Best Food for Dog Allergies and Picky Eaters (Dry & Wet)

Best Food for Dog Allergies and Picky Eaters – There are many options on the market when you shop for dog food – from commercial dry food or kibble to canned or moist, semi-moist, and raw dog food.

The wide selection of dog food brands makes it difficult for pet owners to choose the best for their dog.

Explanation of Food Allergies In Dogs

Before diving deep into the best foods for dogs with allergies, it’s important to have some background information on why and how dogs get food allergies. Dog food allergies, like food intolerances, are one of the most common hypersensitivity reactions affecting our furry friends.

However, it is important to note that there is a big difference between these conditions. Understanding this will help you deal with your pet’s discomfort more easily. A food intolerance is when a dog has difficulty digesting certain ingredients such as milk.

On the other hand, food allergies are usually hereditary (passed from parents to puppies) but can also be caused by the immune system’s reaction to specific allergens found in dog food ingredients.

Common allergens are protein sources from ingredients such as milk, beef, chicken, eggs, soy, wheat, lamb, fish, corn, pork, and rabbit.

When a dog’s immune system recognizes an allergen, it perceives it as “dangerous”, and as a result, it reacts by producing antibodies to fight the “offensive” material. That’s when the symptoms of a food allergy begin to develop.

How To Know If Your Dog Is Allergic To Food?

If your dog starts sneezing, vomiting, itching, or diarrhea after eating a certain type of food, it is most likely a food allergy. Hyperactivity, scaly skin, red eyes, ear infections, hair loss, lack of energy, weight loss, and aggression can also occur as allergy symptoms.

If you have ruled out other possible causes such as contact allergies and you think your dog has a food allergy, it is best to consult a veterinarian for proper guidance to make your dog feel better.

However, one quick and easy way to determine which food ingredient your dog is allergic to is through an elimination diet. There are saliva, blood, and skin tests available for dogs and cats, but these are reportedly unreliable and ineffective.

Elimination diets, on the other hand, are more accurate. Elimination diets work by removing all foods that are currently being fed to determine which particular ingredient is triggering the allergy. You start feeding your dog with food he has never eaten before.

After showing improvement during the elimination diet experiment, that’s when you start reintroducing old foods gradually, one ingredient at a time. If it indicates an allergic reaction, then you will know it is allergic to a certain ingredient.

The Best Food For Dog With Allergies

Best Food for Dog Allergies

There are several types of protein commonly used in dog food for dogs with itchy skin. This includes chicken, turkey, fish, and lamb. Each protein has its own unique benefits that can help soothe your dog’s skin.

Chicken is a great source of protein for dogs with itchy skin. It is a lean protein that is easily digested and packed with nutrients that can help soothe your dog’s skin. Turkey is another great source of protein for dogs with itchy skin.

It is a lean protein that is high in omega fatty acids, which are beneficial for the health of your dog’s skin. Fish is a great source of protein for dogs with itchy skin. It is a lean protein that is high in omega fatty acids, which are beneficial for the health of your dog’s skin.

Lamb is a great source of protein for dogs with itchy skin. It is a rich source of nutrients that can help soothe your dog’s skin.

While there are several different types of protein that can be beneficial for dogs with itchy skin, it’s important to choose a protein that your dog can tolerate. If your dog has a history of allergies, it is important to talk to your veterinarian before incorporating any new food into their diet.

Once you’ve selected the right protein for your dog, there are a few other things to consider when choosing the best food for a dog with itchy skin. The first is to choose a grain-free diet. Grains can often irritate dogs with sensitive skin, so it’s important to avoid them if possible.

The second thing to consider is the ingredient list. When choosing food for your dog, you should always look for foods that have simple ingredients that are easy to pronounce. The fewer ingredients, the better.

The third thing to note is the price. While you may be tempted to opt for the cheapest food, it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for for dog food. The best dog foods for dogs with itchy skin will cost more than the average food, but they will be worth it in the long run.

If you’re looking for the best dog food for dogs with allergies, we’ve put together more information on the best dog foods for dogs with allergies this year below.

1. Wellness Complete Health Adult Whitefish & Menhaden Recipe

This is a natural, grain-free dog food choice for your canine companion. It is ideal for dogs of all breeds and sizes, from the smallest to the largest. It features premium protein from whitefish and menhaden fish meal and healthy carbohydrates from potatoes.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Food form: Dry Food
  • The formula uses premium, high-quality grain-free ingredients.
  • It provides support for a stronger immune system and a more radiant coat and skin.
  • It also promotes full body health for your dog.
  • This dry dog food chicken free formula contains no wheat, soy and corn.
  • This pet product is made in the USA.


  • This grain-free dog food from Wellness Complete Heath is specially formulated for adult companion dogs; thus, may not be suitable for puppies. For large breed puppies, it is best to consult your veterinarian before administering this product.
  • While overall considered good, the price is too high for some dog owners.

Main Ingredients: Herring, Potatoes, Peas, Menhaden Fish Meal, Chickpeas, and Dried Ground Potatoes

2. CANIDAE All Life Stages Less Active Chicken, Lamb & Fish Formula 

This is a wet food for canines with allergies that is worth a try. It features chicken, lamb, fish, and brown rice for your pet’s optimal health.

It is also an excellent choice for dog owners with multiple food allergies dogs of different ages as this pet food is suitable for all stages of life, from puppies to adult dogs and senior dogs.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Food form: Wet Food
  • This hypoallergenic dog food from Canidae is a vet-formulated canned dog food that fuels dogs for everyday adventures.
  • It is deliciously prepared through slow cooking and simmering in a natural broth for a savory taste and aroma.
  • Its formulation features high quality ingredients such as chicken, brown rice, lamb and fish.
  • This food is suitable for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes. It can be consumed by puppies, adult dogs, and even senior dogs with known food allergies.
  • Trusted veterinarians and many dog owners highly recommend it.
  • It is rich in protein and does not contain common allergens such as wheat, soy, and corn.


  • Some pets will not touch this pet food unless they are starving.

Main Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Broth, Brown Rice, Chicken Liver, Lamb and Seafood

3. Blue Buffalo Basics LID Turkey & Potato Canned Recipe

If you’re looking for a turkey and potato flavored canned pet food for your skin allergies and adult dog food, then this recipe is one of your best dog food choices. This is a grain-free, restricted ingredient diet that will help strengthen your dog’s immune system and reduce allergy symptoms.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Food form: Wet food
  • This canned treat has a delicious turkey flavor that many dogs love.
  • Formulated using a grain-free restricted ingredient diet for adult dogs.
  • This turkey flavored wet food is available in 12 packs of 12.5 ounce cans.
  • This dog food can be used as a main food or mixed with other dog food and dog food.
  • It improves digestion in dogs with food allergies.
  • The Blue Buffalo product line is manufactured in the USA and is known for its delicious food.


  • Some dogs don’t like the watery taste of this product.
  • It’s even more frustrating for some shoppers when their dog refuses this wet treat because they bought 12 packs.
  • Some pet owners report that some cans of this limited ingredient dog food are damaged during shipping.

Main Ingredients: Turkey, Turkey Broth, Potato, Flax Seed (Source of Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids), and Pea Protein

4. Natural Balance LID Sweet Potato & Venison Formula

Natural Balance LID Sweet Potato and Venison Formula brings delicious, allergy-free treats to the dog food bowl. This grain-free diet is one of the top limited-ingredient dog foods featuring multiple animal protein and carbohydrate sources.

This is a great option if your dog has skin and food allergies or a sensitive stomach that may require frequent visits to the vet. Feed your dog this diet for a healthier condition and a shinier coat.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Food form: Dry Food
  • Kibble size is about 2/3 inch.
  • This restricted ingredient diet features a single animal protein to eliminate common allergens.
  • Recommended by veterinarians for loose stools and other digestive problems associated with dog allergies


  • Some buyers expressed concern about the smell of this diet.

Main Ingredients: Sweet Potato, Beef, Pea Protein, Potato Protein, and Canola Oil (Preserved With Tocopherol Blend)

5. American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe

American Journey offers a variety of dog food for your dog’s food allergies, this recipe is one example. This formula boosts your dog’s immune system and provides enough energy for his daily activities.

It contains real, boneless salmon, menhaden fish meal, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, and more to make your furry friend healthier and allergy free.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Food form: Dry Food
  • This grain-free, limited-ingredient dog food helps fight dog skin allergies and food allergies.
  • The formula does not contain soy, wheat, corn and other common allergens that trigger allergies in dogs.
  • Its formulation improves your dog’s skin and coat due to its formula containing flaxseed (for omega-3 fatty acids) and sunflower oil (for omega-6 fatty acids).
  • Kibble has 25% protein with real boneless salmon as the main source of animal protein. It is rich in protein, which is excellent for lean muscle mass.
  • The price of this dog food for food allergies is not as high as others.
  • This hypoallergenic dog food is suitable for dogs of all ages, from puppies to senior dogs.


  • Some dogs do not like the fishy taste and smell of this dog food.

Main Ingredients: Boneless Salmon, Chicken Meal (source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate), Turkey Meal, Peas and Sweet Potatoes

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Anyone who has a pet is aware of how allergies and other hypersensitivities are quite common to our canine companions.

Whether it’s caused by their genes (inherited from parents with similar allergies) or triggered by certain allergens, we can all agree on how uncomfortable and sometimes uncomfortable that can be. Food allergies are just one type of allergy in dogs.

Unlike food intolerance, which is also a common hypersensitivity, food allergies occur when the immune system reacts to certain food ingredients that are mistakenly identified as “dangerous.”

It’s important to determine the specific ingredient that triggers the allergic reaction to help our canine companions with their food allergies. However, keep in mind that knowing it is only the first of many steps.

A large selection of hypoallergenic dog food options are available in the market, making things easier for both dog owners and allergic dogs. However, these countless options can also result in confusion and misinformation.

The bottom line is that different dogs have different food allergies. Their immune system reacts differently to common allergens. For example, one dog may be allergic to chicken while another is allergic to beef.

Therefore, what works best for another dog may not be the best choice for your canine companion – and vice versa. When looking for the best pet food for dog allergies, it’s a good idea to gather enough information about your pet’s condition before giving it a hypoallergenic pet food.

Observe his overall health and pay attention to the foods and ingredients he consumes. Also pay attention to any symptoms that occur and any reactions or improvement of the condition. You are also advised to visit the vet if necessary.