10 Best Goldfish Food for Growth, Ponds and Swim Bladder

Dogzily.com – Best Goldfish Food: Goldfish is one of the most popular freshwater fish in Indonesia. To get the right goldfish size and color, you need to provide good feed. You can give pellets, worms, caterpillars, to aquatic plants for goldfish.

There are plenty of goldfish foods that don’t make the aquarium cloudy and make the fish grow big fast on the market. Apart from that, there is also goldfish food which makes the color brighter. This time we share tips on choosing good goldfish food. 

Best Goldfish Food

How to Choose Goldfish Food

Goldfish are omnivorous fish that can eat anything. However, there are still a number of points that you need to pay attention to in order to find good goldfish food. We have summarized the tips in the following points.

① Give goldfish pellets which are high in protein and contain carotenoids

Pellets are dry food that is often given to fish. This type of fish feed is very practical because it already contains a lot of nutrients for goldfish. Even so, you still have to pay attention to several things when choosing  goldfish pellets.

Pellets with high protein: Accelerate the growth of fish bodies

Size is an important part of caring for goldfish. To get bigger fish bodies faster, choose feed with a minimum protein content of 40%. The protein content can help meet the growth needs of goldfish.

In addition, choose feed that is formulated for the growth of goldfish. The nutrients in it can help the fish grow bigger quickly. This of course applies to goldfish that are in their infancy, yes.

Pellets with carotenoids and spirulina: Brighten goldfish pigments

There are various colors of goldfish, such as orange, bCons, red, white, yellow and bCons. If you want goldfish with deep orange, red and yellow colors, make sure the feed contains carotenoids.

Beta caroteneastaxanthinlutein, and zeaxanthin are carotenoid groups. Among several carotenoids, astaxanthin is the strongest carotenoid group. That way, the red or orange color of your goldfish will be stronger.

However, don’t give food with carotenoids to goldfish without bright colors. Types of Oranda Panda with bCons and white color should not be given food with carotenoids because it can cause color mutations.

Apart from carotenoid content, you can also choose pellets with spirulina content. Spirulina helps make all goldfish colors more intense.

② Consider adding natural foods, such as worms, water fleas and vegetables

Apart from pellets, you can provide fresh or frozen feed for goldfish. This fresh and frozen feed contains good nutrition for goldfish.

  • Water fleas contain nutrients that are beneficial for the formation of color and growth of goldfish. Water fleas are actually small water-dwelling crustaceans with the genera DaphniaCyclopsBosmina, and Diaptomus.
  • Silk worms are given to produce a more attractive goldfish color. In addition, silk worms can help stimulate the growth of goldfish crests.
  • Blood worms (bloodworms) are rich in fat and protein so that they can increase the growth of goldfish. Blood worms are usually sold frozen.
  • Water plants or vegetables can be consumed by goldfish to maintain digestive health. You can give spinach, kale, and broccoli to fish by steaming them first. However, giving these vegetables is optional and it’s fine if you don’t offer them.

Fresh food is indeed richer in nutrients. However, there is still a risk of parasites if you feed live foods such as worms. Just give fresh feed once a week for your fish.

③ Choose the size of the goldfish food according to the size of the fish

You also can’t miss this one point, especially when choosing pellets. You have to adjust the size to the goldfish. Pellets for goldfish usually have a size of 1–2 mm

  • A pellet size of 1 mm is suitable for small to medium goldfish.
  • If your goldfish is larger, choose pellets with a size of 1.5–2 mm.
  • For goldfish that are still small, choose pellets less than 1 mm.

By choosing the right size of food, it will be easier for your goldfish to eat the feed. As a result, no feed is wasted.

10 Recommendations for the Best Goldfish Food

Next, we will recommend the ten best goldfish food products for which we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. SMS Polar Red

Artemia is usually given to small fish. However, hatching artemia requires patience. Well, you can have Polar Red which is decapsulated artemia. All you have to do is sprinkle it in the aquarium for food for baby goldfish or adult goldfish. The nutrition supports the maximum growth of your goldfish. 


  • No need to bother hatching artemia for fish feed


  • Sprinkling too much can contaminate the aquarium water

2. Central Proteina Prima (CPPetindo) Takari Fish Food – Mix

Who doesn’t know Takari? This fish food is often used for various ornamental fish, including goldfish. Takari Mix or blue packaging has feed with a mixture of red and a little green. This product is also available in three sizes, namely 1 mm, 2 mm and 5 mm.

The attraction of this floating feed is the price which is very pocket-friendly. So, this fish food is perfect for those of you who have a limited budget. Even so, the pellets remain smooth and have balanced nutrition for your goldfish.


  • The price is very pocket friendly
  • Widely used by ornamental fish owners
  • Available in three pellet sizes


  • These pellets make fish droppings tend to float
  • According to some feed users, the water turns yellow quickly with this feed

3. Kyoto Freeze Dried Tubifex Worms

This fish food is silk worms that have been dried using the freeze dried method. So, you don’t need to store this feed in the refrigerator. Because it is made using the freeze dried method, its nutrition is maintained.

Kyoto Freeze Dried Tubifex Worms contains 58% crude protein with 8% fat which supports the growth of your goldfish. Just give it 1-2 times per week for more optimal fish growth. This feed is perfect for those of you who are looking for natural food that is practical for ornamental fish.


  • No need to store in the refrigerator
  • The protein content is very high


  • Only sold in packs of 5 grams and 10 grams

4. Growth Spirulina Another Maggot Oil and Garlic Extract

Your goldfish may have wounds on its body. To overcome this, you need to provide high-protein feed and can increase immunity. Provide this one feed for your favorite goldfish.

This pellet contains spirulina, maggot oil, and garlic to increase fish immunity. Maggot oil extract which is high in protein helps repair damaged body tissues.


  • Contains maggot oil extract which is high in protein to repair damaged tissue
  • Contains garlic extract to boost immunity


  • The size may be too large for some types of goldfish

5. Marubeni Nisshin Feed Mizuho Goldfish Food

If you want a faster growth of goldfish, choose Mizuho Goldfish Food. This high growth feed contains more than 40% protein to make goldfish bigger. This feed is often used by breeders to make the fish bigger faster. Even so, this feed does not really have an effect on the color of the fish.


  • Make the body of the goldfish more rounded and bigger
  • Available in two sizes and shapes of feed


  • This fish food is prone to making the water cloudy or green-brown
  • Fish waste tends to break

6. Darker Than BCons

If you have goldfish with a bCons color, such as BCons Moor, Meteor, or Fancy Panda, try this feed. You can mix Darker Than BCons with other feed to produce a darker bCons color. In addition, this feed also makes the bCons color more widespread.

Darker Than BCons is made from melanin without any harmful artificial chemicals. The effects given are claimed to occur in about a month. Some goldfish breeders also state that the bCons color of the fish is more intense.


  • Strengthens the bCons and makes the tones flatter
  • Made from melanin without harmful chemicals
  • The price is very affordable


  • Protein content is still below 40%

7. MBFOOD Growth & Color

Feed from MB Food has become a mainstay for goldfish breeders and goldfish owners. This feed is suitable for the development and color of fish.

As a result, the belly of the fish becomes round without sagging. The fish color gene will be stronger with this feed.

Apart from being good for fish growth, the results can also be seen in fish waste. Fish droppings become denser and do not break. Furthermore, fish waste will sink to the bottom of the pond so it doesn’t pollute the aquarium. What’s more, this one feed doesn’t make the water change color!


  • Aquarium water remains clear with no discoloration at all
  • Fish round faster and the color gene is stronger
  • Fish waste is denser and does not break


  • This feed goes rancid easily so you need to cover it really tightly

8. Sugiyama Super Growth

Sugiyama fish feed is a type of slow sinking pellet or sinking slowly. This pellet is also formulated with anti-swim bladder disorder. Your goldfish will not experience swimming upside down if you eat this food.

Sugiyama Super Growth makes your goldfish’s body bulkier. The texture of the pellets is crunchy, but not easily crushed. The aroma is sure to like your fish. What’s more, these pellets don’t make the water cloudy.


  • Formulated with anti-swim bladder disorder
  • Does not make the water cloudy
  • The nutrition makes goldfish fatter


  • The price is quite expensive

9. Kyorin Hikari Lionhead

You can’t miss this goldfish dish from Hikari. Hikari Lionhead is formulated for the Lionhead Goldfish. The fat content is higher so it can help form a better crest without the addition of fresh food. That way, your goldfish will avoid the risk of being exposed to fresh food parasites. This fish food nutrition also helps maintain the immunity and color of your goldfish.


  • Can make a better goldfish crest
  • Its nutrition maintains immunity and increases the natural color pigment of fish


  • The price of this feed is quite expensive

10. Kyorin Saki-Hikari Fancy Goldfish Extreme Color Enhancing

Towards the goldfish competition, you must provide optimal nutrition so that the color is brighter. For that, you can choose Saki-Hikari Fancy Goldfish Extreme Color Enhancing. This goldfish food is suitable for all colors of fish and all types of goldfish, especially Ranchu.

This goldfish food contains spirulina, marigoldastaxanthin, and phaffia dried yeast. These materials provide drastically brighter color changes. In addition, this fish food contains vitamins E and C to support the fish’s immune system.


  • Contains spirulina, marigoldastaxanthin, and phaffia dried yeast to improve color drastically
  • Contains vitamins C and E to boost the fish’s immune system


  • The price of this fish food is quite expensive because it is a premium product

Tips for Feeding Goldfish

Goldfish are indeed very adorable, yes, especially when goldfish always eat the food that is given to them. However, don’t overfeed because it can be dangerous for your fish.

For that, give fish feed in sufficient quantities. You can feed up to six times per day at the same time. This helps keep the goldfish’s digestion healthy.

Make sure all your goldfish are eating when you feed them. Then, give time for the fish to eat about 2-3 minutes. Goldfish won’t eat their food after 2–3 minutes. Lift the rest of the food that is not eaten so as not to contaminate the aquarium water.


So many of our articles about food for good goldfish. You can choose food to accelerate growth or brighten the color of the fish. In addition, you can also provide food with more balanced nutrition.

Make sure the size of the feed, especially the pellets, matches the size of your goldfish. Then, clean the aquarium water regularly to prevent parasites and diseases in goldfish. See you in our other articles!

5 Best Chef Goldfish Foods Recommendation

  1. SMS |Polar Red
  2. Central Proteina Prima (CPPetindo) |Takari Fish Food – Mix
  3. Kyoto Freeze Dried Tubifex Worms
  4. Growth Spirulina Another Maggot Oil and Garlic Extract
  5. Marubeni Nisshin Feed |Mizuho Goldfish Food

Other recomendations: