to make them more functional

In the market, you will find pet carriers that are equipped with additional bags. This bag can be used to put toys, cat food, cat documents, and so on. Even though it seems trivial, a bag with a bag is more functional to use, especially when you go to the vet.

Not only that, additional pockets are also useful in times of disaster or other unexpected things. You can use the pouch to store various cat needs, even your wallet.

10 Best Pet Carriers Recommendation for Cats

Next, we will recommend the ten best pet carriers product for cats that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. Pawsitive Transparent Astronaut Backpack Sling Bag

Made using tough materials, this astronaut style cat bag is ready for you to use for the long haul. In addition, this product is intentionally made completely transparent on its front side. That way, you will easily monitor the condition of the cat in the carrierThis pet carrier is perfect if you want to be able to check on your cat with one glance!


  • Made of nontoxic material
  • Backpack-style pet cat carrier, convenient for taking your child for a walk
  • It’s easy to check the anabul inside because the front is transparent


  • Not suitable for children who are easily stressed when they are in a crowded or unfamiliar place because they are too exposed to outside

2. Adda Home Waterproof Pet Carrier Bag

If you want your favorite cat to stay clean when you are invited to travel using a pet carrier, just use this product. Made using waterproof materials, this product at a fairly economical price can be cleaned at any time. If needed, you can also wash it using soap and dry it in the sun. Keep the pet carrier clean, even your favorite cat is always hygienic!


  • Waterproof and washable
  • It can be folded so that it saves storage space


  • With age, there is a possibility that the zipper is prone to damage

3. Royal PetParadise PB3 Astronaut Cat Backpack

This product is right for you who love eye-catching products. This backpack for cats has character designs, such as Minion, Digimon, and a cute yellow duck. 

Combined with a glossy finish plus a sleek look, you will still look stylish when you bring your cat using this product. In addition, the existence of a transparent area also makes it easier for you to check the sweet one inside.


  • There is a transparent convex section so that the rabbit can see the surroundings
  • There are ventilation holes at the bottom, right side and left
  • Equipped with a chest buckle 


  • Not recommended for cats weighing over 7 kg

4. Sweet Pet Cargo

You don’t like the hassle of putting your cat in or taking it out of your pet carrier? This product is the right solution for you. In addition to a side door made of strong iron, this product is also equipped with a top door. 

The existence of an upper door will make it easier for you to enter or remove the cat without fear of being scratched or the cat running away. Besides that, you will also get an additional pet tray as a mat so that your cat’s place does not get wet.


  • Thick and strong plastic material
  • Equipped with a solid iron door
  • There are top and side door openings


  • Products cannot be summarized or folded, just take up space

5. Pet Carrier Bag

You can carry this pet carrier on the front or back. With four holes for the feet and one hole for the head, the cat feels more comfortable in it. This cat carrying bag model has three colors available, namely red, blue, and bCons. With a friendly price, this product is the best option for taking your cat for a walk while enjoying the fresh air.


  • Can be carried in front and behind
  • Cats don’t feel like they’re being caged
  • You can cuddle anabul while walking


  • Not suitable for anabul who are too active or move a lot

6. Angola M40 Dog Cat Backpack

This backpack for cats is a great choice if you like biking or motorbike riding with your kitten. The design is stylish, the size is large, and the weight distribution is even so it doesn’t make your shoulders ache. 

In addition, the front window opening is not too big so that the rabbit is not too exposed from the outside. Anabul also feels safer! There are additional pockets on the front and sides of the backpack that you can use to store snacks for your cat.


  • Large/jumbo pet cargo, able to withstand loads of up to 10 kg
  • There are three side ventilation; right, left and front
  • There are pockets on the front and side of the bag 


  • There are buyers who complain about the beret on the edge of the bag

7. Mesh Pet Carrier Bag

Made using soft and breathable mesh material, your cat will feel comfortable in it. This pet cargo comes in the form of a sling bag that gives a trendy impression. Of course, this product is a must-have for those of you who always want to look up-to-date, including when walking with your beloved cat.


  • Soft and breathable mesh material


  • The design is not suitable for hyperactive anabul

8. Transportini P-Bag with Shoulder Strap

You no longer need to spend more to buy a shoulder strap separately by choosing this product. You will immediately get a shoulder strap when you buy it. Economical, right? 

In addition, the door of this pet carrier is also quite large so you won’t have any trouble getting your cat into it. With wide openings and lots of ventilation holes, you don’t have to worry about the heat inside.


  • breathable
  • Wide opening


  • Can make your shoulders sore if too long slung over the shoulder

9. Alobon Animal Backpack Bag

Is your cat easily stressed and anxious when asked to travel? It could be because the pet carrier is too open or exposed. If so, you need to look for a pet carrier that has a slightly closed design so that your beloved cat feels more secure. You can choose this product because the design is closed, but still breathable. Traveling with anabul just got more relaxing!


  • Water-resistant and breathable
  • stylish design
  • Wide opening for easy access 


  • You might find it a bit difficult to check the animal from the outside because the model is a bit closed

10. Focat Traveling Cat Trolley Bag M41

Do you like taking your puppy out for walks, but don’t mind having to carry it all the time? If so, consider this pet carrier in the shape of a trolley. 

All you have to do is put your favorite cat in the bag, then drag the trolley comfortably. What’s more, the four wheels that make up this product don’t make any noise so they don’t disturb the little one. Besides being pulled, this trolley bag can also be carried or carried, you know. 


  • Equipped with four wheels that are not noisy
  • Trolley handle length can be adjusted
  • Equipped with mesh on the right and left as ventilation


  • It consists of two separate parts, namely the trolley and carrier bag so that it takes up enough storage space

Tips for Bringing a Cat on a Plane

Are you planning to bring your beloved cat on board? If so, there are a number of things that you need to prepare for the trip to take place safely and smoothly.

  • First, find out information about the airline you will use. This is important because each airline has different rules for pets. There are several airlines that prohibit it, but not a few also allow it with certain conditions.
  • Decide whether the cat will be placed in baggage or cargo. The cost of using cargo services is indeed cheaper than baggage. However, cats will be easier to watch if they are placed in airplane baggage.
  • Prepare the necessary documents, such as a health certificate, permission from the quarantine office, and a letter of acceptance waiver.
  • Do not feed the cat during the trip and give a doctor-prescribed sedative if needed.
  • Cover the cage with potty pads to absorb urine and feces during travel.

Those are some tips that you can do before bringing a cat on the plane. So, so that nothing is missed, it’s best to prepare ahead of time, OK?


We have explained the important things to consider before choosing a pet carrier and recommended some products for you. Have you found a product that fits your cat’s needs?

So that the cat doesn’t become stressed due to a long trip, choose a pet carrier that is comfortable and suitable for cats. So, have a nice trip and enjoy your trip with your sweet darling!

5 Best Pet Carrier Recommendations for Cats

  1. Pawsitive |Transparent Astronaut Backpack Sling Bag
  2. Adda Home |Waterproof Pet Carrier Bag
  3. Royal Pet Paradise |Astronaut Cat Backpack |PB3
  4. Sweet |Pet Cargo
  5. Pet Carrier Bag

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