10 Best Aquarium Glass Cleaner Recommendations

Dogzily.comFor those of you who have a hobby of keeping ornamental fish in an aquarium, never miss an aquarium glass cleaner. This tool can help you clean glass more practically and easily. In fact, not only does it make the glass shiny, the moss and algae in it can also be eroded clean.

We will review recommendations for good aquarium glass cleaners from various brands. You will find the brands Resun, Nikita Star, Recent, and so on. Before starting to buy it, first know how to choose the following. 

Best Aquarium Glass Cleaner

How to choose an Aquarium Glass Cleaner

In this article, we will discuss aquarium cleaner tools, especially those made of glass. Come on, take a look at some of the following tips.

① Choose by shape

The most widely circulated aquarium glass cleaner consists of two forms, namely magnets and sticks. Both forms of cleaning have their advantages.

Magnets: Clean the glass from both sides, inside and out

The magnetic cleaner has two sides. The first side is placed inside the aquarium, the second side is outside the aquarium. Each side can stick together because there is a magnet. So, if you move the cleaning side on the outside of the tank, automatically the side on the inside will also move.

These cleaners are more effective because with just one scrubbing, you’ll be cleaning both sides of the glass at the same time. However, if the magnetic strength is not sufficiently tight, the inner cleaning side may come off. Therefore, look for a cleaner that is lightweight and floats so that if it falls off, it can be easily removed and reattached.

Stick: Clean the glass without getting your hands wet

The cleaner in the form of a stick allows you to clean the walls of the aquarium without dipping your hands in water. The stick is long and at the end there is a scrubber to scrub the glass walls.

By using this cleaner, you can clean the hard-to-reach corners of the aquarium. What’s more, the shape of this cleaning stick is slimmer so it’s easy to slip into tight corners of the aquarium.

So, if you need a product that can clean water, rocks, or other parts of the aquarium, please click the link below!

② Know the ingredients of the glass cleaner scrubber

Another important thing to note is knowing the scrubber or abrasive material to clean the glass. This scrubber consists of two types of materials, namely sponges and blades.

Sponge: To make dull glass shine

Sponge scrubber has a soft and slightly rough texture. Some products have two types of sponges, namely yellow sponge and green sponge. The yellow sponge has a softer texture, while the green sponge has a rougher texture.

However, these two types of sponge scrubbers have the same function, which is to scrub the glass to make it shiny again. Soft dirt, such as moss and algae, can be easily removed with this scrubber. In addition, a sponge scrubber can also reduce the possibility of scratching the glass.

Blade: To remove the crust on the glass

The scrubber blade material is hard and sharp. This scrubber serves to scrub dry crust or dirt that sticks to the glass. Not only that, this scrubber can also be used to scrape off the moss that sticks to the glass.

Due to their sharp shape, blade scrubbers can only be used for glass aquariums. For this reason, several manufacturers have made rubber scrubbers that are safer for various types of aquariums. However, a rubber scrubber can only scrape away the moss and it is rather difficult to remove the stubborn crust.

③ Pay attention to the size

The size of the aquarium glass cleaner is determined by the size of the aquarium. If you have a large tank, we recommend purchasing a sponge scrubber with a wide cleaning area. That way, cleaning a large aquarium will not take a long time.

In addition, pay attention to the height of the aquarium. The height of the aquarium determines your choice of a cleaning stick. Choose a stick that is taller than the tank so you can reach the bottom of the tank without sinking.

10 Recommendations for the Best Aquarium Glass Cleaner Tools

Next, we will recommend ten of the best aquarium glass cleaner tools that we have determined based on the selection method above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. Resun Magnetic Brush

Rubbing the aquarium glass rapidly can cause the magnets to come off. If it’s like this continuously, of course it will be uncomfortable. That’s why this one tool is worth trying. The Resun Magnetic Brush has super strong magnetic strength so it won’t come off easily. 

When you rub the glass quickly, the scrubber stays firmly attached and doesn’t come off the magnet. You can clean glass quickly and without hassle!

2. Nikita Star Magnetic Brush

The shape of the handle grip of an aquarium glass cleaner is the key to the convenience of using the tool. Well, this tool has a very ergonomic handle grip shape. You can comfortably hold it without it slipping or slipping out of your hands. As a result, cleaning the aquarium becomes easier and you don’t get tired easily anymore!

3. Recent Aquarium Glass Cleaner Magnet RC-06

When cleaning aquarium glass, you may be lazy to wet your hands. However, what happens if the cleaner slips off the magnet? Relax, because this tool is light in nature and can float.

Even if it is accidentally released from the magnet, the device will automatically float. You can take it on the surface of the water without needing to wet your hands. It’s easy, isn’t it?

4. Nikita Aquarium Glass Cleaner Plastic Scraper

The type of dirt stuck to the glass of the aquarium may vary. So that all the dirt is removed and the glass becomes clear again, there’s no harm in trying this one tool. The scrubber part of this tool consists of two kinds of sponges, namely yellow and green sponges. 

The yellow sponge has a softer texture, while the green sponge has a rougher texture. If there is glass dirt that is difficult to clean, you can turn the scrubber over to the green sponge side. As a result, cleaning the aquarium becomes easier without scratching the glass surface.

5. 5 In 1 Aquarium Glass Cleaner Tool

Are you someone who is looking for practicality in an aquarium maintenance tool? If yes, this one tool is the right answer because in one tool there are five other functions. 

The five functions are glass sponge, algae scraper, fishing net, plant fork and gravel rake. You simply change the tip of the stick to other functions as needed. It’s more practical and you don’t have to bother storing various items!

6. Sobo Floating Magnetic Glass CleanerSB-6

Large aquariums usually have a glass thickness of over 10 mm. Unfortunately, not all glass cleaners have the strong magnetic power to clean thick aquarium glass. 

Therefore, only use this cleaner which has a strong magnetic power attached to the glass wall with a thickness of 10 –16 mm. Thus, cleaning thick aquarium glass is no longer a problem because the magnets don’t come off easily.

7. Flipper Max Float 2 in 1

This cool glass cleaning product has the advantage that the scrubber can be reversed with different functions. The first side of the scrubber is a sponge, while the other side is a blade for scrubbing moss. Uniquely, you can change the side of this scrubber without removing the tool first. 

To do this, just slide the tool into the corner of the aquarium, then pull the handle away until the magnet is released. That way, the scrubber in the aquarium will rotate and change to the other side. This practical tool is the answer for those of you who want to make a totally shiny aquarium glass.

8. Magfloat Floating Magnet Aquarium Cleaner

This tool has a large cleaning surface area. This is what makes it able to clean the aquarium quickly and efficiently. With just one swipe, the area to be rubbed is wider. 

Also special, this tool can also be used to clean acrylic aquariums. Maybe you don’t have much time to clean your acrylic aquarium at home. Well, this one product is the solution.

9. Magnet Cleaner Wiper Double Side Aquarium

In contrast to the form of cleaner tools in general. This tool has a triangular tip so it will be easier to clean the corners of the aquarium. 

Besides having a sponge to wipe the glass, this tool also has a rubber to clean the moss that sticks to the glass. So, if you are looking for a tool that can completely clean your aquarium, consider this product!

10. Qanvee Aluminum and Magnesium Alloy

If you are looking for a glass cleaner that is durable and doesn’t break easily, this product will definitely suit you. This tool is in the form of a stick made of aluminum alloy iron which is not easily broken and anti-rust.

Especially for those of you who have a marine fish aquarium, this one tool can be used. The stick remains durable even if it is put in sea water many times. In each package, this tool is also equipped with ten blades that can be replaced as needed.

How to Clean Plastic and Acrylic Aquarium Crust

Both plastic and acrylic aquariums scratch easily. You can’t use a knife blade scraper because it will leave streaks. Better yet, use a descaler made of a soft sponge, cotton towel, or plastic rubber.

Also avoid using sandpaper or a sponge with a rough surface. For polishing, you can use natural ingredients, namely white vinegar sprayed on walls or plastic aquarium decorations. In addition, as an alternative, you can also use white toothpaste to remove scale from the aquarium.


Aquarium cleaning kits are a can’t-miss piece of equipment if you have an aquarium. This tool will keep your aquarium glass clean and clear so that the fish swimming in it look beautiful.

Have you found the product that fits your needs from the reviews above? Hopefully this article helps and can support your hobby of caring for ornamental fish. Happy choosing!

5 Best Aquarium Glass Cleaner Tools Recommendations

  1. Resun|Magnetic Brush
  2. Nikita Star|Magnetic Brush
  3. Recent |Aquarium Glass Cleaner Magnet |RC-06
  4. Nikita |Aquarium Glass Cleaner Plastic Scraper
  5. 5 In 1 Aquarium Glass Cleaner Tool

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