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Dogzily.com – Best Curved Monitor: Nowadays you can find a variety of curved monitors for various needs, such as gaming and editing. Size options also vary, ranging from 24 inches and 27 inches to 34 inches which are ultrawide

Cheap curved monitors are even available in the market. This time we will share the best curved monitor recommendations. Samsung and LG are good brands of curved monitors. 

You can find products with 4K resolution or 144 Hz refresh rate. We’ll review how to pre-select it for you. This article has been reviewed by our gaming content creator, Faynilla. Happy reading!

Best Curved Monitor

Collaborating With Experts: How To Choose The Best Curved Monitor

Before choosing a curved monitor, there are a number of things you need to know first. Read carefully each point as a reference so that you get the type and specifications of the appropriate curved monitor.

① Choose a curved monitor according to your needs

Monitors are usually used for office work, school assignments, gaming, and others. Therefore, the specifications and type of monitor needed also vary. Understand the monitor specifications and features that support your activities.

Gaming: Affected by the value of the refresh rate and response time

If you are looking for a curved monitor for gaming, pay attention to the refresh rate and response time values. These two things affect the quality and sharpness of the visual display from the monitor.

  • Refresh rate

The refresh rate affects the smoothness of the motion of the image displayed on the curved monitor. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the displayed image will be. For gaming needs, use a monitor with a refresh rate of 144 Hz and above. Image movement will look smooth and minimal lag in the product. So you can focus more while gaming.

  • response time

Response time shows the ability and speed of the monitor in changing colors. The lower the response time value, the better the image quality displayed by the monitor. A low response time value indicates less and less after images or previous images. For visual beauty and movement accuracy when gaming, choose a monitor with a response time of 1 ms.

Professional: More comfortable with a large aspect ratio and resolution

Curved monitors are also often used for professional needs, especially for those of you who work as video editors. For professional needs, we recommend a curved monitor with a large resolution and aspect ratio.

  • Aspect ratio

Monitors generally have an aspect ratio of 16:9. However, you can choose an aspect ratio from 21:9 to 32:9 for curved monitors. With these specifications, your monitor work area is larger. So, you can do video editing in more detail.

  • Screen resolution

For video editing, use a monitor with FHD screen resolution and above. High resolution videos will produce a more satisfactory quality. However, this type of monitor requires a CPU with high specifications as well. The price is even higher. So, also adjust it to the budget and CPU you have, huh!

② Check the monitor’s screen curvature value

Screen curvature affects the monitor’s optimal viewing distance. Usually the value of the screen curvature monitor is 1,800 R to 4,000 R. R is the symbol of the radius, while the previous number is the length of the radius in millimeters. The R value is used as the recommended maximum visibility mark.

For example, a monitor with a screen curvature of 3,000 R means that the monitor’s curved radius is 3,000 mm or 3 meters. That way, it is recommended that you and the curved monitor be no more than 3 meters apart. If you exceed that number, the sensation of using a curved monitor becomes less satisfying.

③ Check the type of panel installed on the curved monitor

There are two types of panels that are installed on curved monitors, namely IPS ( in-plane switching ) and VA ( vertical alignment ). We will explain the characteristics and advantages of each of these panels.

IPS, the color collection on the monitor is wider and more detailed

IPS ( in-plane switching ) panels developed by LG. This type of panel has a large view angle with a good color gamut. IPS panels even have the widest color gamut that is usually used in digital cinemas. The combination of a large view angle and a wide color gamut makes the color display of the IPS panel unchanged.

Because of these characteristics, this type of panel is recommended for content creators and designers. You will be spoiled with colorful graphics and visuals. In addition, the IPS panel offers an exciting gaming sensation.

However, the IPS panel is not suitable for pro-gamers who need high refresh ratesThis panel is more suitable for intermediate users who need a good color display, but can be used to play games. If you can tolerate minor problems, the IPS panel will provide a more real gaming sensation.

VA, a deep bCons with a higher contrast ratio

Vertical alignment (VA) is the most widely used panel type on curved monitors. The VA panel type has a good contrast ratio so it offers good bConss too.

In addition, the VA panel has a pretty good view angle and color, even though it’s still under IPS. This type of panel is also capable of using a high refresh rate. Because of that, VA panels are liked by gamers who play games with various genres.

④ Know the input terminal attached to the monitor

Although it is additional, check the type and number of input ports on the monitor. Usually the main connector port that is often used is the port on the CPU. However, the connector ports on the monitor will help when you use other devices.

In general, monitors are equipped with HDMI ports, DisplayPort, USB-C, and audio jacks. There are also some products that have a USB port. If you frequently use HDMI and DisplayPort, it’s a good idea to check and choose the latest version of the port. So, you can play videos with high resolution.

⑤ See also other features that protect your eyes

When choosing a monitor, you also need to pay attention to features that protect your eyes. So, you can stay focused and your eyes stay healthy even if you look at the screen for a long time.

Flicker-free, reducing monitor screen flicker

Usually LCD monitors flicker very quickly. In 1 second, the monitor blinks 250 times so that it is not visible directly to the eye. If you look at the monitor for 8 hours, your eyes see about 5.8 million flickers. High levels of flicker exposure will have a serious impact on eye health. Eyes will get tired quickly and your performance will decrease.

If you use the monitor for a long time, it’s best to look for one that has flicker-free technology. This feature serves to ensure the image does not flicker so as to reduce pressure on the eyes. When used for a long time, your eyes don’t get tired too quickly.

Low blue light, safer when using the monitor for a long time

Blue light is a type of light from monitors that is harmful to the eyes. When the monitor is used for a long time, blue light will affect the macular retina. Blue light can also suppress the production of the hormone melatonin which causes sleep disturbances. The effects of blue light can also cause diseases related to the eyes.

We recommend that you choose a monitor with a low blue light feature. This feature functions to filter blue light so that your eyes are protected. Low blue light effectively protects the eyes from fatigue, dryness and strain. This feature is also able to maintain the color quality of the image displayed on the monitor.

However, the low blue light feature can affect image quality. This might be a little annoying when you play games or watch movies.

Ergonomic stand, a more flexible angle for comfort

Choose a curved monitor with an ergonomic stand so that its position can be adjusted. Because the posture of each user is different, you must have a comfortable position for each. If the monitor stand is more flexible, you can easily adjust the sitting position and desk. The four angle adjustment functions of the monitor are as follows.

  • Tiltthe monitor can be tilted forward or backward 
  • Heightthe height of the monitor can be changed to be taller or shorter
  • Swivelthe screen can be shifted from left to right or vice versa
  • Pivotthe screen can be rotated up to 90° for landscape or portrait mode 

10 Best Curved Monitor Recommendations

Next, we will recommend the ten best curved monitor products that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. MSI Optix G241VC

Msi Optix G241VC is one of the best curved gaming monitors for beginners who are still practicing to improve their skills. This monitor with gaming specifications has many supporting features for playing games

One of them is to offer an immersive gaming experience so that you will feel that you are exploring the game directly. In addition, this product has a small response time, a capable refresh rate, and AMD FreeSync technology.

The specifications will increase your satisfaction when playing games. There is also an FPS Front Sight feature for those of you who play FPS games, such as Counter Strike. This feature allows you to aim at targets more easily so that the game becomes even more exciting!


  • Equipped with many features suitable for beginners


  • The resolution is relatively low for a gaming monitor

2. Samsung 24″ CF39 FHD Curved Monitor with FreeSync LC24F390FHEXXD

For those of you who are looking for recommendations for curved monitors that are affordable as well as functional, choose this product. The price is economical with qualified specifications for light needs, such as opening Office and watching videos.

The performance of this Samsung curved monitor for playing games is quite capable. There is an AMD FreeSync feature that ensures that the image display while gaming remains smooth. 

Another advantage of this product is that it is equipped with eco-saving technology that can reduce energy consumption and is environmentally friendly.


  •  Slim design so it doesn’t take up much space
  • There is an eco-saving technology to save energy consumption


  • The screen resolution is small, not recommended for editing commercial videos

3. ViewSonic 27” 165Hz 1500R Curved Gaming Monitor VX2718-PC-MHD

We recommend this ViewSonic product for those of you who use monitors for various needs. This product features ViewMode with a variety of mode choices, such as Game, Movie, Web, Text, Mac, and Mono.

Each mode of the 27 inch 165 Hz curved monitor has different screen settings and presets. Screen presets include gamma curve, color temperature, contrast, and brightness level. Thus, you will get a quality display that is comfortable on the eyes regardless of its use.


  • There are many choices of modes with different settings
  • High refresh rate for smooth gaming


  • Monitor position settings are limited, can only be tilted forward and backward

4. AOC 27″ QHD Gaming Monitor CQ27G3S

This AOC product has a low screen curvature value. This means that the screen is more curved than the others. The area of ​​the monitor that your eyes reach is shorter so you can focus more without moving your head much. This product is one of the best curved monitors for those of you who like to play FPS or shooter games.


  • More flexible screen adjustment to find a comfortable position
  • High refresh rate and low response time


  • The screen is very curved, maybe not comfortable for needs other than gaming

5. Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34″

This product is the best 34 inch monitor for those of you who like to watch movies or follow drama series. This monitor from Xiaomi is not only designed for gaming, but can also provide a different experience when watching movies. 

The combination of a large screen with 4K resolution makes the image quality clean, sharp and rich in color. With this 34 inch 144 Hz curved monitor, watching movies is more exciting.


  • There is cable management to make your desk more tidy
  • The price is still affordable for a 34-inch 4K monitor


  • Response time is still high for gaming

6. LG Monitor UltraWide 34WN80C-B

This LG product is one of the best UltraWide monitors for professional video editors. This monitor has many features that support the productivity of editors. The large screen size, IPS panel with sRGB 99%, detailed contrast, and Onscreen Control make your work efficient.

This curved monitor is also equipped with a USB-C port which has many functions, you know. You can use it to output 4K video from other devices, send data, and charge. A handy feature, right?


  • There is a USB-C port with many functions
  • The IPS panel is rich in color for editors


  • Eye care monitors are only flicker free, no low blue light

7. GIGABYTE AORUS CV27F Gaming Monitor

If you are looking for a curved monitor recommendation to play AAA games, choose GIGABYTE AORUS CV27F. This tactical monitor is designed for AAA games, such as Elden RingFinal Fantasy, and God of War.

This curved monitor also provides various gaming features, such as AIM Stabilizer, Dashboard, BCons Equalizer, Game Assist, OSD Sidekick, and ANC.Thanks to these features, your gaming experience improves.


  • There is a Kensington lock to prevent theft
  • There is lighting behind the monitor that you can adjust the lighting yourself


  • The monitor screen resolution is still FHD, the image display is less sharp

8. Phillips Curved LCD Monitor with Ultra Wide-Color 328E1CA/70

This Philips product is equipped with a high-performance panel so that it has an UltraClear 4K image resolution. This 4K curved monitor is ideal for work needs that use graphic software, such as Adobe Illustrator or AutoCAD. The screen that is not too big makes it easy for your eyes to reach one end to the other.


  • There are built-in stereo speakers for multimedia needs
  • Got cable management to make the desk tidier


  • Adjustment is limited to tilt


ASUS Republic of Gamers is intended for game lovers. If you are an advanced gamer and are creating a gaming setup, don’t miss this product. Entering the ROG series, there is no need to doubt the performance of this gaming monitor.

This product has many interesting features to make it easier for you to play games, such as Gameplus technology and DisplayWidget. This 32 inch 144 Hz curved monitor is also equipped with a lighting system behind and under the stand. The existence of a lighting system makes the gaming atmosphere more alive.


  • There is interesting lighting behind and under the monitor
  • Designed for long hours of gaming


  • The price is quite high for a new setup

Dell 34 Curved USB-C Monitor P3421W

Work requires multitasking so you need a large curved monitor? If so, consider this product. The Dell P3421W is big and packed with features that can increase your productivity. Large monitors allow you to divide the screen display into several parts.

This product also offers a variety of input ports , such as USB-A, USB-C, and HDMI. This will make it easier for you to connect it with other devices. This monitor angle adjustment is also more flexible so you can find the right position.


  • Big screen with high resolution
  • Monitor adjustments are more varied, there are height, tilt and swivel


  • Low refresh rate and high response time, not suitable for gaming


After reading the tips on choosing the best curved monitor, is there a product that fits your needs? Considering that there are so many options for curved monitor sizes, specifications, and prices , this might confuse you.

Carefully understand the points on how to choose that we have previously explained. Next, select a monitor whose specifications match your needs. Also make sure the price of the monitor fits your budget, OK? 

5 Best Curved Monitor Recommendations

  1. MSI |Optix G241VC
  2. Samsung |24″ CF39 FHD Curved Monitor with FreeSync |LC24F390FHEXXD
  3. ViewSonic |27” 165Hz 1500R Curved Gaming Monitor |VX2718-PC-MHD
  4. AOC |27″ QHD Gaming Monitor |CQ27G3S
  5. Xiaomi |Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34″

Other recomendations: