10 Best Cat Grass – Reviewed by Veterinarian

Dogzily.comHave you ever seen a cat eating grass? Don’t be surprised, even though they are carnivorous animals, it turns out that cats also eat grass. If you have a cat, don’t give your cat any grass. Give your beloved cat a special grass for cats, namely wheat grass or wheatgrass.

You can easily find CG on the market now. This grass is sold in the form of seeds and ready-to-harvest grass. So that you are not confused, we will share tips on choosing good cat grass. There are also recommendations for the best cat grass, such as the Lazycat brand, Jogja CG, and others.

Best Cat Grass

What is Cat Grass?

There are many types of cat grass. However, the type that is often used is the type of wheat grass. Wheat grass is safe and has many benefits for cat health. Wheatgrass is very beneficial especially for cat digestion. CG contains enzymes needed by cats that cannot be synthesized by their bodies.

Cats will usually eat grass to make them vomit. By eating the wheat grass, the cat’s digestion becomes healthier. This is caused by the cat excreting something toxic or indigestible.

Cat grass or wheat grass itself contains lots of vitamins and minerals that can boost a cat’s immune system. In addition, wheat grass also contains chlorophyll and folic acid which function to produce oxygen in the blood. Because you can grow it yourself, wheat grass is certainly healthier because it doesn’t contain pesticides and other chemicals.

Collaborating With Experts: How To Choose Cat Grass

Do not let you choose random products for the meow at home. You should pay attention to the following points before buying cat grass. 

① Choose by shape

There are two forms of cat grass on the market, namely the form of seeds or seeds and ready-to-harvest grass. Both of these forms have their advantages. You can choose the shape according to your preferences and needs.

Seeds or seeds, can be planted alone for multiple harvests

If you’re more comfortable growing your own, choose cat grass in the form of seeds or seeds. This type is not directly consumed by cats, but you can harvest the grass many times. Not to worry, the seeds will start growing in as little as seven to fifteen days.

You also don’t need a large area of ​​land to plant this wheat grass seed. You only need to provide a small pot to plant it. However, you must adjust the number of seeds to the size of the pot so that the grass grows properly. Plant as much as you can for your cat’s supply. Lots of plants certainly make your garden or house look fresher.

Wheat germ is not only beneficial for cats, but can also be consumed by humans. This plant contains 70% chlorophyll which is antibacterial and removes toxins from the body. In addition, plants from wheat seeds can be used for medicinal plants at home.

Grass ready for harvest, practically no need to be planted first

Well, this ready-to-harvest grass is suitable for those of you who don’t want to bother and don’t have time to plant it yourself. In addition, this product is also suitable for those of you who are afraid of crop failure. This ready-to-harvest grass is very practical. You don’t have to wait for grass to grow to give it to your cat. 

This product has been sold with pots, soil, and grass that has thrived. The length of this grass varies depending on its age. However, you should pay attention to the size of the pot. Because the size of the pot is large, of course, a lot of grass will grow too.

Ready-to-harvest grass is highly recommended for those of you who keep indoor cats and have limited space to plant seeds. Ready-to-harvest grass is also more effective because you don’t have to wait long to harvest the grass.

② Pay attention to the weight when purchasing seedling forms

If you choose a product in the form of seedlings, do not forget to pay attention to its weight. You will find CG seeds of varying weights, from 20 grams to 100 grams. In 20 grams of this seed contains about 200–300 wheat grass seeds. 

You need to remember that the weight of this seed must adjust to the size of the pot. Cat grass seeds weighing 20 grams should be planted in a pot with a diameter of 10 cm. If you want to plant more seeds, you will need to prepare a larger pot.

③ For convenience, look for products that come with pots and soil

Now, planting cat grass is no longer a troublesome job. You can buy wheatgrass in a set on the marketplace. Now there are many products that are sold in packages, ranging from seeds, pots, even soil ready for planting. 

You also don’t need to prepare the soil and also the pot. This is certainly more practical and profitable, especially for those of you who are not proficient in growing plants.

However, the size of the pot, the weight of the seeds, and also the soil varies. Therefore, make sure you choose according to your needs. If you as a pet owner live in a densely populated area or in an apartment, you can choose the grass that is sold along with the soil and pots.

Some products also offer seeds in large quantities for multiple plantings. So, come on, there’s no reason why you can’t grow your own CG.

10 Best Cat Grass Recommendations

Next, we will recommend the ten best cat grass products that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. Cat Grass Wheat Seeds 50GR

This product is suitable for those of you who already have complete planting media or are used to farming. You can replant the pot of soil you harvested with this product. This product is a wheat grass seed that is sold at a very affordable price which is suitable for one planting. This grass also has a fairly high growth percentage. 

2. Cat Wheatgrass Planting Package

Unlike the previous product, which contained cocopeat in one package, this product contains 100 grams of fertile soil. This product is perfect for those of you who don’t understand the difference between good soil for planting. You also don’t need to prepare the soil yourself. Soil is also considered to have higher nutrient elements than cocopeat.

3. Jogja Cat Grass Package 2x Plant

There is one interesting thing from this product. This cat grass seed package is offered in a very attractive choice of pot colors. Starting from blue, pink, orange, green, red, purple, and others. 

You can choose the color of the pot according to your taste to make the garden at home more colorful. In addition, this package contains CG seeds for two plantings. So, you can reuse the pot to plant again.

4. MicroSeeds Wheat Grass Seeds 100 gr

This cat grass seed is an imported seed. This product is guaranteed clean and also free of fleas. That way, cat grass will grow well, even the percentage is up to 85 percent. 

This product is also claimed to have premium quality. In just eight days, CG is ready to be harvested. So, if you prefer to grow your own, but are afraid of failure to thrive, this product will prove its worth to you.

5. Lazycat Cat Grass Cup

Who would have thought that this small cup with packaging that resembles ice cream is cat grass seeds. This product is unique and different from other products. This Cat Grass Cup is a product that already contains seeds and soil ready for planting. 

You only need to water this small cup or pot with water to care for it. So, keep your hands clean without the hassle of preparing soil, seeds and more. This product is suitable for those of you who want to grow their own, but are not used to it. 

6. Yaou Care Cat Grass

This product claims to be given to other pets, such as dogs, rabbits and turtles. So, if you have these pets, you can choose this product. 

Your pet will get the benefits of cat grass, including removing swallowed fur, maintaining the digestive system, and so on. Plus, this product also has a more affordable price for ready-to-harvest grass products. Direct consumption, no need to bother planting.

7. Beby’s Stuff Cat Grass Ready to Harvest

Do you have a lot of cats at home? Instead of buying seeds, you should choose this one product. This product is sold in the form of ready-to-harvest grass that has grown tall. This cat grass is grass that is seven or eight days old. That way, your cats don’t have to wait long to consume it. The pot is also a very attractive purple color. 

This grass is useful for increasing endurance and reducing stress. That way, the risk of chronic disease will decrease. This grass can also be consumed as a snack. However, keep control over the administration because cat digestion is not designed for vegetarians.

8. Castle Garden Cat Grass

Does your birthday friend like gardening? We advise you to give him this product. Different from other products, a packet of cat grass seeds is packed neatly with attractive packaging. In one package, seeds, flannel, and organic media are provided. This product container can also be used as a tray for growing cat grass. Practical, right?

9. Babe Cathouse Organic Cat Grass Seeds

If you want your cat to start changing their lifestyle by eating organic food, choose this product. By consuming this product, your cat will be healthier because this cat grass grass is also one hundred percent organic.

The high fiber content of this grass is suitable for cats with constipation and improves their digestive system. Apart from being for cats, this product is claimed to be good for dog health, you know! In one purchase, you will get 100 grams of seeds which is quite a lot.

10. Tone Fast Benih Jaya Cat Grass Seeds

If you are looking for quality seeds, we recommend this product. This seed is claimed to have premium quality. The seeds of this product are superior varieties that will grow high quality wheat grass. 

Plus, this product is also very affordable. With a price that doesn’t drain your pocket, you will get 400 seeds for one planting. This product is also packaged in aluminum foil which keeps the product inside well preserved.

Common Questions About Cat Grass

After reviewing how to choose and product recommendations, we will answer popular questions about cat grass. If you are still curious about cat grass, see the answer below!

What types of grass are forbidden for cats to consume?

Not all types of plants can be consumed by cats. There are some plants that should be kept away from cats. Some of them are elephant ears, taro leaves, lilies, aloe vera, and chrysanthemum tulips.

How to plant and care for cat grass

For those of you who are new to or have never grown this useful plant, follow our planting tips. Growing cat grass or wheat grass is not difficult. After successfully planting, cat grass must be cared for so that it thrives. Therefore, see how we share the following.

  • Prepare seeds or wheat grass seeds. Make sure the seed weight and pot size match.
  • Soak the seeds in water for 10 hours. After that, discard and replace the soaking water, and repeat the immersion three times.
  • When the roots have grown after three soaks, plant the seeds in the prepared pot.
  • Line the pot with paper before planting the seeds.
  • Place the soil in the pot, then scatter the wheat grass seeds over it.
  • Cover the pot with newspaper, and spray the seeds with water every evening. On the fourth day, open the newspaper cover, then keep spraying it with water once a day.
  • On the ninth or tenth day the grass is ready to be harvested. Usually the grass will grow about 15 cm with split ends.
  • Place it in front of your cat, and the grass is ready to eat!

Planting CG is not difficult, is it? You do have to patiently wait for the grass to thrive. However, when harvest day comes, the taste will be very satisfying. 

Tips for cultivating cat grass from our veterinarian, Bella Fortuna

You can cut CG into small pieces and then add wet food for your beloved cat. You can also process it like juice. The trick, take a few strands and then blender. You can give it directly or mix it with wet food.

By serving cat grass directly and whole, the cat will instinctively approach and eat it.


Even though it is a carnivorous animal, CG turns out to be good for cats to consume. Cat grass or wheatgrass functions to remove materials that are toxic or that cats cannot digest. 

You can choose wheat grass in seed form or buy ready-to-harvest grass. Many sellers offer cat grass in packets with seeds, pots, and soil. This is practical for those of you who want to grow your own. 

5 Best Cat Grass Recommendations

  • Cat Grass Wheat Seeds 50GR
  • Cats |Wheatgrass Planting Package
  • Cat Grass Jogja |CG Package 2x Plant
  • Micro Seed |Wheat Grass Seed 100 gr
  • Lazycat |Cat Grass Cup

Other recomendations: