Best Fitness Apps For Free to Help You Get A Better Health – Best Fitness Apps For Free: Working at home is indeed very boring. But there are things that can be done to relax as well as healthy, namely exercise. With regular exercise, you will also become more fit, improve your metabolism, and be less susceptible to disease.

However, being at home is not an excuse to be lazy and neglect your health. Now there are various workout applications available on smartphones that can be used to guide you.

This workout apps, available on iOS and Android, is designed with a movement guide that can be done every day, without the need for certain tools.

Workout is another word for physical exercise in the form of activities carried out by someone to improve or maintain body fitness. This workout activity is now becoming a new lifestyle for most people, especially millennials. Here are 12 workout apps that has compiled for you.

The Best Fitness Apps For Free in 2023

Best Fitness Apps For Free

1. Home Workout – No Equipment

This best fitness apps helps you exercise on your own without using tools for free and without the need to pay for a PT (Personal Trainer).

Because actually there are videos that explain how to do each movement. Chest, abdominal, shoulder, back exercises, to planning food intake for those of you who want to run a diet program, are all available in this app. You can also adjust the training level according to your abilities.

DetailHome Workout – No Equipment
DeveloperLeap Fitness Group
SistemAndroid & iOS
Install100.000.000+ downloads

2. 30 Day Fitness Challenge – Workout at Home

Designed by professional fitness trainers, the best fitness apps will challenge you to complete an entire workout in 30 days for free. You can choose the level of practice according to your abilities, from beginners to professionals.

The length of time the exercise will be adjusted to the needs of the body that will continue to grow every day. There are directing videos that will teach you to do moves you’ve never done before.

Detail30 Day Fitness Challenge
DeveloperLeap Fitness Group
SistemAndroid & iOS
Install10.000.000+ downloads

3. Freeletics: Personal Trainer & Fitness Workouts

There are 900 variations of sports that you can do without using tools. Not only losing weight, this best fintess apps will also help you get used to doing sports movements that build muscle for free.

You can also join sports communities and do sports activities together which will certainly motivate you to start a healthy lifestyle.

DetailFreeletics: Personal Trainer & Fitness Workouts
SistemAndroid & iOS
Install10.000.000+ downloads

4. BetterMe: Health Coaching

This best fitness apps for free is more specifically for women, because the types of exercises provided are more directed at reducing the size of certain body parts, which is often a problem for women. Not only body exercises, this workout apps also provides facial exercises to keep you looking young.

For those of you who have never exercised, don’t worry, because in this app there are also videos of steps to do every exercise movement, as well as a good diet guide according to your body’s needs.

DetailBetterMe: Health Coaching
DeveloperBetterMe Limited
SistemAndroid & iOS
Install10.000.000+ downloads

5. Sworkit: Workouts & Fitness Plans

Sworkit will also make it easier for you to do sports wherever you want. There are various types of exercises such as strength, cardio, yoga, and stretching that you can use as needed.

DetailSworkit: Workouts & Fitness Plans
DeveloperNexercise Inc
SistemAndroid & iOS
Install5.000.000+ downloads

6. Keep – Home Workout Trainer

You can also set the type of exercise you want, and view reports on your training progress. There are more than 400 exercises that you can follow without having to go to the gym.

DetailKeep – Home Workout Trainer
SistemAndroid & iOS
Install10.000+ downloads

7. Workout Trainer: fitness coach

This best fitness apps for free not only provides various methods of exercising at home, but also provides training techniques using equipment in the gym. Certified trainers are also ready to guide you through photos, audio, and video.

DetailWorkout Trainer: fitness coach
DeveloperSkimble Inc.
SistemAndroid & iOS
Install10.000.000+ downloads

8. Seven – 7 Minute Workout

This workout apps made by Perigee, a Swedish developer is equipped with a moving image guide, so it can be used even by those of you who are unfamiliar with sports.

In addition, this best fitness apps for free can also be used without the internet, if you have downloaded the existing movements first.

DetailSeven – 7 Minute Workout
DeveloperPerigee AB
SistemAndroid & iOS
Install5.000.000+ downloads

9. Workout for Women

Workout apps at home from Leap Fitness Group which is specifically for you women. Workout for Women is an apps to calculate calories burned during exercise. This workout app lets you burn calories in just 7 minutes.

This best free fitness apps can help you get the ideal body with various workout videos from professional trainers. In addition to controlling the calories that have been burned, this application also allows you to see the progress of your desired weight loss.

DetailWorkout for Women
DeveloperLeap Fitness Group
SistemAndroid & iOS
Install50.000.000+ downloads

10. HIIT & Tabata

You must download this best fintess apps on Android and iOS if you want to learn High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) yourself at home for free. High-intensity aerobic movement helps burn calories and stimulates muscles. Just 30 minutes a day.

DetailHIIT & Tabata
DeveloperSimple Vision
SistemAndroid & iOS
Install1.000.000+ downloads

11. Map My Fitness

Map My Fitness is great for running and cycling lovers. The workout options in it are also no less complete, starting from abs, arms, squats, pushes, pulls, and others.

DetailMap My Fitness
DeveloperMapMyFitness, Inc.
SistemAndroid & iOS
Install1.000.000+ downloads

12. Nike Training Club

This fitness apps made by Nike has many workout best movements that you can try for free, from yoga to the gym though. This workout app is also available on Android and iOS.

DetailNike Training Club
DeveloperNike, Inc.
SistemAndroid & iOS
Install10.000.000+ downloads

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Immediately install the best fitness apps recommendations above and try it at home right away for free.