10 Best Digital Voice Recorders – Reviewed by Sound Engineer

Dogzily.comDigital voice recorders, also known as voice recordersaudio recorders, or sound recorders, have many uses. This voice recorder can be used for interviews, recording sound and songs, recording meeting results, and learning languages. 

Different capacities, file formats, prices and sizes may make you confused when choosing one. This time, we will review how to choose a good and sophisticated digital voice recorder. 

We will also recommend the best products from various brands, such as Sony, TASCAM, and ZOOM. This article has been reviewed by our sound engineer, Dennis Novriandi. Please pay attention!

Best Digital Voice Recorders

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Collaborating With Experts: How To Choose A Digital Voice Recorder

Digital voice recorders have different recording quality, memory, power supply, and models. The more sophisticated the function, the more expensive the price. Well, we will introduce how to choose the best voice recorder for you.

① Choose according to its use

The performance shown by a digital voice recorder depends on the technology and its use. Next, we will provide information about the voice recorder function for you.

Recording music: Products that support LPCM to produce high-quality recordings

If you want to record a song, concert, or live music performance, choose a recorder that supports linear pulse-code modulation (LPCM). The word ” linear ” itself means that the data is not compressed. Therefore, a digital voice recorder with LPCM will record the original sound without compression so that the recording results are clearer.

By recording without added polish, the LPCM format can reproduce the original sound. This format is very similar to an analog signal and is represented directly in digital form. Audio data used on CDs usually uses this LPCM format.

In addition, there are models with an overdubbing function that can be used when editing the recording. There is also a reverb effect that creates a reverb sound as well as specific functions such as a tuner and metronome. Models that support high-resolution recordings have also appeared recently. If possible, choose this model for recording music.

Recording interviews or meetings: More practical with the stereo function that can recognize the speaker’s position

To record meetings, seminars or interviews, you don’t need a recorder with LPCM. A digital voice recorder that supports monaural or single channel recording is sufficient for recording interviews.

However, a recorder that supports stereo recording is more practical when there are three or more speakers. The stereo recorder will capture the direction of the sound precisely so that it can identify the speaker who is speaking.

During processing, the stereo recording source will sound wider because the left and right source channels are different. Therefore, the result will sound wider and not just centered in the middle.

Then, you may need to do a transcription after the interview or meeting. For this reason, make sure your recorder can capture human voices properly and ignore the surrounding noise.

Learn a language: A product that can adjust the playback speed will help

For language learning, features such as AB repeat playback, playback speed setting, and shadowing playback will help you. 

  • The AB repeat playback feature lets you listen to unclear parts again. 
  • The playback speed feature can slow down hard-to-hear parts.
  • The shadowing playback feature is useful when performing shadowing techniques (a language learning technique by imitating a native speaker’s voice on a recording).

Pay attention to the features above so that you can master a new language more quickly. In addition, choose a recorder that uses the AAC format. Even though the quality is normal, AAC can be processed quickly due to the small file size.

Voice memo: An ordinary, easy-to-handle model will suffice

If you need a recorder to record personal voice, a mono or monaural model will suffice. You don’t need to choose a recorder with high quality or many functions. As a result, you can choose a recorder at a low price.

Even so, you may need a voice recorder that you can jump into quickly when an idea strikes you. Therefore, choose products that are easy to carry and hold. An MP3 format recorder with a bitrate of 192 or 128 Kbps is also sufficient for recording memos. The quality is pretty good and the file size is small.

② Check the resource and usage time limit

Digital voice recorders resources can be divided into two types, namely disposable batteries and rechargeable batteries. In addition to the resource, also know the time limit for using the recorder with one charge or one battery change.

Resources: Adjust to the location of use

Digital voice recorders with disposable batteries is suitable for those of you who often travel. It is enough to provide a spare battery, you can replace the battery when it runs out and the recorder can be used again immediately. However, the presence of a battery compartment makes it larger.

On the other hand, recorders with rechargeable batteries are usually more practical. However, when the battery is depleted, you need time and place to recharge it. 

Work was a little hampered because waiting for the voice recorder to turn on again. If you choose this type of recorder, use a V- mount battery or power bank to add battery power.

Time limit of use: Affects comfort during recording

Don’t forget to check the length of time the voice recorder can record in a single battery replacement or charge. If the usage time is short, you will be bothered to replace or recharge the battery.

③ Get to know the convenient auxiliary function

Some voice recorder models have additional functions that make it even easier to use. Let’s get to know these additional functions. 

Noise cancellation, voice balancer, and focus playback, provide clear sound when played back

Not only during recording, sound quality during playback also needs attention. For that, you need a digital voice recorder with the features below.

  • Noise cancellation

The noise cancellation function on the voice recorder will help you when you hear the recording. This function does not make ambient sounds, such as trains and planes, disappear completely. Noise cancellation works by making the main sound clearer.

  • Voice balancers

If you record in stereo, the sound of speakers far from the recorder will sound smaller. So, a recorder with a voice balancer feature can balance the volume of the voice of the person being recorded.

  • Playback focus

For recording seminars with multiple speakers, the focus playback feature will be very useful. This feature will emphasize sound coming from all directions. That way, it’s easier for you to identify the speaker by their voice.

Automatic voice recognition and recorder function, reducing the risk of missing important conversations

If you forget to press the button while recording, there’s no need to worry. There is a digital voice recorder that has an automatic voice recognition and recording function. When it detects sound, the tool will immediately record. This will reduce the risk of missing an important conversation due to forgetting to press the record button.

Replay function, easy transcription

Another function to consider is speed control during playback. You can hear the recording over and over again at a faster or slower rate. That way, you don’t have to press the playback button repeatedly. This feature is very useful for those of you who are learning a language or doing transcription.

Radio feature, practical for learning languages ​​via radio

There are several recorder models equipped with FM/AM radio features. This allows you to listen to and record the radio. These functions are useful when you are listening to foreign language course programs and help you learn

Wi-Fi, helps ease of operation

Recently, more and more voice recorders have Wi-Fi. You can control the recording status via a smartphone with this feature. This is useful for those of you who have to put a digital voice recorder in a position far from reach. A voice recorder with this feature is suitable for use when attending meetings or seminars. 

④ Choose by design and size

Digital voice recorders usually have a small size and light weight, some even look like a pen. Choose the voice recorder that is easiest for you to carry anywhere. If it’s slim, you can even put it in your pocket and record without being too visible.

In addition, pay attention to the design, such as the placement of the record button. Make sure you choose a voice recorder with a design that makes it easy for you when you want to record. However, voice recorders for professionals are generally large in size because they accommodate the battery.

⑤ If you want to store and transfer data, select the one that can be connected to the computer

If you want to save the recording and share it with others, choose a model that can connect to a computer. Data can be sent to other devices via a USB cable. In addition, there are some models that can charge with this USB cable. You can also use external storage such as SD cards and SSDs.

⑥ For long-time high-quality recording, use a recorder that supports SD card

Voice recorder internal memory can usually only store recordings for 200 hours with low quality. For high quality, recorders generally can only store recordings for 10 hours. If it is full, there is no other choice but to delete the recording, especially if the data cannot be sent to the computer.

To avoid this, choose a digital voice recorder that supports external memory. Choose a recorder that is compatible with SD, SDHC, or microSD. The SD card also serves to back up data. This is useful for those of you who are constantly using the recorder without transferring the data to the computer.

⑦ Pay attention to the audio format, select MP3/WMA

Audio files usually have standard formats in the form of MP3, ACC, and WMA. However, for LPCM recordings, the format is usually WAV. It would be more profitable if the digital voice recorders supports these various formats.

Recordings that support standard formats are easier to edit on a computer. However, if you want good sound quality, it is recommended to choose LPCM or PCM format.

