10 Best Koi Food – Reviewed by Veterinarian

Dogzily.com – Best Koi Food: For ornamental fish lovers, you must be familiar with koi. This ornamental fish is much-loved because of the beauty of the pattern on its body. Koi are usually kept in garden ponds to add to the aesthetics of the yard. This fish grows quickly and has attractive color patterns if properly cared for.

One way to care for the right is to feed quality koi. There are various brands of the best koi fish feed, such as Hiro, Hokky, and Hiroyuki. We will discuss how to choose and recommend good koi food. This article has been reviewed by our vet, drh. Doel.

Best Koi Food

Collaborating With Experts: How To Choose Koi Food

To get the best koi food, you must know how to choose the right koi food. We will review the points on how to choose the best koi food in the discussion below.

① Determine based on the type of feed

In general, koi food can be divided into two types, namely natural and artificial. See the discussion below to find out the difference.

Natural: Must be kept fresh

Koi are omnivorous animals alias eaters of all. This fish can survive by eating plants and small animals, such as water fleas, worms, caterpillars, and shrimp. Koi usually eat algae or algae. This food is included in the category of natural koi food that is freely available in nature. This type of feed is rich in nutrients, especially high protein which is good for growth.

Unfortunately this type of feed must be kept fresh. You need a hygienic storage place so that the feed is not contaminated with bacteria or other parasites. For natural dry feed storage, you should use an airtight place to prevent mold growth.

However, now there are many sellers who sell natural food in dry form so that it lasts longer. You can find natural food for your favorite koi, such as dry worms or dried larvae.

Artificial: Can be stored for a longer period of time

In addition to natural koi food, there is also artificial feed which is also popular with koi fish. Compared to natural feed, artificial feed is easier for you to find on the marketplaceThis type of koi food is usually dry and is generally known as pellets. This type of feed is made in a factory through a sterile manufacturing process. 

Pellets are usually processed by mixing various ingredients taking into account their nutritional content. In contrast to natural feed, the shelf life of artificial feed is much longer if the storage process is carried out properly. You just need to close the packaging tightly and put it in a dry place. It’s best not to store it in a damp place to prevent mold from growing.

② If giving pellets, adjust the content according to the needs of the koi

Pellets usually contain various nutrients. If you want to provide feed in the form of pellets, make sure the content is in accordance with the needs of the koi. Check out the full explanation below, OK!

High protein, stimulates the growth of koi

Protein is an important nutrient content needed by koi to stimulate growth. If protein needs are not met properly, koi growth will be hampered.

Koi puppies require a higher protein content than adult koi, which is 42%. Meanwhile, adult koi need a protein content of 30-38%. Make sure you provide pellets with the appropriate protein content, okay!

Probiotics, increase koi resistance from disease

Probiotics are good bacteria that help suppress the growth of bad bacteria in the digestive system. In other words, probiotics function to increase the body’s resistance to disease. Probiotics also help expedite the digestive process in koi fish.

Giving probiotics for koi is usually mixed with feed or pond water. However, now you can find pellets containing probiotics. The dosage has also been adjusted so you don’t need to buy other probiotic products.

Spirulina, emphasizes the color and makes the scales more shiny

If you notice, there are already many koi food products for color because they contain spirulina. Spirulina is a bluish-green algae that lives in waters.

Giving pellets containing spirulina can help brighten the color and make the koi scales more beautiful and shiny. In addition to various important substances, spirulina contains natural coloring agents that make koi colors even more attractive.

③ Choose feed according to the age of the koi

You also have to adjust the feeding according to the age of the koi. For more details, see the following discussion.

Koi puppies: Natural food is preferred to accelerate growth

Natural food is recommended for koi puppies or fry. High protein content so that it can accelerate growth. As previously explained, koi puppies need protein higher than adult koi.

Newly hatched koi puppies are usually fed with larvae. Small organisms can also be given to koi puppies measuring 1.5 cm, such as water fleas and algae. If you have trouble getting natural feed, you can give pellets with the appropriate protein content. Usually special pellets for koi puppies have a high protein content with smaller grain sizes than regular pellets.

Young and adult koi: Giving pellets can maintain health and beauty

The function of giving pellets to adult koi is to care for health and beauty. This is different from feeding koi puppies which functions more to accelerate growth. If koi puppies need feed with a high protein content, adult koi need feed with a variety of nutritional content.

You can give pellets whose content is in accordance with the needs of the koi. To maintain the durability of koi so they don’t get sick easily, you can give them pellets with probiotic content. Meanwhile, you can add pellets containing spirulina if you want the koi color to be more attractive.

10 Best Koi food Recommendations

Next, we will recommend the ten best koi food products that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller.

1. CPPETINDO Sakura Fish Food

This koi food is specially formulated to keep fish healthy. One of the important ingredients is antioxidants which are good for the immune system of fish. If you focus on health, this product is certainly reliable.

In addition, this koi fish pellet contains vitamins and minerals to complement the nutritional needs of koi. You can also rely on this product to keep your koi’s color beautiful because it contains pigment enhancers


  • Contains antioxidants which are good for the immune system of fish


  • Because the size of the pellets is only 1 mm, they are not suitable for adult koi

2. Milky Sun Asahi Ornamental Fish Food

Do koi fish at home look unhealthy and less active in swimming? You can give this one pellet. These pellets contain many nutrients, starting from protein, fat, fiber, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, complete with spirulina.

The nutritional content makes your koi active, agile, and stay fit. In addition to keeping the fish’s immune system from disease, cheap quality koi food is good for the digestive system. With an economical price, this product is worth trying.


  • Economical prices, stocking up a lot is not a problem


  • Because the size of the pellets is only 1 mm, they are not suitable for adult koi

3. Kyoto Tubifex Worm

This product can be the best koi food for those of you who want to try natural feed. The packaging is available in 5 grams and 10 grams at an affordable price.

