10 Best Cheap Gaming Monitor & Tips How To Choose it

Dogzily.com – Best Cheap Gaming Monitor: One of the most important components in playing games is the monitor. Therefore, the monitor of your choice should support the maximum gaming experience. 

To get it, you don’t need to prepare a large budget. Now there are many good inexpensive gaming monitors available on the market. This time we will review tips on choosing the best inexpensive monitor so you don’t buy the wrong one. 

We will also share recommendations for inexpensive gaming monitors from well-known brands, such as Samsung, LG and ASUS. You can find cheap gaming monitors of 1 million, you know. Let’s find the best gaming monitor for you!

Best Cheap Gaming Monitor

What is a Gaming Monitor?

Gaming monitors are different from regular monitors. One of the things that stands out the most is the performance and good image quality for playing games. 

The performance and quality of gaming monitors are obtained from high refresh rates and fast response times. However, not all products have these Pros.

Refresh rates on cheap gaming monitors are usually not as high as products with standard prices, which are below 144 Hz. Apart from that, there are no additional features to support gaming

Even so, cheap monitors are enough forbeginners or those of you who have never owned a gaming monitor. The product performance has been optimized for gaming even though it is cheap.

How to Choose a Cheap Gaming Monitor

Before getting into product recommendations, we will provide some tips on choosing a cheap gaming monitor. From screen size and resolution to features that must be considered before buying a gaming monitor, we will discuss it. 

Read the points carefully, OK?

① Know the difference between flat and curved monitors

There are two types of screens that you can consider when choosing a cheap gaming monitor, namely curved and flat. Know each of its characteristics so that you can adjust it to your needs.

Curved, provides a comprehensive gaming experience

Curved monitors have curved screens that can give you an immersive experience while playing games. In general, curved monitors are divided into curved radii of 1800R, 1500R and 1000R. The smaller the curved radius, the more curved the monitor will be.

There’s nothing wrong with choosing a curved screen monitor if you like to enjoy beautiful graphics in games, such as Hogwarts Legacy

However, curved monitors take up more space in your setup. This is certainly not suitable for those of you who have a narrow computer desk.

Flat, simple for your setup

Flat monitors can be relied upon if you often play MOBA games, such as League of Legends or DOTA 2. 

A monitor screen with a flat design can keep players focused, especially when playing FPS games and MOBA games. Not only that, flat monitors are often the choice because they are compact and versatile.

If you’re dreaming of having a multi-monitor setup, a flat screen design would be a better fit. You can use multiple monitors at once without worrying about crowding your desk.

② Pay attention to the refresh rate and response time in the product specifications

The most important specifications that set a gaming monitor apart from other monitors are the refresh rate and response time. Let’s look at the full discussion below.

Refresh rate: Image switching looks smoother

Refresh rate is the number of times a monitor refreshes the image every second. A monitor with a refresh rate of 144 Hz means that the screen is capable of refreshing images up to 144 times per second.

In general, a monitor with a refresh rate of 60 Hz is sufficient if you play game consoles, such as PS4 and PS5. Choosing a monitor with a higher refresh rate will have no significant effect on your game console.

Conversely, you need a monitor with a refresh rate above 60 Hz if you play PC gamesPC games mostly contain high-speed scenes, so you need a monitor that can refresh images quickly. 

So, choose a monitor with a refresh rate of 90 Hz, 120 Hz, or 144 Hz to make your gaming experience more enjoyable.

Response time: Reduced color ghosting in games

Response time is the time it takes for a pixel on a monitor to switch from one color to another

The shorter the response time, the better it will be because it can eliminate theannoying ghosting effect when playing. Ghosting is the traces of moving objects on the screen that appear when you play a game with fast image changes.

Choose a gaming monitor with a response time under 5 ms. This is so that you avoid the effects of screen tearing and fluctuating frame rates. Currently there are many gaming monitors that have a response time of just 1 ms. 

The low response time is suitable for playing games with dynamic images, such as FPS and racing games. High refresh rates and low response times will produce smooth, sharp and fluid images for gaming.

③ Find the optimal monitor size for gaming

You might think that the bigger the size of the monitor, the better the monitor is used for playing gamesPlease note that a monitor measuring 24 inches to 27 inches is the best size for gaming.

When playing on the computer, you will usually be about 40–100 cm away from the monitor. When using a large monitor, you cannot see the entire screen so your eyes and neck get tired more quickly.

Monitors with a size of 24–27 inches have a lower price with better quality. Professional gamers also prefer a 24-inch screen

Although there are large monitors for a small price, they are usually low in pixel density. To achieve a pixel density that matches gaming specifications, the price will be quite high.

④ Choose the right monitor resolution for gaming

Screen resolution is important in gaming monitors. Choose a gaming monitor with a minimum resolution of 1080p or Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) for clear and detailed images. Besides being more affordable, almost all games support this resolution.

1080p resolution has a fast response time and low input lag making it suitable for games with fast images. If your budget is sufficient, you can also choose a monitor with QHD resolution (2,560 x 1,440).

The higher the resolution, the larger the monitor screen size. The bigger the screen size, the more expensive it is. So, consider this before you choose a gaming monitor, OK?

Also make sure your computer’s graphics card supports the monitor resolution. Don’t buy a monitor with 4K resolution if the graphics card installed on your computer only supports 1080p resolution.

⑤ Adjust the panel type according to needs

There are two types of monitor panels that are often used for gaming monitors, namely TN and IPS. Let’s see the difference!

  • TN

TN or twisted nematic panels are quite popular in the gaming world because they are relatively cheaper than IPS monitors. TN monitors also have a faster response time and a higher refresh rate. 

However, this panel is inconvenient to use because the TN display usually changes color when viewed from the side. This is because TN panels have a smaller viewing angle, especially from the side.

  • IPS

IPS or in-plane switching screens have wide viewing angles. You can see the image on the monitor well from any direction. In general, IPS screens are considered the best among other panels. 

The color accuracy is also better making it suitable for HD gaming, multimedia editing and professional design. However, IPS screens have a slower response time than TN panels. IPS screen prices also tend to be higher.

⑥ Check the input connector type on the monitor

One of the points you need to pay attention to is the type and number of input connectors. There are several ports used on monitors today, such as HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, VGA, and USB type -C. 

Monitors with high refresh rates usually use DisplayPort or HDMI. You can use DVI as an alternative to HDMI if your GPU or monitor doesn’t have enough ports

Although you can add a selector on monitors without DisplayPort, the performance will be less stable. Therefore, choose the appropriate input connector for your monitor and your needs.

⑦ Check the gaming support features on the monitor

Some of the gaming features that can support the latest games include adaptive-sync and low motion blur. Check out the full explanation below!

  • Adaptive-sync

This feature serves to align the refresh rate of the graphics card with the monitor so that it can reduce game display lag. Currently there are two adaptive sync technologies, namely Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync. 

You need to pay attention to the hardware configuration (GPU) on your PC. Nvidia G-Sync requires the use of an Nvidia graphics card, while AMD FreeSync requires an AMD graphics card. 

Monitors with AMD FreeSync feature are usually less expensive than monitors with Nvidia G-Sync feature.

  • Low motion blur

This feature enables motion blur and adaptive-sync technologies to be activated simultaneouslyLow motion blur can eliminate ghosting and tearing. Because of this, visuals when playing games look sharp at high frame rates.

10 Best Cheap Gaming Monitor Recommendations

Next, we will recommend the ten best cheap gaming monitor products that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. Samsung 24” SR35LS24R350FZEXXD

If you are looking for a cheap monitor recommendation with a stable image, this product is not to be missed. This monitor has an anti-flicker feature that can eliminate flickering, especially if the voltage is not stable where you live.

This 24- inch Samsung monitor also features a refresh rate of 75 Hz which is sufficient for playing games and also editing videos. Apart from that, the screen is bezel-less. Buying this product will make you feel like you have a premium class monitor with a large screen.


  • There is an anti-flicker feature to produce flicker-free images
  • The bezel-less screen makes it comfortable to watch movies


  • The stand can only be tilted

2. Lenovo L24i-30

If you are looking for a good monitor for gaming with accurate colors, this product can be your choice. The Lenovo L24i-30 is in great demand thanks to a screen that is accurate in displaying colors, even with various contrasts. 

So, you can play games with high graphics specifications with stunning shading. If you also make designs or illustrations, this cheap gaming monitor under 2 million will be the right choice. 

With detailed colors, your designs will look brighter and more stunning. This product is one of the best 1 million monitors for those of you who are concerned with good image colors.


  • Has the most accurate sRGB compared to other entry level 1080p monitors


  • The settings button below the screen is made of plastic so it doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing

3. MSI Optix G241VC

Msi Optix G241VC is one of the best curved gaming monitors for beginners who are still practicing to improve their skills. This monitor with gaming specifications has many supporting features for playing games

One of them is to offer an immersive gaming experience so that you will feel that you are exploring the game directly. In addition, this product has a small response time, a capable refresh rate, and AMD FreeSync technology.

The specifications will increase your satisfaction when playing games. There is also an FPS Front Sight feature for those of you who play FPS games, such as Counter Strike

This feature allows you to aim at targets more easily so that the game becomes even more exciting!


  • Equipped with many features suitable for beginners


  • The resolution is relatively low for a gaming monitor

4. SPC SF-22

If you are looking for recommendations for cheap gaming monitors of 1 million, this product is worth a glance. One of the best 22 inch monitors from SPC comes with features like high-end products. 

You can play games faster and more accurately thanks to the 75 Hz refresh rate. Not only that, the SPC SF-22 has a white body. This inexpensive gaming PC monitor is a must-have if you want to create a white-toned setup on your desk.


  • The price is economical with good features for gaming


  • The monitor port is hanging down so it will be difficult to make a cable -free setup

5. LG 29” UltraWide29WP500-B

For those of you who often multitask when playing games, this product is one of the best inexpensive monitors to choose from. LG 29WP500-B features LG’s OnScreen Control which can help you open multiple tabs at once. 

So you can play games while strategizing with friends. Not only that, the ultrawide screen of 29 inches can provide an immersive gaming experience without getting dizzy.


  • There are multitasking settings with LG’s OnScreen Control feature


  • It only has three ports so it can’t be connected to many devices

6. ASUS TUF Gaming VG249Q

TUF Gaming VG249Q is designed with a refresh rate of 144 Hz to make the process of running games fast. In addition, there is the ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur feature to reduce blur from dynamic images. 

There is also a Shadow Booster feature to increase image detail in games when the area is dark. This feature can also brighten the scene. If you often play shooter games with fast images, this product is one of the best budget monitors to choose. 

This product even has a stand that can hold the weight when the screen is positioned vertically. This cheap 144 Hz gaming monitor is also compatible with the latest NVIDIA graphics cards, you know.


  • There is an ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur feature which can reduce ghosting due to games that are too fast
  • Dark areas can be seen clearly with the Shadow Booster feature


  • The contrast ratio is not as good as other monitors with similar features

7. Philips Gaming Monitor242E1GSJ/70

This product is one of the best 2 million monitors for those of you who often play games all day long. This Philips monitor is equipped with a LowBlueMode feature that can adjust its intensity when you play games. 

This feature is devoted to reducing excess radiation from the monitor beam.

By using this product, your eyes will feel more relaxed even if you play games all day. There are also other SmartImage features, such as FPS, RTS, Racing, EasyRead, and gamer profiles that can be customized according to needs.


  • There is a feature to reduce the radiation from the screen


  • The response time is not as fast as other monitors of the same class

8. AOC 23.8″ Gaming Monitor24G2SPU/BK

If you need a recommendation for an inexpensive PC monitor with the highest refresh rate, this product is reliable. 

This AOC gaming monitor comes with a refresh rate of 165 Hz. So, you can play games with high graphics specifications smoothly and without interruption. This 165 Hz monitor also features Adaptive Sync Technology support to prevent frame rates from dropping. 

For those of you who want to play games with the best graphics, this monitor is a must have.


  • The refresh rate is the highest when compared to other cheap gaming monitors


  • sRGB doesn’t vary that much, so the picture quality isn’t consistent 

9. ViewSonic 24” 165Hz Full HD Gaming MonitorVX2418-P-MHD

For those of you who like to play  horror games, you must be familiar with a dark screen. To make playing horror games even more fun, this is one of the best inexpensive gaming monitors to use.

This ViewSonic product is enriched with the Black Stabilization feature which can increase the dark colors of games

In addition, this inexpensive PC gaming monitor has good viewing angles thanks to the SuperClear 178°/178° technology. With this feature, you can see images clearly from any angle. 


  • The Black Stabilization feature can increase dark colors so games look clearer


  • There are reviews that say that ghosting can be seen when the monitor displays dynamic images

10. LG 24” UltraGear24GN60R-B

This product is one of the best gaming monitors to choose if you often play racing games, such as Forza Horizon 4. The LG 24GN60R-B comes with a response time of 1 ms like a high -end gaming monitor. 

Complementing this, this monitor also has a Dynamic Action Sync feature. All the action of the games you play will be seen quickly and without lag. Therefore, this product is suitable for game players who require high accuracy.


  • Has a fast response time and various other anti-lag features


  • The screen is not very flexible so it is difficult to adjust for certain angles


Have you found the coveted cheap gaming monitor product? Product sizes, specifications, and prices vary. Consider the points on how to choose that we have described above as your guide.

Apart from adjusting the specifications to your needs, budget is an equally important point to consider. Hopefully, this review can help you find a cheap gaming monitor that suits your needs and budget.

5 Best Gaming Monitors Recommendation

  1. LG |23.8” UltraGear™ Full HD IPS 1ms (GtG) Gaming Monitor |24GN650-B
  2. Xiaomi |Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34″
  3. AOC |23.8″ FreeSync Premium Gaming Monitor |24G2
  4. Acer |KA2 |KA242Y
  5. MSI |MPG Artymis 273CQR

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