10 Best Digital Voice Recorders Recommendation

Next, we will recommend the ten best digital voice recorders that we have determined based on the selection method above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. Digital Voice Recorder 8GB – T60

If you are a student looking for a sound recorder at a friendly price, you can choose this product. The T60 digital voice recorder can be used to record sound in various activities, for example during interviews, lectures or seminars. 

In one purchase package for this product, you will also get earphones and an external microphone. This product is also equipped with a USB cable, RJ45 cable, 3.5 mm audio cable, and a telephone adapter


  • Able to record telephone conversations and function as an MP3 player
  • Already got complete accessories in the package


  • Not compatible with SD card
  • There are no audio level adjustment buttons recorded

2. Sony ICD-PX240 Voice Recorder

If you are looking for a Sony brand digital voice recorder in the price range of 500 thousand, this series can be considered. The ICD-PX240 Voice Recorder is suitable for those of you who are looking for a quality product at a relatively pocket-friendly price.

The advantage of this voice recorder is its powerful built-in speaker. You can check the recording live with maximum sound. You can also use this voice recorder to record music at concerts, you know. Unfortunately, this product is not equipped with an additional slot for SD cards. You can only store recordings on the internal memory with a capacity of 4 GB.


  • Easy to operate with large buttons and a large enough screen
  • Built-in powerful speakers


  • Not equipped with an SD card slot

3. ZOOM H1n Handy Recorder

Not only recording the main sound, this digital voice recorder can also capture other audio around it. This is thanks to the overdub function which allows you to have a recording with a layered sound. That way, the recordings sound richer and livelier. 

Even so, the various voices will not reduce the quality. There is a low-cut filter feature that will help remove unwanted noise and frequencies. This product is perfect for those of you who work as podcasters, musicians, YouTubers, and vloggers.


  • Functions as an audio interface
  • Equipped with an onboard stereo microphone 
  • Can be mounted on a microphone stand, tripod, or camera


  • Some supporting accessories are sold separately, such as the HS-1 hot shoe mount and the AD-17 AC adapter

4. Sony PX470 Digital Voice Recorder PX Series ICD-PX470

If you like listening to nature sounds, this digital voice recorder is for you. Equipped with an S-microphone system, this voice recorder is capable of recording voices that are not very clear. 

The sound of birds chirping in the distance can even be recorded properly by this voice recorder. Don’t miss the chance to record sounds around you while you are out in the wilderness.


  • The range of the microphone is good, the sound is focused and clear even though it is far away
  • Has many recording settings that can be adjusted to your needs


  • The price is quite expensive for a product body that is still made of plastic
  • The screen will be difficult to see in low light

5. Ruizu X52

If you need a simple recording device with many functions to offer, this product can be your choice. Ruizu X52 is a music player equipped with a recorder.

The function of the voice recorder on this tool is still simple. You also cannot compare the quality with other digital audio recorder products. Even so, the resulting recording is quite clear because it has noise reduction.


  • Multifunctional tools, ranging from MP3 playersvideo playersphoto viewers, pedometers, voice recorders, and FM radio
  • The supermini design features a clip that can be tucked in a pocket or belt
  • There is bluetooth, transferring data is easier


  • The recorder function is still simple, because it is not the main function of this tool
  • Not suitable for professional use

6. REMAX Voice recorder RP1

Equipped with an HD microphone, this voice recorder is capable of producing loud and clear sound. REMAX RP1 will also only record the important sounds you want to hear so the results are clearer. Noise around the sound source is well muffled thanks to its Active Noise Canceling technology. 

You can rely on this product to record interviews or meetings. Unfortunately, this voice recorder doesn’t have a hole for an audio jack, so you can’t attach an external microphone or use a clip on.


  • Simple and minimalist design, easy to carry
  • Clear sound thanks to Active Noise Canceling technology 


  • Not yet support external microphone
  • There is no written description on the buttons

7. Sony UX570 Digital Voice Recorder UX Series ICD-UX570F

Are you looking for a high-sensitivity digital voice recorder for more detailed and focused recording? This audio recorder from Sony is the answer. This product uses a high sensitivity S-microphone. This microphone can capture even weak and distant sounds.

This voice recorder is also equipped with a built-in USB which will make it easier for you to transfer recordings to a computer or laptop. In addition, this product uses a lithium type battery with fast charging. You only need 3 minutes of charging for 1 hour of recording.


  • High sensitivity microphone
  • Equipped with built-in USB
  • Fast charging


  • The display is not yet in color
  • A number of reviewers say the USB connector is prone to breaking
  • If the USB connector is broken or damaged, charging is not possible


TASCAM DR-40X is suitable for use by professionals in the field of music or film. This voice recorder features a pair of high quality unidirectional stereo condenser microphones. 

Its four-track recorder feature can capture ambient sound when recording directly from an external console. This feature is ideal for capturing a wide range of sound, such as during a concert. 

Those of you who often compose songs will also be helped by the overwrite mode feature. If you are not satisfied with some parts of the song that have been recorded, you can replace them without having to start over.


  • Using high quality unidirectional stereo condenser mic
  • Multiple languages ​​are available for operation
  • Complete features that support professionals in the music and film fields


  • The body is relatively large in the hand compared to other products

9. Remax RP3 Voice Recorder

This voice recorder is very easy to grip. Light weight and slim design make it easy to take anywhere. This Remax RP3 can even be easily tucked into a pocket. 

Despite the minimalist design, this voice recorder has a high quality. This product is capable of producing clear recordings thanks to its noise reduction feature. In addition, although this product does not provide an additional slot for SD cards, the internal memory reaches 16 GB. This capacity is enough to record up to 30 hours.


  • It has a dual curved glass surface 14 HD color screen
  • Internal memory has a capacity of 16 GB
  • Fast battery recharge, only 2.5 hours


  • There is no additional slot available for SD cards


This brand is highly sought after by professionals, from musicians to filmmakers. Well, this product is the first voice recorder that has Wi-Fi to send audio. You can easily listen to the recordings on your tablet or smartphone.

In addition, there is a free application called DR Control which makes it easy to send recordings to other devices. This app is available for iOS and Android. DR Control also lets you control recordings with your smartphone.


  • It features Wi-Fi and the free DR Control app for sending audio


  • A number of reviewers mentioned that the microphone is prone to damage, so you have to be extra careful when using it

The Use of a Digital Voice Recorder is Quite Unique

Digital voice recorders are often used to record music or meeting results. However, there are other uses that are quite unique. Maybe you can try it too!

Record ideas that pop up suddenly

Many people write down their ideas in notebooks. However, writing takes longer than recording. With a voice recorder, you also don’t need to spend a lot of effort. You can immediately channel the ideas that are in your head by pressing the record button

Those of you who work as musicians, writers, or other content creators, of course, often get ideas that suddenly appear. Therefore, a voice recorder will help you save the idea.

Summarize the contents of dreams after waking up

You can use a voice recorder to record your dream story after waking up. It is very unique because you can record sound with real emotion. When listening to it again, you can enjoy your dream a second time. This method is also suitable for people who like to interpret dreams.

Records if snoring or delirious during sleep

Sleep disturbances are characterized by frequent snoring or delirium. You can find out if you snore or are delirious by recording it. Put the voice recorder by the side of the bed when you sleep. You can check the results in the morning.

Now there is also an application to measure sleep quality. The duration of delirium and snoring will be recorded automatically in the application.


We have reviewed how to choose and recommend the best digital voice recorder products for you. We hope this article can be a reference for those of you who want to have a digital voice recorder. 

Pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of digital voice recorders according to what we have conveyed.Please choose the best product that is suitable and according to your needs. 

5 Best Digital Voice Recorders Recommendation

  1. Digital Voice Recorder 8GB – T60
  2. Sony |ICD-PX240 Voice Recorder
  3. ZOOM |H1n Handy Recorder
  4. Sony |PX470 Digital Voice Recorder PX Series |ICD-PX470
  5. Ruizu |X52

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