Top 10 Best Aquascape Fan and Tips How to Choose it

Dogzily.comAquascape is the art of presenting freshwater ecosystems like natural habitats in an aquarium. Some accessories are used, including plants, stones, and wood. Well, another complement that you can’t miss is the Aquascape fan. This fan is useful for lowering the temperature in the water so that the growth of biota can run well.

This time, we will provide tips on how to choose a good aquascape fan. We will also provide ten product recommendations for various brands with various fan numbers. There are fans that have single fansdouble fans, and others. Let’s keep reading in full!

Best Aquascape Fan

What is an Aquascape Fan?

Basically, the temperature inside the aquascape tank is greatly influenced by the temperature outside the tank. If you want to maintain the temperature in the tank, you need a cooling device, such as a fan. 

The aquascape fan is a small fan that functions to lower the temperature in the aquascape tank. This fan can reduce the temperature in the range of 2° C to 3° C.

As a guide, here are the ideal temperature ranges for an aquascape: 

  • Pure Aquascape, the temperature needed is 18°C ​​to 22°C.
  • Aquascape with small fish habitat, the required temperature ranges from 22°C to 25°C.
  • Aquascape equipped with discus, the maximum temperature is 28°C.

Several reasons require you to keep the temperature in the above range, including: 

  • Keeping the growth of bacteria in the aquascape. These bacteria play an important role in the growth of ecosystems in water. 
  • The level of absorption of carbon dioxide in water will be better at low temperatures.
  • Some plants will grow optimally when the temperature in the aquascape tank is below 28°C.
  • To clean the algae, you will need ornamental shrimp, which normally live at 28°C.

How to choose an Aquascape Fan

What kind of fan can be used to lower the aquascape temperature? To get the right aquascape fan , make the following points as a guide.

① Choose an aquascape fan that is easy to adjust

The fan is a means of reducing the temperature of Aquascape which is widely used compared to other coolers such as chillersTo optimize fan performance, place the fan closest to the water surface in the aquascape

It would be better if the aquascape fan you choose has a feature to adjust the fan’s position. That way, you don’t have to change the place where the fan is placed. You can rotate the fan in the required direction. As a guide, choose an Aquascape fan that can be rotated up and down at an angle of 90 degrees.

② It is better to avoid fans that have loud noises

Ideally, the aquascape fan should be turned on for 24 hours to stabilize the temperature in the tank. Therefore, you should choose an aquascape fan that has a low noise level. This is especially important if the aquascape tank is placed inside the house. Sound that is not noisy certainly will not interfere with your rest and activities.

③ Pay attention to the required power

Since the aquascape fan will be turned on constantly, make sure the aquascape fan you choose uses low power. That way, the biota in the tank is always guaranteed to be safe without you having to pay too much. Besides being more economical, you can install several additional fans if needed.

④ Adjust the fan performance according to needs

The fan rotation speed or the number of fan blades will affect the process of decreasing the temperature in an aquascape tank. So, if you want to buy an aquascape fan, first pay attention to the number of propellers or the rotational speed. 

If the selected fan is not accompanied by a description of the rotation speed, pay attention to the number of propellers. It can also apply vice versa. Here are some guidelines that you can follow to optimize fan performance, namely:

  • One fan measuring 8 cm x 8 cm is effective for use on tanks less than 90 cm long. This guide can be followed if you know the length of your tank.
  • The fan with four propellers is effectively used in tanks with a maximum capacity of 160 liters. This guide is perfect for those of you who choose a fan based on the volume of the aquarium tank. 
  • An aquascape fan with a rotation speed of around 3,500 rpm effectively lowers the tank temperature by 2°C to 4°C. You can use this guide if you have a desired temperature reduction target.

10 Recommendations for the Best Aquascape Fans

Next, we will recommend the ten best aquascape fan products that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. Jebo Multi Fan F-60202

This Jebo aquascape fan consists of two fans which have a fairly easy installation method. In addition, the fan mount that is integrated with the body further maintains the stability of the fan. Not only that, thanks to the air circulation produced, this product fits perfectly in a tank with a capacity of 80 liters.

2. Double Fullset LED Aquascape Cooling Fan

We recommend this product for those of you who create a festive atmosphere in your aquascape tank. The reason is, this one fan is equipped with LED lights with bold colors. This LED light will further beautify the aquascape tank at night. This product is also equipped with an on-off switch button to turn on or turn off the LED light, you know.

3. Jebo Multi Fan F-60204

This aquascape fan can lower the surface temperature of the water in an aquascape tank with a maximum capacity of 160 liters. The reason is, this fan has four fan blades that rotate at the ideal speed. What’s more, the noise level when the fan is running is 40 dB. This intensity is a normal noise intensity that is safe for the human ear. 

We recommend this product for those of you who live with children because it is quiet. You can be more comfortable turning on this fan for 24 hours straight, right? So, don’t miss this product to complete your aquascape tank!

4. Medium Speed ​​Fan

If you are looking for a DIY aquascape fan , we recommend this product. This aquascape fan can be disassembled as needed. Interestingly, each fan can rotate at 4,000 rpm. Therefore, this fan is classified as a fan with medium speed to high speed. 

5. ISTA Compact Cooling Fan

This Ista aquascape fan is made using an aluminum frame. Thanks to that, this fan is claimed to have a sturdy body. The fan is not easy to damage, you can use this fan for a long time. Even though it consists of one fan, this product is claimed to be effective in reducing the temperature in a tank with a maximum size of 90 cm. 

Therefore, this fan is perfect for installing in medium-sized aquascape tanks. With a long usage period, this product is perfect for those of you who want to save more on your aquascape accessories budget. Come on, order this product immediately on your favorite marketplace!

6. SAKKAI PRO B311 Universal Cooling Fan

Not only as an aquascape fan, this fan can be your choice to cool the temperature on various surfaces. Equipped with a stable hanging design, this fan can stand firmly in the installation place. The coil which is far from the reach of the water also adds to the feeling of security when using it.

7. Up-Aqua USB Mini Cooling Fan D-336

If another aquascape fan is installed at the top of the tank, this aquascape fan has a different installation method. Attach the fan to one side of the tank, the fan immediately works to reduce the temperature of the entire surface of the tank water measuring 30–40 cm.

Installation on the side of the tank also helps to prevent this product from blocking the light from the aquascape tank. So, have this product if you want your Aquascape tank to be prettier, fashionable and different from the others!

8. SHENGANG Fan Cooling System WW-F3

If you are looking for a factory fan that comes with three fans for medium sized tanks, go for this product! The three fans on this product are designed with separate frames. Not only that, the frame design is quite attractive so it adds an elegant impression to your aquascape tank.

If you install it in the correct position, the coil is far from the water. That way, the level of security of this product is very good. This is important so as to minimize the risk of short circuit.

9. NAC Cooling Fan

This one product has a simple design, but still looks attractive thanks to the use of acrylic material. This makes it suitable for those of you who are looking for an aquascape fan with a minimalist and beautiful appearance. 

You can also stick this fan on the glass with a maximum thickness of 2 cm. So, even if your aquarium glass has a fairly thick trim, you can still use this product.

10. JBL Cooler 200 6044100

Does your tank hold 100–200 liters of water? If yes and you want a fan to lower the surface temperature of the water, this product is the answer. With four fans, the temperature will drop faster.

This easy-to-install product is also equipped with a switch. This switch makes it easy for you to turn the fan on or off when needed. This product is also equipped with a temperature controller. Therefore, you can also control the water temperature with JBL Cool Control! Interesting right?


Above, we have reviewed tips on choosing an aquascape fan along with product recommendations that are much sought after. How, is your favorite product in our recommendations? The existence of an aquascape fan is important to lower the temperature so many aquascape fans use it. 

Also make sure the selected product is right to be installed on top of your aquascape tank . That way, the desired cooling is not too excessive and instead stress the biota in the tank. 

5 Best Aquascape Fan Recommendations

  1. Jebo |Multi Fan |F-60202
  2. Double Fullset LED Aquascape Cooling Fan
  3. Jebo |Multi Fan |F-60204
  4. Medium Speed ​​Fan
  5. ISTA |Compact Cooling Fan

Other recomendations: