10 Best Fish Pond Pump Recommendations

Dogzily.comKeeping fish in a pond should ideally think about a good and proper pond pump. Providing current and passing water to the filter are some of the main tasks of a pool pump. That way, your fish pond remains clear and the fish don’t die quickly. Especially if you keep ornamental fish, such as koi fish or goldfish.

In this article, we will provide recommendations for the best fish pond pump brands, such as Sunsun, Yamano, and Sobo. Make sure you also read how to choose one so you can find a good fish pond pump. Check out the review until the end! 

Best Fish Pond Pump

How to choose a Fish Pond Pump

Fish pond pumps are useful for beautifying ponds, increasing oxygen levels in water, and keeping them clean. So, what kind of pump is right for your fish pond? Come on, find out through a series of tips on choosing the following!

① Adjust the pump discharge according to the pool water volume

To maximize the function of the pump, you need to pay attention to the size of the pool and the volume of water in it. The water discharge produced by the pump must be greater than the volume of the pool water. Usually, the water discharge produced by the pump must pass through the filter media four times for one hour.

The volume of a rectangular pool water can be calculated using the formula length (meters) x width (meters) x water height (meters) x 1,000 liters. For example, you have a fish pond with a volume of 1,000 liters of water. 

To obtain ideal water quality, a pump with a water discharge of 4,000 liters per hour is required. The greater the water discharge through the filter media, the clearer and better the quality of the pool water.

The maximum transmit power of the pump is also an important benchmark for making a fountain. Ideally, a decorative fountain or waterfall requires a pump with a transmit power of more than 1 meter. The greater the water discharge produced, the higher the emission power of the water pump.

② Choose a pump according to the characteristics of the fish

The different characteristics of freshwater and saltwater fish will affect how you choose a pond pump. Get to know the characters as below

  • Ocean fish, accustomed to strong currents. For that, you need to provide a pump with a strong or large spray. 
  • Freshwater fish, as their habitat, freshwater fish do not need fast currents. So, you just have to adjust the volume of pool water with the ideal water pump discharge.

In addition, you also need to check the pump specifications. There are pumps that can be used in both fresh and salt water. There are also those that can only be used in one of them. Choose the right product. Selection of a water pump that is not suitable for the type of water can shorten the life of the pump.

③ Know the type of pond pump based on its location

Pool pumps are divided based on their placement, namely on land, in water, or both. Each has its advantages. For more details, see the following explanation.

Inline type, keeps the pool temperature cool

This is a type of pond pump that is placed outside or on land. With an inline pump, your pool water does not experience a rise in temperature due to the activity of the pumping machine

However, because it is located outside the pool, you need to adjust the location along with the installation pipes. In addition, this type of pump is relatively difficult to find in the market, so it has been displaced by the existence of submersible and amphibious pumps.

Submersible type, waterproof and quiet

This type of pump is very easy to find on the market. Also called submersible pump (submersible) because it is placed in the water. The pump material is designed to be watertight so that the machine can work without problems. Because it is immersed in water, the sound of the pump engine is almost inaudible

The weakness of the submersible pump is that it can increase the pool water temperature due to engine heat. However, dealing with it is easy. You can put the submersible pump in a separate chamber in the pond. 

Amphibious type, flexible according to your needs

As the name implies, this pool pump can be placed inside and outside the pool. This amphibious pump gives you the flexibility to place it however you want or need. The price of this amphibious pump is also more competitive than the type of submersible pump, so it won’t be too much of a burden on your pocket.

④ Prioritize the selection of energy-saving fish pond pumps

Usually the fish pond pump is on 24 hours. Therefore, you need to choose a low power water pump. The electric power of this water pump can be seen in the specifications table listed on each product. 

Fish pond pumps with low wattage generally consume 10 to 22 watts of power. With this power, the resulting water discharge ranges from 1,700 to 2,500 liters per hour. If you need a larger water discharge, keep considering products that offer low power and are reliable in their class. 

10 Recommendations for the Best Fish Pond Pumps

Next, we will recommend the ten best fish pond pump products that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. Kandila Aquarium Water Pump and Fish Pond PSP2200

Rainwater falling in the middle of a drought can change the acidity of the pond. This condition not only harms the fish, but also damages the water pump. For those of you who live in areas with erratic weather, use a pool pump that is resistant to acids and bases. Such a product, for example, is the Kandila PSP2200.

This pond pump also has a Cut-Off feature. The machine will automatically shut down when the temperature is 85 degrees Celsius. Amazingly, this machine will turn on again when the temperature has dropped to 60 degrees Celsius. What are you waiting for? Please put this product in your hobby shopping list!


  • There is a Cut-Off feature that turns off the engine when it reaches a temperature of 85 degrees Celsius


  • For bottom sump, this can only be done if the distance to the aquarium is less than one meter

2. Ginga Submersible Pump GA-105b

Water quality and oxygen levels are very important for koi fish. If you keep koi fish, make sure to use a pond pump that can meet oxygen needs for a full day. One of the best koi pond pump brands that we recommend is Ginga GA-105b.

Apart from having a high discharge and strong transmit power, you can use it to make skimmers. You simply attach the pipe to the pump thread and connect it to the skimmer. This way, your koi pond will not only have high oxygen levels, but also be clean.


  • The cable is quite long, up to 3 meters


  • A number of reviews state that the jet of water from this pump will be slightly reduced when connected to a filter

3. Yamano Water Pump WP 105

Yamano is a submersible pump brand that is commonly found and sells fast in the market. This Yamano WP-105 series provides high enough specifications at an affordable price. Its transmission power is claimed to reach 3 meters with a discharge of 3000 liters / hour. 

This pump is also known to be very durable. Regular use for months to a year does not change the discharge. If you are looking for a product that can maintain its discharge for a long time, consider this product. You no longer need to replace the fish pond pump again and again.


  • Not noisy when used
  • Can be used for fresh fish and sea fish


  • A number of consumers have complained that the cable’s durability under water has not been able to keep up with the power of the engine

4. Sakkai Pro Submersible Pump AA-103

 If you have trouble placing the pump on an uneven pond bottom, try to find a pump that can be attached to the wall. For example, like this Sakkai Pro product type AA-103. This pump has two installation modes, on the pond bottom and on the pool wall. This pump also has three pipe plugs giving you more size options.


  • Easy to clean so the machine becomes more durable
  • The sound of the engine is relatively quiet and not noisy


  • Cannot be used for pools with a depth of more than 90 cm

5. Sunsun JTP Series JTP-5800

This submersible water pump product from Sunsun is able to work in fresh and salt water ponds according to your needs. The advantage is that this submersible pump can be disassembled without tools to make it easier for you to clean it.

For safety, it is equipped with a lock-roter feature that will activate and deactivate electricity when the propeller is stuck. If safety is one of your top considerations, don’t hesitate to choose this Sunsun pond pump.


  • There is a sensor to turn off the automatic machine after not running water for a while


  • The water is very swift so it is not suitable for small fish

6. Atman Power Liquid Filter AT-104

Even though it looks standard like a product worth one hundred thousand, this product should not be underestimated. Atman AT-104 is claimed to have a sound that tends to be quiet. 

This is believed to contribute to the durability of the engine due to the minimal friction between components. If you have a small pond with a capacity of 400 liters, this product is worth considering.


  • The impeller is made of ceramic so it is more rust resistant 


  • The cable size is relatively limited, only 140 cm

7. Kent Pump KT-5800

The Kent KT-5800 pump is equipped with a remote control that allows you to turn it off, turn it on, and adjust the amount of discharge. The range of discharge settings is quite wide, up to 20 levels. 

The pump can also be temporarily turned off and then restarted after 10 minutes. It’s easy, isn’t it? This sophisticated pump is indeed very suitable for those of you who like practicality!


  • Discharge setting is very easy without the need to open the pump


  • The water sensor only functions to turn off the engine

8. Yukari Submersible Pump SP-106

Do you intend to build a fountain or waterfall for a medium-sized pond? If so, you can use SP-106 type Yukari. This pump can be installed in a pond with a volume of 800 liters. The discharge is fairly fast, which is 3500 liters per hour. 

Its range reaches 3.5 meters. You will be more flexible in determining the style and decoration of the pond. Thus, the fish stay healthy, the pond is even more beautiful.


  • Produces fast discharge for medium-sized ponds


  • Compared to pumps in its class, the number of watts required is relatively large

9. Sobo Amphibious Pump BO-9000A

The Sobo BO-9000A amphibious fish pond pump really has a large discharge capacity. This pump is perfect for large ponds. If you keep your fish in a bioflock or regular pond, consider this product. This pump is capable of spraying water of 9000 liters / hour. The power required is indeed greater, but it’s worth the discharge, isn’t it? 


  • Can be placed inside or outside the pool


  • Its operation requires up to 70 watts of power so that electricity costs will be more

10. Lifetech Multi-System Pond Pump SP-606

Having a fish pond pump with great power certainly requires machine safety guarantees. It’s a shame, isn’t it, if an expensive pump is damaged just because the engine catches fire? If you are looking for a product that has a machine safety system, consider Lifetech products. 

The overload protection system will detect an increase in motor temperature so as to anticipate an overload. Such a system is important for pumps that can produce water discharge of up to 6000 liters/hour. Therefore, support the maximum work of the machine with the best security. 


  • The strong water flow minimizes the snagging of particles in the engine and you don’t have to clean it too often


  • The required electric power is quite large for an amphibious type pump


There are many types of fish pond pumps. You need to adjust to the specifications of the pond, the characteristics of the fish, as well as the placement of the pump. By following our tips on how to choose a fish pond pump, of course you will no longer be confused about finding the right product.

So, have you found the product you want? Hopefully our recommendations can be a good reference, yes. Happy choosing and see you in the next article!

5 of the Best Fish Pond Pump Recommendations

  1. Kandila |Aquarium and Fish Pond Water Pump |PSP2200
  2. Ginga |Submersible Pump |GA-105b
  3. Yamano |Water Pump |WP 105
  4. Sakkai Pro |Submersible Pump |AA-103
  5. Sunsun |JTP Series |JTP-5800

Other recomendations: