Top 10 Best Cat Cage Recommendations – Best Cat Cage: Level cat cages have a myriad of benefits for those of you who have lots of cats. Besides being able to be a cat bed, level cat cages also make it easier for you to organize your cats. Level cat cages can also make the house tidier because the design doesn’t take up much space.

For those of you who are looking for level cat cages, now we will review the recommendations for the best level cat cages. You will find good brands of cat cages such as Krypton here. Previously, we will also explain the points that need to be considered before choosing a level cat cage. 

Best Cat Cage

How to Choose a Cat Cage

Choosing a level cat cage is difficult and easy. The following points will make it easier for you to choose the best cat cages.

① Check the material type of the cage

There are various kinds of level cat cage materials. Each has advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will discuss the characteristics of cat cages materials that are often found in Indonesia.

Wood, for cat cages with attractive designs

Wood has a natural color that can add to the aesthetic value of the cat cages. Wooden level cat cages will usually be combined with glass to make it easier for you to see the cat.

Some people choose wooden level cat cages because they are attracted by the design which can also be used as a display at home. However, cat cages made of wood are susceptible to mold because they absorb water and moisture. In addition, you also need to clean the cage frequently so that your cats don’t catch diseases from dirty cages.

Iron and aluminum, more strong and durable

Iron and aluminum are the most common materials used for level cat cages. The characteristics of the strong and sturdy material are a consideration for manufacturers to use this material to make large or tall cages.

This material is also the most durable when compared to wood and plastic materials. However, you have to be diligent in cleaning the cage so it doesn’t rust due to cat feces.

Plastic, mildewproof and easy to clean

The last material that is also commonly used is plastic. Plastic is a material that is easily cleaned with water. This material is also antifungal and does not absorb water like wood. Plastic level cat cages usually have attractive designs and are more colorful. However, in Indonesia itself it is still difficult to find cat cages made of plastic.

② Consider the number of tiers of cages

You need to consider the number of levels in the cage before buying a level cat cage. If you have a lot of cats, of course you need cages with more levels, right? Here we summarize the number of cage level arrangements that are often found on the market.

1–2 grade: Suitable for cats that are not too big

Cat cages with one or two levels are perfect for cats that are not too big. Cat cages of this level are generally not too big. Avoid using this cage for large cats because it can interfere with their movement space.

Usually in one cage like this can fit two to three cats. This capacity is considered sufficient considering that you also have to include a cat food or cat toilet.

3–5 grade: Perfect for a mother cat and her kittens

Separating a mother cat from her kittens is definitely not a good idea. Therefore, you need a cat cage with a higher number of levels. You might consider a three- to five-level cat enclosure.

Level three or five cat cages can accommodate a mother cat and her kittens. By choosing a cage like this, you won’t have to buy a new cage again when the kittens grow up.

More than 5 levels: For you You have many cats

Large cat cages with more than five levels are often used by many cat owners. We also recommend that you cat shelter owners choose this cage.

The large dimensions and more levels can accommodate up to a dozen cats. Not infrequently cages like this also have more than one room to separate the cats. You will find it easier to manage your cats so that the care and health of cats is guaranteed.

③ We recommend that the number of doors is more than one to make it easier to manage cats

After considering the number of levels for the cat cages, you also need to determine the number of doors. The number of doors that are more than one will make it easier for you to manage your cat. Your cats will also not fight because they already have access to their respective doors. You can choose door variations such as sliding doors and hinged doors.

④ Choose one with space for a cat toilet

Putting a cat litter box or toilet into the cage can help cats not defecate in the open. Therefore, you may consider choosing a cat cage that is a little wide.

You can also train your kitten to relieve themselves in the litter box. However, you need to clean the cage regularly. If not, bacteria will easily grow and spread, causing disease for your cat.

⑤ Check for wheels to make it easy to move around

Level cat cages are usually large and tall. Therefore, you need a cage that has wheels so it’s easy to move the cage. The existence of wheels in the cage also makes it easier for you to clean it. You can also choose wheels that have retainers so that the cage doesn’t move easily because of the cat’s movements.

Top 10 Best Cat Cage Recommendations

Next, we will recommend ten of the best level cat cage products that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. Krypton Extra Jumbo Level 4 Cat Cage

We recommend this iron cat cage for those of you who are worried that your cat will get poisoned because it likes to bite the cage. Well, this cage uses thick powder coating paint which is stainless so it is safe for your cats. You only need to clean it regularly to keep cats from attacking bacteria and germs. The size is large enough to still fit several cats.


  • Consists of four levels so that cats can freely play
  • The thick powder coating makes it safe for cats


  • Some reviews mention this cage has thin iron

2. Two-level House Model Cat Cage

This unique cat cage is suitable for those of you who don’t like ordinary box-shaped cat cages. The shape resembles a house so it makes your cat feel like he has his own home!

The house-like model also allows you more freedom to add cat toys such as hammocks and balls. You can also add a carpet as a cat bed on the level so that the cats are more comfortable playing in their house!

3. Level One Folding Cat Cage

If you have a small cat, this cage is perfect for you. Equipped with one level, your kitten becomes more free to move. You don’t need to worry about cats running out of the house because you can put all their needs in the cage.

In addition, you can fold this cage when you are not using it. You can also store and transport it easily when folded. Immediately have this minimalist cage, come on!

4. Super Jumbo Cat Cage Level 7

For those of you who have up to a dozen cats, now you don’t need to worry. This cage can contain your cats comfortably. Equipped with three doors, making the puppy more flexible when leaving or entering. However, for your convenience, you need to buy additional accessories such as cat feeders and litter boxes.

5. KKC-02L Aluminum Cat Cage

If you have an adult cat, of course you need a bigger and stronger cage. Well, this cage is the right product for you! Made of aluminum, this cage is sturdy enough to accommodate your cats.

In addition to its maximum function, this cage also has attractive color choices with glass doors. You will never get tired of looking at your cats in these beautiful cages!

6. Octagon Level 4 Cat Cage C220

Don’t want to bother buying a separate cat cage with its accessories? You can choose our recommended cat cage on this one! This cage is equipped with a place to eat and drink cats. So you don’t have to bother spending extra budget to buy a place to eat and drink cats. More practical!

7. 3 Level Imported Cat Cage with Hammock

This third level cat cage is equipped with a hammock for the cats to play. The size of the cage is wide with three levels. The levels can be used as a cat’s playground. Additional accessories such as a cat feeder are also available. So, there is no more cat drama going berserk in the cage because the energy can be channeled!

8. 2 Level Plastic Cat Cage GDYR62B

This minimalist cat cage is suitable for those of you who have teenage cats. The size is not too big enough to fit two teenage children complete with their lunch boxes. This cage also features a detachable bottom mat for cleaning. The choice of pastel colors is also not boring and will certainly beautify your room!

9. Super Jumbo Cat Cage 6 Doors

Want to have a premium cat cage for your cat? This product is the right choice! In addition to the large number of rooms, this cage is equipped with a tiled floor. You will get a shiny look and of course easier to clean. More interestingly, you can choose the desired ceramic motif. Just adjust it to the interior style you like!

10. Level Two Wooden Cat Cage

We recommend this one product for those of you who are looking for a cat cage with a beautiful and simple design. The white color gives a simple impression, but the pattern of cats in the cage will make a cute, unique accent. Not only that, there are a variety of additional accessories in the cage that will make your puppy even more comfortable!


After reading this article, have you found a level cat cage that suits your needs? Don’t miss important points such as the number of levels, materials, and the size of the cage you want to buy.

If you choose the right cage, your cats won’t feel stressed either! Hopefully this article can help you find the right cage for your cats.

5 Best Multi Level Cat Cages Recommendations

  1. Krypton |Extra Jumbo Level 4 Cat Kennel
  2. Two-level House Model Cat Cage
  3. First-level Folding Cat Cage
  4. Level 7 Super Jumbo Cat Kennel
  5. Aluminum Cat Cage |KKC-02L

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