These koi food in the form of dried silk worms. The drying process is also safe because it uses modern technology. You don’t need to store it in the fridge, just transfer it to a closed container and dry place. 


  • Can be given to your other pet fish
  • More durable because it is dry


  • You need to prepare a special place to store the feed after the packaging is opened

4. CPPETINDO CP Koi Super Growth Fish Food

This product is a good koi fish food to support growth. This food for koi fish measuring 5 cm and above is made from fish meal, shrimp meal, and rebon. In addition, there are vitamins and minerals. This complete content provides nutrition in the formation of your koi bone structure.

This koi food for growth is also equipped with spirulina for beautiful colors. So, you can choose it if you are looking for complete nutrition for your koi and want to save your budget.


  • Complete nutrition at an affordable price


  • The protein content is not as high as other products

5. CPPETINDO SAN KOI Spirulina Fish Food

If you want a more vivid koi color, give this koi food. This product is specially formulated to enhance the color of your beloved koi. An important ingredient in one of the best koi foods for this color is spirulina. Spirulina is rich in natural dyes that can increase the color pigmentation of koi. So, koi scales will look more shiny.


  • Does not make pool water cloudy


  • There are reviews that say that the fishy smell is quite strong

6. Japfa Hokky Fishfood Growth Formula

Are you looking for good koi fish pellets for breeding? If so, you can make the Hokky Fishfood Growth Formula your mainstay. As the name implies, this bulky koi food can accelerate fish growth. Protein content of 45% can help your koi reach the ideal weight and size.

Not only that, this high protein koi food also contains probiotics. This content is very good for the digestive and immune systems of koi. That way, your favorite koi fish will grow healthy and not get sick easily. 


  • Many koi fish owners have relied on this


  • There are reviews that say that feed can make pool water cloudy

7. The Barca Maggot BSF Grade A++ Red-Yellow Booster

The BSF maggot (black soldier fly) is the larva of a large black fly. The protein content is higher when compared to other types of larvae. That is the reason these larvae are much sought after for feed for various types of fish, including koi.

Choose this product if you are looking for organic feed for two functions at once, namely growing koi and maintaining the beauty of their colors. In addition, these dry larvae are easier for you to store. Shelf life is quite long, which is 1 year.


  • Suitable for supporting growth and caring for the beauty of various types of fish
  • More durable because it is dry


  • It takes a lot of funds if you want to stock up

8. Archipelago Mentari Harmony Koi

If your koi vary in size, you don’t need to buy different brands of feed. Just choose this product. This koi food provides pellets in various sizes, ranging from 1 mm, 2 mm, 5 mm, up to 8 mm. The price is also quite tempting for 1 kilogram packaging, you know.


  • The price is affordable for the volume offered


  • Without a formula that makes the pool not cloudy

9. Hiroyuki Koi Growth & Color

This product is one of the best koi pellets for ponds with lots of fish. This koi fish pellet is packaged in a weight of 5 kg so it is more economical than buying 1 kg packaging. The protein content is also relatively high to accelerate the growth of your koi.

This Hiroyuki koi food is also equipped with a color enhancer formula that strengthens the koi pattern. In addition, the immunity booster content in it can strengthen the fish’s body resistance from disease attacks.


  • The price is affordable for the volume offered


  • You will need a large storage area to move the feed after it has been opened

10. CPPETINDO Hiro High Growth Koi Fish Food

This product can be an option if you are looking for koi food recommendations that can accelerate growth. Hiro’s koi food contains complete and balanced nutrition. It contains high protein, fat, fiber, and calcium which can support the growth of koi.

One of the best koi fish feeds for growth is also easy to digest. Your pond water will not become cloudy. So, this koi fish food is also suitable for those of you who want to keep the pond clean longer.


  • Equipped with a balanced nutritional content that is easy for koi to digest


  • Prices are quite high for the volume

Common Questions About Koi food

Besides discussing how to choose and provide product recommendations, we also answer popular questions about koi food. Check out the questions and answers below, OK!

Do koi eat leaves?

Koi can be fed leaves, one of which is papaya leaves. Papaya leaves contain many nutrients, such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, calories, protein, and calcium. These nutrients are good for stress medication and increase koi immunity.

Apart from papaya leaves, koi can be fed spinach and kale leaves which are good for growth. Please remember that giving papaya leaves to koi fish is only a supplement and not a staple food.

How often to feed koi?

You can feed koi fish twice a day, namely in the morning and evening. You are not advised to feed koi at night because the koi’s metabolism has begun to decrease. Feeding too often can cause excess nutrients in the pond, causing algae to appear.

Feeding twice a day will provide good growth. In addition, the appearance of algae which can affect dissolved oxygen levels in water is also avoided.

Can catfish feed be used for koi?

Providing catfish feed for koi is actually possible, but not recommended. The content in catfish feed only serves to accelerate growth or increase body weight. Meanwhile, koi also need feed with ingredients that can help emphasize their color pigmentation. For this reason, it would be better if you provide koi special food.


You have read our ten best koi food recommendations. Have you found good and needed koi fish food? We hope that our product recommendations can make it easier for you to find good koi food.

Use this article as a reference before buying koi food. Don’t forget to choose koi food based on its type, OK! Also adjust the koi food content to the needs and age of the koi.

5 Best Koi food Recommendations

  1. CPPETINDO|Sakura Fish Food
  2. Matahari Sakti |Asahi Ornamental Fish Food
  3. Kyoto |Tubifex Worm
  4. CPPETINDO|CP Koi Super Growth Fish Food
  5. CPPETINDO|SAN KOI Spirulina Fish Food

Other recomendations: