The 7 Best MacBook – Reviewed by Software Engineer

Dogzily.comMacBook is still the favorite laptop for many people. Excellent quality and performance make this Apple product one of the most popular laptop brands. If you are planning to buy a MacBook, look no further because we have tips on choosing one for you.

We’ve also prepared good MacBook recommendations, such as MacBook Air 2017, MacBook Air 2020, and MacBook Pro 2022. From those with M1 to M2 chipsets, they’re all there. 

This article has been reviewed by our software engineer, Yosua Surojo. Check out the reviews until the end to find the best MacBook for you!

Best MacBook

Collaborating With Experts: How to Choose a MacBook

Just like any other laptop, choosing a MacBook also requires a lot of attention. For that, follow some of our tips below so you can get the product that suits your needs!

① Determine the MacBook model you want

Broadly speaking, the MacBook currently only has two models, namely the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. However, both are still divided into several types with different specifications. Let’s first understand the characteristics of the two below.

MacBook Air: More compact and lighter

For those of you who travel a lot and have to carry a laptop, the MacBook Air is the perfect choice. The thin, compact and light body makes it easier to carry. This Mac is more suitable for light work with simple specifications and designs, such as typing and multimedia.

MacBook Air is suitable for use by beginners, students, or office workers who don’t need high laptop specifications. In addition, the price of this MacBook is more affordable than the MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro: High performance for professional use

The MacBook Pro is more for professionals, such as content creators, programmers, designers or video editors. The specifications are higher than the MacBook Air so the performance is more qualified.

With the support of the specifications that this MacBook has, you can definitely work more easily. Not only that, some MacBook Pros are equipped with Touch Bar technology. The Touch Bar function is to replace the F1–F12 function which is at the top of the keyboard.

② Check the required specifications

In one model, the MacBook is still divided into several types with different specifications. Specifications are closely related to performance and price. Understand some of the following Mac specifications so you can get maximum performance.

Processor: The brain that measures the usability of a laptop

The processor is the most important specification that you should pay attention to. The reason is because the processor functions as a place to process all commands on the system so that it is crucial in supporting all work.

Currently, most Apple MacBooks use the Intel Core i5 series and above. However, Apple has released its own chips since 2020, namely the M1 and M2. Here are the characteristics of a MacBook with a certain processor.

  • Intel Cores

Most MacBooks on the market are equipped with an Intel Core i5 chip and above. Like most laptops, this chip has more than 8- core CPUs. This will make the software run on the laptop faster and smoother. Because of this, you can do graphic design, programming, and other heavy lifting with Intel processors.

  • Apple M1

Apple M1 has an 8- core CPU with 4- core performance and 4- core energy efficiency. Some MacBooks with this chip have the advantage of longer battery life, even up to 20 hours. However, the M1 chip cannot match the Intel chip in terms of performance. As a result, this chip is more suitable for light work.

  • Apple M2

The Apple M2 is the successor chip to the M1 which has a more sophisticated performance. This chip features a faster 10- core CPU. You can also easily render 4K videos thanks to this chip. Therefore, a MacBook with an M2 chip can be considered if you are going to use it for heavy work.

Screen size: Affects the ease of carrying a laptop

Screen size is one of the things to consider when buying a MacBook. That’s because the screen size affects the size of the MacB. The wider the screen, the bigger the size.

Also, maybe you need big, clear visuals for some jobs. Keep in mind that currently the MacBook Air is available in sizes 13.3–13.6 inches only.

You can choose the MacBook Pro if you want a wider screen. This Mac has a choice of screen sizes up to 16 inches. For convenience in carrying, we recommend a size of 13.3 inches. On the other hand, the size of 16 inches will feel more stable for a wide screen display!

RAM: Determines laptop performance when multitasking

RAM is used to temporarily store data when a software is running. This component is also used by the system when running several software at once ( multitasking ). So, RAM greatly affects the performance of the MacBook.

The greater the capacity, the smoother the application can run. So that your work is not interrupted by slow Mac performance, choose a large RAM capacity. Currently, the MacBook Air is equipped with RAM with a capacity of 8 GB and can be increased up to 24 GB.

If this capacity is still Consing, you can consider the Mac Pro. MacBook Pro RAM capacity ranges from 8–16 GB and can be increased up to 64 GB. With this capacity, the performance is definitely a winner!

Memory: Space for storing data on a laptop

Storage media needs for office workers are definitely different from content creators. Especially if the content created is in the form of videos with large sizes, you will definitely need adequate storage space.

Therefore, the capacity of the storage space also needs to be considered. MacBook Air is generally equipped with storage space with a capacity of 512 GB and below. This capacity can still be upgraded up to 2 TB.

For the Mac Pro, you will get a choice of larger storage space. Generally, the 13-inch MacBook Pro is equipped with a 256GB or 512GB SSD. This capacity can be increased up to 2 TB.

If that’s still not enough, you can consider the 16-inch MacBook Pro. This MacBook has a choice of 512GB and 1TB storage capacities. This capacity can still be added up to 8 TB.

③ Check battery life for longer use

Battery life is also important for you to check. If the resistance is low, the laptop will have to be recharged more often. That would certainly be inconvenient for some jobs, especially when outdoors and have to move places. Therefore, you need to check it so that it can be adjusted according to your needs.

MacBooks have different battery lives for each product. At least you can find products with battery life ranging from 10 hours to 20 hours. Consider it according to the activities and work you want to do using your Mac.

7 Best MacBooks Recommendation

Next, we will recommend the seven best Macbooks product that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller.

1. 2020 MacBook Air

MacBook Air 2020 is supported by the super-powered Apple M1 chipset . You’ll get a lot of power in a thin and light design. All of that you can have at a great price.

With a 13.3-inch Retina screen, the MacBook Air M1 only weighs around 1.29 kg. This product is one of the best Macbooks for those of you who work as content writerstravel bloggers, or something like that. Surely this product is perfect for mobile!


  • Light and thin so it’s easy to carry anywhere
  • CPU power is satisfactory for the price


  • Requires additional casing when carried because the body is fragile

2. MacBook Air 2022

Many old MacBooks make noise due to fans when used for hours. Unlike the others, this Mac doesn’t have a fan because the processor can cool itself. Therefore, this product is suitable for video editing, graphic design, and other heavy work.

This Mac for video editing is equipped with the M2 chipset which is faster than its predecessor. With a processor that’s 1.4 times faster than the M1, you can edit more easily. Choose this MacBook Air M2 if you want a quiet laptop for work.


  • Not equipped with a fan so its use is quiet
  • With the M2 chipset which is suitable for running heavy software


  • Have to buy a dongle when you want to connect a certain cable because there is only a thunderbolt socket

3. 2022 MacBook Pro

Maybe you’re looking for MacBooks recommendations for students that have good performance. The MacBook Pro 13 2022 will be the right product to choose because it uses the very sophisticated M2 chipset. Even so, the price is still affordable for the MacBook Pro M2.

In addition, this MacBook for college has extraordinary thermal efficiency. You can use it for hours without worrying about the laptop being damaged. Therefore, choose this product if you are looking for a good Mac for college.


  • There is good temperature efficiency so that the laptop does not heat up when used for a long time
  • With the M2 chipset which is suitable for running heavy software


  • The webcam is a bit blurry and can only support up to 720p resolution

4. 2021 MacBook Pro

For those of you who like to draw or are looking for a Mac for graphic design, look at this product. MacBook Pro 14 2021 presents a bright screen and produces vivid colors. 

Not only that, this product can open Adobe Photoshop and other design applications quickly. Therefore, choose this product if you are looking for the best MacBook Pro recommendations for design.


  • The screen is bright and delivers vivid RGB for graphic design
  • The M1 Max’s processor is fast for opening heavy design applications


  • It gets hot easily when used to edit images for a long time

5. MacBook Pro 2020 MYD92ID/A

Have you ever run out of battery while working on a laptop and couldn’t find a power outlet? It sure sucks! So that this doesn’t happen again, we recommend this MacBook Pro M1 for you. This product is equipped with a battery that can last up to 20 hours. It is said that the battery life is one of the longest among other MacBooks.


  • The battery lasts up to 20 hours of use without charging
  • There is a magic keyboard that can complement the typed words


  • The screen breaks easily so you have to add a screen protector

6. MacBook Pro 2019 MVVK2

This MacBook is the right choice for professionals. With a sophisticated processor, you can use it as a Mac for programming. Its durability is also extraordinary for its specifications. This Mac for programmers is also equipped with a Touch Bar to make your work easier.

In addition, this product offers stunning graphics. From the visual side, you will be presented with an immersive Retina screen. Architectural design work will be easier and faster to complete with this laptop. In addition, this Mac for architects has RAM and storage capacity that is no joke.


  • Equipped with large RAM and memory, as well as a fast processor
  • The Retina display presents great graphics


  • The weight is quite heavy so it is not suitable to be carried around

7. MacBook Air 2017 MQD32

This product is suitable for those of you who are looking for MacBook recommendations for students. The price is affordable among other products. Even so, you will still get laptop performance that doesn’t disappoint. The MacBook Air 2017 is supported by an Intel Core i5 processor.

The best MacBook Air for students is suitable for typing and making presentation materials. The 13.3-inch screen also makes it look compact and minimalist. So you can take it anywhere without feeling burdened. This product is a good Mac Air for students, right?


  • The price is affordable, suitable for students and school activities


  • There is still a frame on the screen and the display is not large enough to watch movies


Thus a review of tips on choosing and the best MacBook recommendations from us. We hope that after reading this article, it will be easier for you to find a good MacBook. Using a Mac that suits your needs will support your work.

Because of that, we don’t want you to make the wrong choice. Don’t forget to always take good care of your Mac after buying it so that it lasts a long time, okay!

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