10 Best Canon Cartridge – Reviewed by Software Engineer

Dogzily.com – Best Canon Cartridge: Currently printers have become a necessity for various groups, not only for offices, but also to support home needs. The choice of the right printer and cartridge determines the quality of the printouts. 

There’s nothing wrong with choosing the Canon brand. Canon cartridges are known for their good quality, durability and longevity. You can use it to print documents, color pictures, or photos. 

This article contains recommendations for good Canon cartridges, such as the PG-810 Black, CL-811 Color, and 325 Toner Cartridges. This article has been reviewed by our software engineer, Yosua Surojo. Happy reading!

Best Canon Cartridge

Why Choose Canon Cartridges?

Canon is a trusted brand of electronic products for years. Apart from producing cameras, video cameras, projectors and binoculars, Canon also produces printers and cartridges

Canon cartridges are quite affordable in terms of price. The products are durable, long lasting, and have good print quality. So, it’s no wonder that Canon cartridges are often sought after by many people when the printer ink runs out.

The print capabilities of Canon printers are good. Of course, this cannot be separated from the superior quality of the cartridge and print head, which do not leak or clog easily. 

Buying genuine Canon cartridges is the right choice for your daily printing needs. Besides being more cost-effective, the quality is better and maintenance is relatively easy.

Collaborating With Experts: How To Choose A Canon Cartridge

Of course, you want to get a Canon cartridge that’s good, durable, and can maximize your daily work, right? If so, consider the following tips on choosing the best Canon cartridge.

① Adjust the cartridge according to the printer type

Before buying a cartridge, you must first know the type of printer used. If the printer is a laserjet, use a toner cartridge. However, if the printer is an inkjet, use ink cartridge. After knowing the type of printer, pay attention to the serial number of the printer.

 One type of cartridge can indeed be used for several printer series, but that does not mean that all cartridges are compatible for all series. 

For example, the PG-47 cartridge can only be used for the PIXMA E410, E470, and E480 series printers. So, don’t forget to pay attention to this information when you want to choose a cartridge.

② Select by ink type

There are two types of Canon cartridges that you can consider, namely ink cartridges and toner cartridges. Each type of cartridge has its own advantages.

Toner cartridge, for more print capacity

Toner cartridges are used for laser type printers. In the past, laser printers could only print one color or monochrome. However, currently many color laser printers have been produced, as well as color toner cartridges.

The toner cartridge is equipped with powder ink so that the printout does not fade easilyToner cartridges, in terms of price, are indeed higher than ink cartridges. However, in terms of usage, the toner cartridge is far more economical because one toner can be used to print around two thousand sheets. So you don’t need to replace it often.

Ink cartridge, for a more solid color print quality

Ink cartridges are used for inkjet printers. Because the contents of the cartridge are ink, the quality of the printed colors will be more solid, clear and sharp

However, the print speed is slower than laser printers and the printouts have the potential to bleed. You also have to wait for the ink to dry for a few seconds before stacking the printed paper.

When viewed in terms of price, ink cartridges are more affordable than toner cartridges. However, its use is more limited because the ink cartridge can only be used to print about two hundred pages of paper. 

Especially for printing color images, usually the need for cartridges will be even more extravagant. As a result, the replacement will be done more often than the toner cartridge.

③ Know the required color

Cartridges are distinguished in several colors. Generally, black and CMYK colors. However, some time ago Canon has issued a printer with six colors. This will probably make the cartridges on the market increase in type.

Black, to print documents

For the need to print documents, such as research reports, work, theses, or papers, use a one-color cartridge, black. The color of this cartridge is only black so the printout will be monochrome.

 If the contents of the cartridge are still full, the quality of the printed black will look solid and thick

However, if the contents of the cartridge have started to decrease, the black color will start to fade to gray or striped. To maintain print quality, make sure you check the ink levels regularly, okay!

CMYK, capable of printing bright to dark colors

CMYK is a cartridge with three basic colors, namely cyanmagenta and yellow. However, so that the color quality is even sharper, it must be supported by a black cartridge. 

The CMYK color combination can produce bright colors on printed objects (compared to RGB). So, if you often print files that include color diagrams, you can consider CMYK color cartridges.

Some Canon printers are equipped with an indicator light when the contents of the cartridge are low. 

In addition, you can also see from the quality of the print. If the printed colors are faded, streaked, and not solid, it means that the contents of the cartridge are running out and need to be replaced.

Six colors, for sharp photo print quality

Canon innovates by releasing a printer equipped with a six-color tank. The six colors are cyanmagentayellowblackgray and redComplete colors make the print quality richer and closer to the original color

So, this six-color cartridge will be suitable for printing photos so that the color results are better. Unfortunately cartridges with six colors are still difficult to find because printers equipped with these cartridges are still very new.

④ Pay attention to the discharging capacity of the cartridge

For the sake of effectiveness of use, you also need to pay attention to the usage capacity of the cartridge and adjust it to your needs. For this type of toner cartridge, usually has a capacity of around 2000 printed sheets. 

Meanwhile, the capacity for this type of ink cartridge is around 150 to 400 printed sheets. 

Toner cartridges are usually used for office needs because the intensity of their use is higher. Meanwhile, ink cartridges are more often used for household needs because they are more effective.

⑤ Verify the authenticity of the cartridge

The good quality of Canon cartridges causes several parties to try to counterfeit them. Counterfeit cartridges result in bad printouts. In addition, printers can be easily damaged and cartridge leaks occur. 

So, here are some tips for detecting genuine and fake cartridges:

  • Counterfeit cartridge packaging is not neat because it was folded manually. In the folds you will see gaps and tend to be stiff. In contrast, the original cartridge packaging is always neat because it is folded using a special machine so that the folds are elastic and not stiff.
  • Counterfeit cartridge printouts look rough and the colors are less sharp. Meanwhile, the original cartridge has maximum print quality because the color composition matches.
  • The ink indicator does not appear on the printer if a fake cartridge is used. Even the indicator still shows the contents of the empty cartridge even though it has been replaced with a new one. 

Don’t be fooled by the cheap price of Canon cartridges either. It is not comparable with the quality provided. To avoid counterfeit Canon cartridges, try to buy the product at the official store.

10 Best Canon Cartridge Recommendations

Next, we will recommend the ten best Canon cartridge products that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. Canon Pixma PG-810 Black

You definitely want to have a durable and long-lasting printer, right? In this case, it is not only the specifications of the printer that need attention, but also the quality of the cartridge. Of the many products, this cartridge is one of the choices of many people.

Besides being able to provide good print quality, this cartridge can also protect the print head. If the print head is not easily damaged, the printer can work fine for many years. How? Are you interested in using this cartridge?

2. Canon PixmaPG-47 Black

This ink cartridge is designed so that print quality lasts longer. Even if the document is stored for years, the print is claimed to be good. In addition, printed pictures or tables still look good. 

If you are looking for a cartridge to print documents, reports and archives, this cartridge is worth considering.

3. Canon Pixma ChromeLite 100+CL-811 Color

You may need to prepare children’s learning materials at home. Bright print colors will certainly make children more enthusiastic about learning. Well, to support this, you can use this cartridge

Bright, sharp, and maximum print quality will provide printouts that are close to the original color. Your little one is likely to be happier with the learning material.

4. Canon PixmaCL-741 Color

The capacity of the ink cartridge is much smaller than the toner cartridge. That said, it’s still worth considering if you don’t print too often. You can use this cartridge to print 180 sheets of paper. 

On the other hand, this cartridge is claimed to be able to produce prints that are smooth, clean, sharp, and of course durable.

5. Canon Genuine325

Printing in large quantities requires not only printer speed, but also prints that dry quickly. You don’t have to wait long to pile up printed document sheets when using this cartridge. Why? Because the printout dries faster.

These advantages also make you not have to worry about the ink being streaked due to rubbing against other paper. This toner cartridge is indeed very easy and can shorten the time. The faster the printing ability, the faster it dries, the faster the job is done.

6. Canon Genuine328

The print quality is clear and sharp, so this toner cartridge can be used for home or office needs. You can print documents to reports easily without worrying about the results being less solid or having annoying blotches. 

Those of you who often repeat the printing process because the results are unsatisfactory seem to be able to try this cartridge.

7. Canon PixmaPG-830 Black

Have you ever noticed a decrease in print quality on the final pages? Well, thanks to this cartridge, you won’t experience that anymore. Features in this cartridge make it more durable and provide consistent printouts on each sheet. 

You will find no difference between the first print and the last print. Everything is equally clear and sharp.

8. Canon PixmaCL-746 Color

Consider this cartridge if you only use the printer occasionally. This cartridge was developed with a good print head so that it can prevent ink from fading or clogging. 

So, even if the printer is rarely used, you don’t have to worry about the ink cartridges fading or getting clogged. The quality of the printouts is maintained when reused.

9. Canon Pixma ChromaLite 100+ PGI-821

Your printing needs may require different types of paper. So that the print quality is just as good, just try using this cartridge. The ink color remains thick even though it is used for printing on photo paper, HVS, and even ivory. 

Each cartridge has a different color. So, you can choose only one cartridge whose color has started to decrease.

10. Canon Genuine416

To produce quality color image prints, you need this toner cartridge. In one toner there is only one color, ranging from cyan, magenta, yellow, or black. As a result, you can be more flexible in choosing what color cartridge is running out.

Because each toner cartridge is filled with a different color, the image print quality is sharper. You can print posters, photos, brochures, or various documents easily.


Pair Canon cartridges with Canon printers. Thus, printers and cartridges can last longer and be used for several years. Also check the condition of the head cartridge periodically so that it can be repaired immediately (if there is minor damage).

So, whenever you have to print, the printer and cartridge can work properly. Hopefully this review is useful and you get the best Canon cartridge that suits your needs. Now is your turn to make a choice. Happy choosing and shopping!

5 of the best Canon Cartridge Recommendations

  1. Canon |Pixma |PG-810 Black
  2. Canon |Pixma |PG-47 Black
  3. Canon |Pixma ChromeLite 100+ |CL-811 Color
  4. Canon |Pixma |CL-741 Color
  5. Canon |Genuine |325

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