Best Cat Water Fountains – Reviewed by Veterinarian

Dogzily.comBest Cat Water Fountains are no longer just equipment. The product can lighten your task, even maintain the health of your beloved cat. In addition to hanging products, there are now electric drinking containers where the water continues to flow automatically like a fountain.

However, your cat may need other products. For that, we will share how to choose the best cat water fountains. We have also prepared product recommendations from various good brands, such as Petkit, M-PETS, and others. Do you want steel or ceramic? Everything is there! This article has been reviewed by our vet, drh. Doel. Happy reading!

Best Cat Water Fountains

Collaborating With Experts: How To Choose A Cat Water Fountains

Choosing a place to drink a cat should not be arbitrary, you know. The model, size and material need to be adjusted to the needs of your cat. Therefore, make sure you listen to the explanation on how to choose it from us below, OK?

① Select the type according to your needs

Every cat has different habits. Therefore, the types of cat water fountain on the market are quite diverse. Check out the full description below so you don’t choose the wrong one.

Traditional, easy to maintain and use

If your cat isn’t particularly picky about its water source, this type will work. The traditional type is a bowl for cats to drink. So, cleaning and using it is very easy. There are products that can be hung in the cage, you know.

The drawback of this type is that it gets dirty easily because it is open. You need to change the water regularly to keep it hygienic. Water change is mandatory. 

In addition to avoiding contaminated water, changing water is done because cats really like fresh and cold water. Therefore, this type is more suitable if you have time to keep monitoring the condition. The water also needs to be refilled manually.

To increase your cat’s drinking habit, have more than one bowl in the house. You can also combine it with other types. That way, your cat avoids dehydration, and has many choices of clean drinking water sources.

Dispenser, the water is always filled automatically

This type is an option for those of you who cannot continuously monitor the water conditions for your beloved cat. Like the dispenser that you use for drinking, this type can hold water and drain it automatically for the cat. In addition, the type of dispenser has a shape that attracts the cat’s attention and the quality of the stored water is also maintained.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your beloved cat running out of water. Just make sure you fill the dispenser completely. You won’t find this advantage in the traditional type because the water needs to be filled in manually.

Because it is automatic, this type is suitable for those of you who have to leave your beloved cat to work. Just like the traditional one, the dispenser type is also available in a hanging model. On average, the product can hold water for consumption for 2–3 days.

Water fountain, easy to attract cat’s attention

Not all cats are interested in drinking water from a bowl. Your cat may prefer other, more attractive sources of water, such as dripping tap water. Cats are naturally attracted to running water because what they see is fresher. If that’s the case, you can use a fountain-type cat water fountains.

This type works electrically to produce a fountain. Showers vary depending on the product. In essence, flowing water easily attracts cats. Your cat has the potential to drink more water than usual, you know.

Even though it is automatic, the use of fountain-type drinking containers is as easy as the dispenser type. The water will stop flowing when the power is off. Treatment is not as easy as othersYou need to change the filter regularly. The product also has many compartments for cleaning.

② Make sure the material is safe for your cat

Cat water fountains on the market are generally made of plastic. However. is it safe for your cat? Keep in mind, plastic contains chemicals. So, make sure the product is claimed to be food grade, and does not contain BPA.

The drawback of plastic is that it scratches easilyThis section will be the perfect hiding place for germs and bacteria. It’s best to just replace the product that has been scratched with a new one to maintain the health of your beloved cat.

If you want a product whose safety is guaranteed, choose one made of ceramic or stainless steel. The product is easy to clean and does not smell like plastic. Keep in mind, ceramics are more at risk of damage because they are breakable materials. However, unlike stainless steel which is light weight, the ceramic cup is not easy for your cat to move.

③ Check the size and water capacity

Your cat won’t drink from its holder? It could be that the drinking cup you are using is too small. In general, cats don’t like it when their whiskers touch something. So you’ll need a wider cupboard so you don’t touch the cat’s whiskersYour cat may only drink when the water is full if the drinking bowl is small.

Please note, cats need a water intake of 0.1 L per 2 kg of body weight every day. So, adult cats weighing 4–5 kg each day need at least 0.2 L of water consumption. Make sure the product can meet your cat’s needs, OK?

10 Recommendations for the Best Cat Water Fountains

Next, we will recommend the ten best cat water fountains that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. PetFountain

Not all fountain-type cat water fountains cost a lot, you know. There are still products that are suitable if your budget is limited, really. With a high fountain design, this product will easily attract your cat’s attention. The price is also friendly for its type. Anabul is happy, you are calm too!

In addition, this product is equipped with an LED to make it easy for your cat to find it, even in dark conditions. The water capacity is also high enough that you don’t need to keep refilling it. With complete features plus a friendly price, it’s no wonder that this product is one of the prima donnas in Indonesian e-commerce.

2. Arthacat Tirta Surya Pet Feeder Convey

This is the product to choose from if you are just about to provide a special place to eat and drink for your beloved cat. No need to buy them separately, Arthacat Pet Feeder Convey offers both in one product for you. You can also save more.

This cat water fountain is also equipped with an interesting feature. At the edges there is a gap so that it can be filled with water. This way, the ants won’t be able to climb up to reach your cat’s water and food. Features that help a lot, right?

3. Bardy WaterFountains

Want to set your cat’s drinking hours so that their consumption is better monitored? You need this product. You can operate the Bardi Water Fountain remotely via an application. Just make sure there is a WiFi network in your home. Want to turn on or turn off the power from any room is not a problem.

In addition to being set at will, you can create a product operational schedule. So, you can always make sure your beloved cat consumes sufficient volume of water every day.

4. Pet Water Bottle Cage

For cat cages that are not too large, you need to choose products that save space. This situation is usually facilitated by a drinking cup with a nozzle. But what if your cat can’t use it? You can take advantage of this one product.

This drinking place uses a water reservoir like the type of dispenser in general, you know. So, this product won’t be difficult for your cat, but still saves space in the cage.

5. M-PETS Nile Water Dispenser 1.5 L

Don’t worry if you are too busy to refill your favorite cat’s water bottle. M-PETS Nile Water Dispenser will help you a lot. This product can hold up to 1.5 L of water. The water stock can last up to 7 days for 1 adult cat only.

If you already have an automatic pet feeder, this product will certainly complement it. With these two equipments, your cat can eat and drink independently without having to prepare it first.

6. Ubowl Cubic & Hanger UB1

If you are looking for a cat water fountains that can be hung in its cage, this product can be considered. However, this product can also be placed on the floor, you know. So you can take advantage of it, whether the cat is in the cage or not.

How to use it is very easy. You don’t need to make modifications to apply it differently. The stainless steel bowl is even removable for easier washing. For information, there is a model with a round bowl shape.

7. Petkit Eversweet 3

Even though it is electric, this product can still save power. You can choose smart mode so that the cup only works when approached. You can still rely on Petkit Eversweet 3 when the power goes out. This product is equipped with a battery slot that can last up to 7 days. 

In addition, this fountain-type cat water fountains is not noisy at all. The sound volume is only 30 db. Its performance is also extraordinary with filters that can filter out dander, dust, and food particles. If you prioritize convenience, immediately add this product to your wish list.

8. Non Slip Double Layer Stainless Bowl

You don’t want a cat water fountain with an innocent pattern? This product is the choice. This traditional drinking bowl has a choice of colors and cute motifs. So, you can adjust it to the color of your favorite cat’s necklace. The size can even be chosen based on your cat’s needs.

That’s not the only feature. This product is equipped with a non-slip mat so it doesn’t shift easily. The water will not spill easily when the drinking bowl is accidentally touched.

9. Els Pet Pet Splash Proof Floating Water Bowl

No need to touch the area around the cat’s drinking bowl can get wet. The reason is, your cat will cause splashes of water while drinking. It’s no wonder that the area around the drinking area is often wet. Well, you can use this product to avoid that.

This Els Pet product is designed to reduce splashing water from your cat when it is drinking. The inside is given a floating plate with the intention of providing a sufficient portion of water for the pet. In addition, this design makes your cat’s drinking water less dirty.

10. Ceramic Dog Cat Bowl with Wooden Frame

If your cat’s collar is personalized, just make the drinking bowl personal too. Products that can be customized are already available in the market, you know. By purchasing this drinker, you can ask the seller to add your beloved cat’s name to the bowl.

You can choose the color of the bowl and the font of the name yourself. In addition, you will also get supports from wood. This section is useful so that the bowl does not directly collide with the floor. For information, the price listed is the price of the bowl only. You still need to add costs to get name customization.


Have you found the cat water fountains you’ve been looking for? The products you need will depend on your cat’s habits or intended use. For certain situations, you need to use a different type of product.

Furthermore, you can choose products whose ingredients are safe so that your cat’s health is guaranteed. Also make sure the size is right for your beloved pet, OK? The best cat watering cans will certainly meet their needs!

5 Recommendations For The Best Cat Water Fountanins

  1. Pet Fountain
  2. Arthacat Tirta Surya |Pet Feeder Convey
  3. Bardi |Water Fountain
  4. Pet Water Bottle Cage
  5. M-PETS |Nile Water Dispenser 1.5 L

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