Top 10 Best Epson Projector – Reviewed by Software Engineer – Best Epson Projector: Epson is known as a projector brand with many advantages. One type of Epson projector has an eco mode feature, namely the Epson EB-E500. There is also the Epson EB-2155W with a brightness level of up to 5,000 lumens. 

You can even find products with multiple connections, such as HDMI and Wi-Fi to connect to multiple devices. This time we explain how to choose and share the best Epson projector recommendations. 

We will review the model, specifications, and advantages of the product. This will make it easier for you to find a good Epson projector. This article has been reviewed by our software engineer, Yosua Surojo. Happy reading!

Best Epson Projector

The Advantages Of Epson Projector

You must already know Epson. In 2020, the brand launched thirty new projector models. In addition, Epson is more serious in working on good quality image presentation.

Epson’s newest projectors use 3LCD technology. The quality of the projection produces brighter, sharper and more natural colors so you will no longer find a rainbow effect. What’s more special is that electricity consumption becomes more efficient.

Epson continues to innovate to respond to changing times. For example, Epson presents a projector with interactive features through the touch of a finger

The age of the light source is also increased. That way, Epson projectors don’t require too much maintenance or lamp replacement.

How to Choose an Epson Projector

The latest type of projector launched by Epson makes you have many choices. In the midst of such tempting offers, you may be confused about which Epson projector to choose. Therefore, we have prepared how to choose it below for you to see.

① Determine your purpose for using Epson projectors

Epson categorizes its projectors into three segments, namely education, business and entertainment. Projectors in these segments have their own uniqueness. Come on, find out one by one!

Education, facilitating distance learning

The presence of a projector helps teachers in the education sector. The need for projectors has also increased amid the pandemic. Because of that, Epson released the EB-E500 and EB-X500 projectors. 

This projector belongs to the fifth generation which is designed to help teachers and educators. The menu on the projector uses Indonesian and the image adjustment feature can be operated easily. 

Meanwhile, the wireless connection allows teachers and students to present their work without the need for additional software. The distance learning process becomes easier.

Business, supporting optimal work operations

The development of internet technology and the emergence of a pandemic changed the way most people work. When people cannot afford to travel as freely as before, tools are needed to support work operations that are done from home. 

Epson offers projectors equipped with speakers measuring 5–16 watts so that they can support coordination, meetings, negotiations or business conferences. With a loud enough voice, meeting participants do not need additional speakers

Epson projectors are also suitable for use in large rooms as some of them have a brightness level of up to 4,500 lumens. On the other hand, image resolutions in the XGA, WXGA, and Full HD ranges will make meetings more comfortable.

Entertainment, providing a fun new experience

Watching movies at home with your family is a special thing. Well, perfect your special time with adequate facilities. In this case, you can use an Epson projector that is capable of providing the best visual projection.

Epson provides a projector that is equipped with a built-in media player. So, you no longer need to play movies from other devices. This will certainly make it easier for you when streaming.

For projectors devoted to the entertainment category, Epson doesn’t want to be stingy in setting up contrast ratios. No half-hearted, Epson issued a product with a contrast ratio of 2,500,000:1

You might not be watching anymore, but feel like you are in the middle of a movie scene!

② Know the visual projection quality

The visual appearance of the projection is the main thing in the projector. Therefore, there are several terms that you need to know and consider before buying a projector.

Brightness, support the comfort of the reader

The brightness level of the projector affects your comfort as an audience. Therefore, pay attention to the lumen size before you buy a projector. Lumen (lm) is a unit for the amount of light that comes out of a light source in a certain time. 

A high lumen value makes the maximum brightness level on the projector even higher. Unfortunately max brightness doesn’t always feel comfortable. In other words, you still have to consider the lighting around you. 

If your room is dim enough, you don’t need to adjust the brightness to the maximum level. It will only dazzle the eye. Instead, use high brightness if you are using the projector in a bright place.

Resolution, affects the clarity of the image

Resolution is the number of dots or pixels used to display an image or image. High resolution produces clearer and cleaner images. The higher the resolution number, the more pixels are used to create an image.

If you mostly display graphics, diagrams, text or HD videos that show small details, pay attention to the projector resolution. Here are five resolutions that you will find on Epson projectors.

  • SVGA (800 x 600)
  • XGA (1,024 x 768)
  • WXGA (1280 x 800)
  • 1080p (1920 x 1080)
  • WUXGA (1920 x 1200)

The combination of these numbers can describe the clarity of the image. Let’s take WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution as an example. There are 2,304,000 points that will appear in the projection. 

You will see 1,920 dots spread out horizontally and 1,200 dots spread out vertically.

Contrast ratio, makes the picture more alive

Contrast ratio shows the difference or difference between light and dark colors projected on the screen. The differences are indicated by numbers. This ratio is obtained from the comparison of the brightest white color with the darkest color on the screen. 

For example, a contrast ratio of 1000:1 means that the brightest white is 1000 times brighter than the darkest bCons.

The high contrast ratio makes details more vivid. Images will feel more alive and realistic. If you plan to watch movies or other entertainment, pay attention to the contrast ratio of your target projector.

③ Also pay attention to the Epson projector’s lamp life

Lamp life on each projector varies depending on the brightness levelThe latest Epson projectors currently have a relatively long lamp life, which is up to 12,000 hours! The presence of an important lamp life , you could even say the heart of the projector.

Realizing this, Epson introduced normal and economical light modes. Running the projector in economy mode does have an effect on decreasing brightness. In this case, just adjust when it is better to use economical mode and when to use normal mode.

Another way to save lamp life is to always ensure good air circulation. In order to maintain good air circulation, be diligent in cleaning or even replacing the air filter. 

Remember that a long lamp life means lower maintenance costs. So you don’t have to buy replacement lamps more often.

④ Familiarize yourself with some of the features in Epson projectors

There are various interesting features on Epson projectors that are worth knowing about. These features are here to make it easier for you to make presentations. Below we will mention some interesting features that you should know about.

  • Multi-PC projection: Allows you to connect up to fifty PCs to a single projector. The moderator in charge will choose the PC that will display the presentation material.
  • USB 3-in-1 Display: With just one USB connection, you get a display that includes sounds, images, and cursor movement. So, there is no need for cables here and there.
  • Wireless Ready: Projectors with this feature will free you from the tangle of cables. You can simply connect with Wi-Fi.
  • Interactive features: You can take notes directly on the screen with an interactive pen just like writing directly on a whiteboard.
  • On-screen Projector Operation: You can operate the projector from the screen.
  • Split screen: The projection screen can be divided into two presentation views. 
  • Horizontal Keystone Slider: Image clarity or projection focus is adjusted simply by sliding this feature on the projector body.

10 Best Epson Projector Recommendations

Next, we will recommend the ten best Epson projector products that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. Eps EB-E500

Even though the resolution is not 4K, the images displayed by this Epson projector are still good and sharp. This is because the Epson EB-E500 is supported by a high contrast ratio and lumen value. 

This Epson projector can also be used as a hanging projector. If you want to open a course business at home, this product will suit you. Another advantage offered by this projector is the lamp with eco mode feature. 

With this feature, the LED lamp from the projector can last up to 12,000 hours! So, spending on your electricity costs will be more efficient. The price of this Epson projector is even pocket-friendly.


  • Can be installed as a hanging projector
  • Equipped with an eco mode feature for LED lights to save electricity usage
  • Contrast ratio and lighting level is quite high


  • The image resolution offered is standard for the price

2. Eps EB-X51

Actually, this product is not much different from other Epson projectors. Even so, this product is still worth considering because it has a built-in moderator function

This feature allows fifty users to be connected to one screen at a time so they can take turns using the projector. The Epson EB-X51 projector can also help you give presentations from various devices

Those of you who are busy and often move places can now do assignments or prepare presentations from anywhere. Whether from a laptop, tablet, or even a cellphone, your work will project well through this product.


  • There is an eco mode for a longer lamp life
  • Can split screen with wired and wireless connections


  • Some users complain that there is no audio jack and Bluetooth connection to connect the projector to the speakers

3. Eps EB-X500

When using the foot lever, the projected image on the screen will also be skewed or even blurry for a few moments. This would be inconvenient if it happened during your important presentation, right? 

You may have to spend more time adjusting it to the projector’s height. Luckily the Epson EB-X500 has an auto vertical keystone feature. This feature will automatically detect and correct projected distorted images. 

So, you no longer need to bother looking for the right settings. The projection display remains stable even though the projector is tilted. 

Therefore, this type of Epson projector is recommended for those of you who often have meetings. You can quickly present without having to bother adjusting the lens.


  • Complete input and connection options available
  • Offers Horizontal Keystone with an easily accessible slider


  • Can’t split screen

4. Eps EB-W06

The EB-X06 is a great Epson projector to choose from if you are teaching in a variety of spaces. The appearance can be adjusted for small classes with a small number of students or large rooms for many people. 

You can adjust the projection area of ​​the projector with the same level of sharpness. There is a choice of projection areas of 70 inches for small rooms and 100 inches for large rooms.


  • Sharp images with WXGA resolution
  • Can split screen from multiple devices


  • Not equipped with built-in speakers

5. Eps EB-FH52

Business meetings with partners or clients often discuss confidential matters. To ensure comfort and safety during meetings, consider this product. 

This Epson projector can be connected to Wi-Fi, making it easier for meeting participants to make presentations. In addition, the security is qualified thanks to WPA2/WPA3-Enterprise protection. So, you no longer need to worry about network security issues.


  • The resolution is Full HD
  • Can screen mirroring with Miracast


  • There are only two HDMI inputs, split screen with cables is more limited

6. Eps EB-1785W

If you are looking for a recommendation for an Epson projector with a high degree of portability, consider this product. Epson EB-1785W has a thin and compact shape so it’s easy to put in a bag and not heavy when carried. 

This product is the right choice if you frequently make presentations to clients. The connection that this projector has is also complete, namely HDMI, Wi-Fi, Miracast and NFC. 

The connection system also supports the Auto Source Search feature. That way, you can more easily connect the projector to the device you are using.


  • There are many connection systems, there are HDMI, Miracast, Wi-Fi, and NFC
  • Clear image display with real time auto keystone correction feature


  • There are users who say that the quality of the speakers is not up to par for the price

7. Eps EB-972

If you frequently play audio in your presentations or teaching sessions, this is one of the best Epson projectors to consider. Epson EB-972 comes with 16 watt premium speakers

So, you don’t need additional speakers when giving presentations in video form. The appearance of this product is also qualified for presentations in bright places.


  • High brightness for presentations in bright places or outdoors
  • Easy operation with the Horizontal Keystone Slider system


  • The level of sharpness of the image is still in the middle level

8. Eps LightScene EV-100

Slightly different from other projectors, the Epson LightScene EV-100 is a projector with a laser system. This product is recommended for modern artists or digital art needs. This type of Epson projector can also be used for exhibition needs. 

The existence of a laser show from a projector can attract visitors who come. No wonder this product is placed in hotels, event rooms, showrooms and museums.


  • Can be rotated 360 degrees
  • Lamp life up to 20,000 hours


  • The installation system is quite complicated so it takes professionals

9. Eps EH-TW750

Do you often hang out and play games with friends? If so, this product is one of the best Epson projectors to choose from. This product has Full HD resolution and high contrast ratio. The result is that the image displayed via the Epson EH-TW750 looks clearer. 

Viewing sports matches, watching movies, and gaming with a larger display than this product is still pleasing to the eye.


  • There is RGB liquid crystal technology for a clear display
  • Complete connection and compatible with many devices


  • There are reviews that say that the image display on a scale of 90 inches and above is not very sharp

10. Eps EB-2155W

Epson EB-2155W is a projector with a high brightness level. This type is suitable for those of you who need a projector for presentations in bright places or outdoor. High brightness levels make your presentation clearly visible to the audience.

Another advantage of this Epson projector is that it has a lamp life of up to 10,000 hours. Thus, you can save budget and time because the frequency of expensive lamp replacement is reduced. 

In addition, you can set a schedule for when the projector is on and when it will turn off.


  • Lamp life up to 10,000 hours
  • Easy to use with auto power on feature


  • Only ideal for advanced use


After completing this article, have you decided on a good Epson projector to own? If you are still confused, we will again summarize the things to consider. So, the important points will not be missed when you choose a product.

The first thing is to know your goal. After that, also pay attention to the components that affect the visuals produced by the projector. Lamp life and projector features should not be forgotten either. The discussion about the Epson projector has ended. Happy choosing!

5 Best Epson Projectors Recommendation

  1. Epson |EB-E500
  2. Epson |EB-X51
  3. Epson |EB-X500
  4. Epson |EB-W06
  5. Epson |EB-FH52

Other recomendations: