The 10 Best Center Speakers – Reviewed by a Sound Engineer – Best Center Speakers: If you are not satisfied with the audio quality from the TV speakers, consider buying a center speaker. This type of speaker for TV is the right choice if you want to create a home theater. Combined with a sharp TV screen resolution, center speaker makes the atmosphere of watching movies livelier.

This time we will explain tips on choosing a good center speaker for you. We will also provide product recommendations from various brands, such as Yamaha and JBL. This article has been reviewed by our sound engineer, Dennis Novriandi. Read the review till the end to find the best TV speakers!

Best Center Speakers

What is the Function of the Speaker Center?

Speaker center is a speaker that is placed in the middle of one side of the room. Being centrally located, the product provides ideal sound transmission for those sitting in the center of the room. Therefore, this speaker is suitable for those of you who want to make a home theater

With speaker center, the viewing atmosphere is more enjoyable because the dialogue in the film is heard clearly. The product is also suitable for playing games and listening to music

In fact, some speakers are given a subwoofer so that the bass sound is clearer. It’s a good idea to understand important things about speaker centers in this article before buying the product.

Collaborating with experts: How to choose a center speaker

If you type the keyword speaker center on the marketplace, you will find tons of products. Below are specific points that you can look at before buying a center speaker.

① Know what kind of speaker center you need

Center speakers have different characteristics. Let’s determine the choice of speaker center that suits your needs.

Full-range speakers: Inexpensive, easy to find, and suitable for simple applications

This type produces bassmidrange, and treble in one speaker unit. Basically, full-range speakers cover all frequency bands. However, the specifications offered are only aimed at making the sound easier to hear. 

The specifications for this center speaker are simple with a relatively affordable price. However, the more expensive the price, the quality is usually better. We recommend these speakers for beginners or temporary use. 

2-way speaker: Equipped with a treble tweeter and can be used alone

2-way speakers (two-way speakers) consist of midrangelow range, and additional tweetersThis tweeter functions to emit high-frequency sound. This is the most common type of center speaker on the market.

This type is suitable for use as a center speaker and can be installed as a single unit without additional devices. The price varies, depending on the frequency range and frequency curve offered.

3-way speaker: For high quality sound connoisseurs

Three-way speakers are speakers that can produce low, mid, and high frequency sounds. Each frequency is divided into dedicated speakers or special speakers so that the audio quality is very goodThis speaker is suitable for connoisseurs of high-quality audio.

With very good sound production quality, the price of this speaker is relatively high. If you are looking for speakers for home theater, you can add this type. However, three-way speakers are usually large. Therefore, you need to consider the available space.

② Check the intensity of the sound produced by the speaker

In comparing speaker performance, pay attention to the units that measure sound intensity expressed in dB (decibels). The higher the dB number listed, the louder the sound your speakers will produce. The audio produced by such a speaker will sound good, even when tuned low.

If you intend to add a center speaker to your TV, choose a product with a minimum range of 75 dB. Minimum range of 85 dB can be selected if you want better sound quality like a home theater.

③ Check inputs for amplifiers, home theaters and other devices

When looking at the speaker specifications, you will find the impedance value indicated by the “Ω” symbol. The speaker impedance value  should be adjusted to the needs of your amplifier. If the output on your power amplifier is 8 Ω, the passive speaker input should also be 8 Ω.

Speaker impedance that does not match the amplifier will cause less than optimal sound. If you select an impedance level that is too high, the sound will be noise.

④ Match the size and design of the center speaker to your room

Speaker center not only functions as a loudspeaker, but also decorates your room. Therefore, the size must be adjusted to the size of the TV. Product design that fits the interior of your room also needs to be considered. Below we break it down for you.

  • Size 

Since center speakers are ideally placed under the TV, you can add a TV stand. However, there is also a TV and speaker center mounted on the wall.

Avoid choosing speakers with a size larger than the TV. Speakers that are too big spread sound and irritate the ears. So, don’t forget to choose a balanced and optimal speaker size.

  • Design

The existence of a center speaker at home is still striking and attracts attention even though it is the same size as the TV. So, it will be more harmonious if you adjust the design of the TV and speakers with the interior of the house.

Avoid choosing speakers with glossy colors. These colors will reflect light and interfere with the eye when watching. You can choose a non-reflective design, such as a matte or wood grain pattern

10 Best Rcomended Center Speakers

Next, we will recommend the ten best center speakers that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. Yamaha NS-P160

This product is the choice for those of you who are looking for a complete package of center speakers and surround speakers. There is one center speaker and two surround speakers that you can install to become a mini home theater . This product is equipped with two woofers and a dome tweeter for film audio and music vocal needs.

 This TV speaker is also equipped with a woofer and tweeter which functions to reproduce the audio quality. This is so that you get an audio listening experience that is comfortable on the ear. Installing the Yamaha center speaker is also practical. You can put it on the table or hang it on the wall.


  • Attractive and elegant appearance, can be a wardrobe accessory
  • Installation is more flexible and easy 


  • The character of the bass sound that comes out is not too loud to watch movies

2. Polk Audio S35 Signature Series Home Theater Slim Center Speaker

If you love orchestral instruments, this speaker center offers a special experience for you. Polk S35 already supports high resolution audio files. When you play high-resolution audio, these speakers will make you feel like you are in a concert hall.

