Best Free Apps To Edit Pictures & Cool Text Aesthetic in 2023 – Best Free Apps To Edit Pictures & Cool Text: Do you know how to edit photos and add text to them? Well, if you don’t know, you can read the following review which discusses the recommendations for the best image and writing editing apps for Android smartphone users.

If you use the Instagram app to create stories or make posts on feeds, it is very easy to edit because it is supported by the filter change feature to adjust the color saturation. But, what if we want to post pictures on other social media accounts like Facebook or Whatsapp?

Of course you will need the help of an pictures and text editing app so that the photos / images posted are more interesting. If you go to Google Playstore, you will definitely find lots of apps that have image editing features.

But there are only a few that are really good features, therefore teknobgt tries to summarize the best android apps for editing photos and adding text.

Here is The Best Free Apps To Edit Pictures & Text

Best Free Apps To Edit Pictures

Is there a difference between the pictures edits in Instagram filters and this recommended apps?

The difference is of course there must be and it seems that this recommended The Best Free Apps To Edit Pictures & Text has many features such as the fonts used are very popular, funny so that they can beautify the photos/images they edit.

Curious? see more below:

1. TextArt

The first recommended android app that can edit pictures and text is the TextArt app – Text to photo – Edit photo text from Teddy Apps Inc.

TextArt is an app that can help users to add text to photos/images easily, simply by selecting the photo to be used and typing the words/writing what you want to display.

The most interesting thing about this TextArt app is that you can choose various types of fonts because there are more than 800 types of artistic fonts that you can use.

In addition, the writing will also be able to choose color, position, perspective (change angle), rotation, bold, italic, capitalization, text alignment, line spacing and letter spacing, packaging text (wrap text), shadow (shadow), stroke (outline) , glow (highlight), inverted (flip), mirror (mirror).

Then to beautify the pictures / images that will be used, this app has more than 100 amazing photo filters. If you want to download the image and text editing app from TextArt, you can go directly to the Google Playstore.

DeveloperQuarzo Apps
Install10.000.000+ downloads

2. Phonto – Text on Photos

Then there is the Phonto – Text on Photos app created by Youthhr on the playstore, which has almost 5 stars from 60 thousand reviews and has been downloaded by more than 10 million users.

This is the most downloaded and used pictures and text editing app today because it has very many features. This Phonto app has more than 200 kinds of writing models (fonts) which are very interesting when added to images/photos.

DetailPhonto – Text on Photos
Install50.000.000+ downloads

3. Font Rush

Then there is the Font Rush app that you can use to edit pictures so you can add cool writings. This image and text editing app was developed by the developer Simply Entertaining which certainly has its own advantages compared to other similar apps.

One of them is to have a collection of fonts that are very creative and very popular because they are often used on movie posters, advertisements and other promotions.

DetailFont Rush
DeveloperSimply Entertaining Apps
Install500.000+ downloads

4. Font Studio – Photos In Text

You can also use this Font Studio – Photos In Text app when you want to edit your own pictures or photos to add writings about wise words, pearls of wisdom, motivation and other words.

The developer who developed this app is Omac2, suitable for those of you who are looking for an app with a size that is not large because it is only 26MB.

Even so, the Font Studio app is not inferior to the apps that we previously discussed because it has its own advantages such as the availability of more than 200 fonts that can be used for free, then you can also add funny stickers when adding text on pictures or photos. which will be edited.

DetailFont Studio – Photos In Text
DeveloperClickLab Technology
Install100.000+ downloads

5. Texty – Text on Photo

Finally, there’s Texty, an app you can use for graphic design for free and it’s also very easy to use for creating Instagram Stories and posts, beautiful collage layouts, or stunning marketing materials. With this Texty app, you can even make Instagram story designs more different.

Besides that, you can also create logos for ongoing businesses and create promotional banners for social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok.

Texty has a huge collection of fonts backed up with typography customization tools, and a simple user interface makes design fun! you don’t even have to have design skills to use this app.

DetailTexty – Text on Photo
Install1.000.000+ downloads

6. Picsart

As the best photo and writing editing app, Picsart gives you an interesting experience in the editing world because Picsart provides complete features for free, not only editing pictures, you can also create your own picture illustrations in this app.

Unfortunately, in Picsart there are several paid features, but if you only need to edit pictures and Picsart text, it is very feasible to use.

DeveloperPicsArt, Inc.
Install500.000.000+ downloads

7. Lightroom Editor Foto & Video

Furthermore, who does not know this one app? Lightroom is very popular among photographers. This app is reliable in editing photos to be more aesthetically bright and also in HD format. In addition, you can create interesting writing such as watermarks and so on.

DetailLightroom Editor Foto & Video
Install100.000.000+ downloads

8. Snapseed

The next pictures and text editing best apps is Snapseed. This editor app is highly recommended for those of you who like photo editing because it has complete features and also a simple display that makes it easy to use.

Tune image features, details, curves to HDR space are included in this app, adding text is also very easy to find in this smart software.

DeveloperGoogle LLC
Install100.000.000+ downloads

9. Retrica – The Original Filter

Besides being able to edit video filters, the retrica app can make images very good with the help of various filters making users feel comfortable in modifying pictures. No need to worry about writing because you can easily add text in this software.

DetailRetrica – The Original Filter
DeveloperRetrica, Inc.
Install100.000.000+ downloads

10. Photo Editor by Befunky

You can try this photo editor made by Befunky. You can use the pictures cutting tool, eraser to color gradients.

There are also very diverse templates, of course making your photos more interesting if you edit this app, you can also adjust your writing starting from the setting, color, type of font and also the size of the text.

DetailPhoto Editor by Befunky
Install10.000.000+ downloads

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Those are recommendation of the best free apps to edit pictures and text editing apps on Android phones. All these apps are available on Playstore and are free to use.