The speakers for this TV also offer a theater-like experience. Watching movies with these speakers feels more immersive. Installation is also easy. The shape of this product is also compact. You don’t need a large space to install it.


  • Able to play high resolution music files properly
  • Compatible with many settings for home theater


  • Due to the  smaller size of the driver, low tones are not heard as well

3. SVS Prime Center Speaker

Generally, the ideal viewing position is in the middle of the room. However, viewing comfort for each person is different. For those of you who frequently change viewing positions or have many family members, we recommend this product. 

This product is a speaker for TV with a tweeter and a midrange driver that are aligned. So, these speakers are capable of producing good audio wherever your sweet spot is while watching. The dialogue from the movie can be heard clearly even if you are not sitting in the middle of the room.


  • The audio quality when watching Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and the like is very good
  • Playing jazz and pop songs doesn’t need a subwoofer anymore


  • Music mode on multi-channel doesn’t sound clear, not suitable for audiophiles

4. Q Acoustics 2000Ci

If you are looking for a center speaker that is affordable and has a beautiful design, we recommend this product. The price for this Q Acoustic product is economical, so you don’t need to prepare a big budget to be able to own it.

The design of this TV speaker is elegant so it can beautify the room. The placement is also quite flexible. You can place this product standing or sitting, even attached to the wall using an additional bracket. So, you can more freely determine the area where it is placed.


  • Affordable prices with competitive quality for the speaker center class
  • Compact size , can fit under the TV cabinet


  • Audio is a bit grainy and the feel of bass is Consing for music lovers

5. Paradigm Monitor SE 2000C

Paradigm offers a center speaker with high-quality audio and high-end appearance. Monitor SE 2000C’s audio quality makes it feel as if you’re watching a musical performance. 

These TV speakers are also able to provide a more lively experience when you watch movies. Not only that, its elegant design is suitable for those of you who have a room with a minimalist interior style.


  • Clear and detailed audio for playing a wide variety of music


  • When listening to music via streaming platforms or compressed audio files, the audio quality degrades

6. KEF Q650C Center Channel Speaker

Are you looking for a center speaker with clear and crisp sound results? If so, this is the product for you. With the KEF Q650, vocals and sound effects will sound clean and clear. This is thanks to the Uni-Q technology.

The tweeter of this product is placed in the middle of the woofer so that detailed sound reproduction is widespread. In addition, the 16.5 cm woofer of this TV speaker makes the sound full and powerful. So, you can enjoy amazing audio quality.


  • The audio produced is clear and clean, perfect for listening to music
  • The display is pleasing to the eye so that it beautifies the viewing display


  • Cable not included so must be purchased separately
  • The size is quite large, not suitable for limited space

7. Focal Audio Chorus CC 700

If you enjoy playing songs or watching movies at high volume, consider this product. This center speaker uses dense and thick MDF material. The inside uses a nonparallel structure that reduces vibration and eliminates unwanted resonance. Thus, the audio from the speakers for this TV remains stable even if you play it at high volume.


  • Low and high frequencies are good for playing instrumental music 
  • Natural tones , the dialogue in the film sounds clear and easy to understand


  • The appearance looks a bit old-fashioned for some people

8. JBL by Harman Arena 125C

We recommend this product if you are looking for a TV speaker for a variety of uses. JBL Arena 125C is able to provide the best performance according to your needs. This is thanks to the two 5.5-inch polycellulose woofers . You can use this JBL center speaker to listen to music, watch movies, enjoy TV shows and play console games.


  • Able to produce kicking bass sound regardless of the audio type


  • Bass sound quality is not maximized when pasted on the wall

9. ELAC Debut Reference Center Speaker DCR52

This product is one of the best center speakers for listening to music. The ELAC DCR52 is equipped with a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter that maintains its audio performance while you play music for hours on end. 

The speakers for this TV have an attractive design with a touch of elegant traditional style. Its appearance makes the set up in your viewing room look luxurious.


  • Audio is clear and firm, great for listening to music and watching movies
  • The front has a magnetic grill so it’s easy to open and close


  • Some people don’t like its appearance because it looks like fake wood

10. Sonus Faber Lumina C1

This product can be an option for those of you who are looking for a center speaker with a classy and elegant appearance. Sonus Faber Lumina C1 is made using selected wood with an artistic design touch. 

The natural pattern of the wood and speaker design for this TV give your set an expensive feel. Therefore, you can beautify your viewing room with a modern touch with this product.


  • Quality is maintained because it is made using premium materials


  • Prices are less affordable for novice audio connoisseurs


TV is one of the entertainment that you can enjoy at home. To make the atmosphere of watching TV livelier, don’t forget to pay attention to the audio quality. Therefore, relying on TV speakers alone is not enough.

You can add speaker center as a complement to your TV audio. If you are confused about choosing one, you can use our article as a guide. Come on, find and enjoy the best speaker center quality!

5 Best Center Speaker recommendations

  1. Yamaha|NS-P160
  2. Polk Audio |S35 Signature Series Home Theater Slim Center Speaker
  3. SVS|Prime Center Speaker
  4. Q Acoustics|2000Ci
  5. Paradigm|Monitor SE 2000C

Other recomendations: