The Top 10 Best Aquarium Cleaner – Reviewed by Aquascaper

Dogzily.comAquarium cleaner is a very important tool, especially for those of you who like to keep fish. By keeping the aquarium clean, your fish will also be healthier and happier. The many models of aquarium cleaners on the market can make it difficult for you to make a choice.

We will share tips on choosing an aquarium cleaner as well as provide good product recommendations for you. You can also find quality aquarium cleaners from SUNSUN or Nikita Star brands. This article has been reviewed by our aquascaper, Alfitrah Hanif Saragih. Read this article till the end and find the best aquarium cleaner.

Best Aquarium Cleaner

Collaborating With Experts: How to Choose an Aquarium Cleaner

When buying an aquarium cleaner, you need to check the type, size, and accessories in each purchase package. We will explain it in more detail for you. 

① Select by type

Based on the type, aquarium cleaners are divided into four, namely manual, electric, liquid, and powder. We will briefly describe the characteristics of each type. 

Manual: Can clean in more detail

Manual type aquarium cleaners are usually in the form of magnets or sponges. Cleaning the aquarium manually can reach all the dirty corners. If it’s in the form of a magnet, you just stick the bottom of the magnet into the aquarium and the handle on the outside. Then, all you have to do is move the handle that is on the outside of the aquarium so that the inside moves with it.

Meanwhile, sponge-type aquarium cleaners are box-shaped and usually have a long handle. So, you just rub the sponge to clean the aquarium. Because it is operated by hand, you can adjust the strength of the scrubbing yourself and it’s easier to reach tight areas.

Electricity: More time saving

In contrast to the manual type, this electric aquarium cleaner moves automatically and the process is easier. So, you only need to turn on the engine and direct this tool to the target area to clean the aquarium. You can adjust this electric aquarium cleaner according to your needs.

Generally, this type of electric aquarium cleaner can also be used to drain water at the same time. If you don’t have much time to clean your aquarium, opting for an electric type cleaner is the way to go. 

Naturally processed liquid/powder: No harm to fish

In addition, there are also liquid or powder type aquarium cleaners. This type of aquarium cleaner is able to clean the aquarium naturally by decomposing the existing dirt. How to use it is quite easy. You only need to pour this cleaning powder or liquid into the aquarium with an appropriate measure.

Because it is made from natural ingredients, the use of liquid or powder aquarium cleaners is safe for your fish. However, not all liquids or powders are naturally processed. There are also some liquids or powders which are harmful to fish. These materials can be harmful to fish, ornamental plants, and sand in the aquarium.

② Adjust the size according to the dimensions of the aquarium

Matching the size of the cleaner to the volume of the tank is ideal. The bigger the dimensions, the bigger the dirt filter (filter box).

If you buy the wrong size cleaner that is too big or too small, you will have a hard time cleaning the aquarium. Therefore, especially if you buy a manual or automatic type of aquarium cleaner, you need to pay attention to the size

To clean a small aquarium like Aquascape, you can choose a cleaner that is about 66 cm in size. Meanwhile, to clean a larger aquarium, you can buy products that are approximately 105 cm in size.

③ Check the contents in a set

In every purchase of an aquarium cleaner, you will find a product that comes with a hose, foam, or net. The bigger your aquarium, of course, more practical if you buy a very complete cleaner. 

On the other hand, there are also aquarium cleaners that do not include other accessories, such as a hose, so you need to buy them separately. Therefore, know what items you receive so that the package that arrives fits your needs. 

10 Recommendations for the Best Aquarium Cleaner

Next, we will recommend the ten best aquarium cleaner products that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

1. Manual Aquarium Cleaner Pump

This aquarium cleaner is sold as a set containing a pump and hose. So, you can immediately use it. How to use this tool is quite easy. All you have to do is point the filter at the corner of the aquarium you want to clean and repeatedly press the blue part.

Because the water is wasted, you can also replace the water when cleaning fish waste. Combined with a total length of 170 cm, it is even easier for you to reach the corners of the aquarium. If you are looking for an aquarium cleaner that is inexpensive and multi-functional, turn to this product. 


  • The size is quite long, reaching 170 cm


  • Less appropriate to use to clean the scale on the walls of the aquarium

2. Eco One Bacteria Starter

This natural aquarium cleaning powder is a mainstay of many fish owners. This is because this product is able to reduce the symptoms of New Tank Syndrome, decompose leftover food/fish excrement, and maintain plant health. 

Thanks to all these advantages, it’s no wonder this product is widely used by fish lovers. For those of you who are newbie or even professional in keeping fish, checkout this product immediately.


  • Can help destroy fish waste


  • It takes time for the powder to dissolve completely in water

3. Aquarium Magnetic Glass CleanerJC-01

This product is perfect for those of you who want to clean a thick glass aquarium at home. This aquarium cleaner is claimed to be able to clean glass up to 5 mm thick. 

Even cooler, the cleaning pad has been made scratch-resistant so that your aquarium glass won’t scratch even if the magnet is strong. Equipped with a non-slip handle, hands do not slip easily when using this aquarium cleaner. 


  • Specially designed to be able to clean thick glass


  • They are not too big, it will take you longer to clean a jumbo tank

4. Nikita Star Magnetic Brush

For those of you who like to keep various types of fish, from arowana to betta, this aquarium cleaner is the best partner. Produced in three sizes, it will be easier for you to choose this glass cleaner magnet variant according to the size of the aquarium. 

For example, for ornamental fish aquariums whose dimensions are under 50 cm, you can choose a small aquarium cleaner. Meanwhile, if the size of your aquarium is above 1 meter, you can choose a large size, and so on. 


  • Provide three different sizes for tanks of various sizes


  • Without a long handlebar, it can be difficult to use to reach deep into the aquarium

5. SLEEP Aquarium Electric Vacuum Sand GravelHXS-02

If you have several fish in the aquarium at the same time, sometimes the dirt will accumulate faster even though the water is still clean. Now, by using this product, you can clean fish waste without wasting the water. 

In addition, this tool does not include a hose. So, make sure you have a hose ready so that the product can be used as soon as it arrives at your home. This product is the right solution for those of you who need an electric aquarium cleaner to suck up fish waste.


  • Can be used to clean fish waste


  • You need to purchase the hose separately

6. Aquarium Glass Cleaner Sponge 10 cm

At first glance, this product looks like a dishwashing sponge. However, it turns out that this product has been designed to be able to clean algae or fungus in the aquarium. What’s more, this cleaning tool is capable of cleaning glass or acrylic aquariums. 

Soft material, this aquarium cleaning sponge adheres easily to convex or concave surfaces. If you have an aquarium that is round or oval in shape, this product is a must have for you. 


  • Soft and comfortable to hold


  • Can deflate with use

7. Aquarium Cleaner Tool 5 in 1

When you buy this product, you will get five tools to clean the aquarium at once. There is a net to move the fish, algae cleaner, foam, leveling fork and tongs. 

So you can tidy up aquascape sand, pick up dead fish, and clean your tank with just one product. For those of you who sell various ornamental fish or like multifunctional products, this aquarium cleaning set is a must have for you. 


  • Already one package with five cleaning tools


  • You need to spend some time and effort to install the desired cleaning tool

8. Kiyosaki Water Purifier

For those of you who want your favorite fish to always be healthy and your aquarium to always be shiny, you can rely on this product. Not only for fish, this blue liquid is also able to inhibit the appearance of moss and scale on the aquarium glass.

This product is also created in such a way that it can remove bad substances that make fish sick. You can simply pour 5 ml of this liquid into 50 liters of water. As a result, fish that have lost their appetite and even attacked by parasites or bacteria can recover. Take it easy, this product has been claimed to be safe for various types of fish. 


  • Can simultaneously improve fish health


  • The net weight is only 100 ml, not too much

9. WYIN Aquarium Cleaner Tool 3 in 1W03-00X

If your aquarium has plaque or sticky stains that are difficult to remove with soap, try scraping it off with this tool. Equipped with a long rod, this aquarium glass lichen and scale cleaner is even easier to hold. 

When you buy this product, you get ten knife refills at once. So, you have enough recommendations for long-term use. Coupled with the presence of fish nets and foam, this product is even more functional to use.


  • A package with fishing nets and cleaning foam


  • You will need to change the blade manually

10. Automatic Aquarium Cleaner Set

For those of you who have a large capacity aquarium, this cleaning pump is the best choice. Being able to remove water up to 1,700 liters per hour is the main advantage of this product. 

This aquarium cleaning tool has two suction accessories that you can use to vacuum the corners of the aquarium and the center. That way, your aquarium is guaranteed to be cleaner if the two accessories are used interchangeably. 


  • Capable of sucking up large amounts of water


  • Compared to other recommended products, the price is quite high

Tips on Keeping Fish and Cleaning the Aquarium

You certainly want your pet fish to stay healthy, right? For this reason, the cleanliness of the aquarium and important points in caring for fish should not escape your attention.

How to keep fish

Raising fish is not difficult if you understand the character of the type of fish to be kept. Each fish has a different character from one another, so you shouldn’t keep fish carelessly. Caring for fish needs to be done carefully so that the fish stay healthy and don’t die easily. So, you need sufficient knowledge before choosing the fish to be kept.

For those of you beginners, maybe you are still confused about how to care for the right fish. For that, we will share tips on keeping fish. 

  • Choose fish that are easy to care for

Fish that are kept by humans have many types, such as betta fish, koi, arowana, and others. However, these fish need special food and care so they don’t get sick easily. Well, for beginners, you should choose freshwater fish that are easier to maintain. The types of freshwater fish that you can choose are goldfish, guppies, neon, botia, and others. 

  • Make sure the water is of high quality

Aquarium is a home for fish. Therefore, you need to provide a proper place so that the fish can feel comfortable in it. When you first fill the aquarium with water, don’t fill it with fish immediately, but filter it first for 24 hours. It aims to make the water cleaner so that the fish can adapt more easily. Apart from quality, you should also pay attention to the temperature of the water in the aquarium. 

  • Give plants or other aquarium decorations

Moving to a new location can be stressful for fish. Therefore, provide aquarium decorations in the form of plants, coral reefs, or rocks so that the fish feel like they are in their habitat

  • Prepare enough food 

Giving too much food can make the fish bloated and die, just give the fish enough food. In general, fish only need to be fed twice a day as much as half a handful. You can provide food in the form of dry pelletsbloodworms, or artemia. In addition, make sure you provide food rich in protein for fish.

  • Keep the aquarium clean

Finally, you will need to periodically drain the tank and clean out fish waste. To clean certain areas such as glass, you can leave the fish in the tank while cleaning slowly. However, if you want to clean the whole tank like scrubbing the scale, transfer the fish to the bucket first.

As an additional tip, you can create a tank mate or a special aquarium for symbiotic fish.

Aquarium cleaning tips for beginners from our aquascaper, Alfitrah Hanif Saragih

Cleaning an aquarium can be fun when you see the ecosystem in it grow healthy. Therefore, cleaning the aquarium regularly is a must.

Don’t wait until the aquarium becomes cloudy before cleaning it because it will have a negative impact on the ecosystem in the aquarium. Cleaning the aquarium is not that difficult, it’s just that it takes persistence and discipline to do it regularly.


We have recommended ten aquarium cleaning products. Is there an aquarium cleaning tool you were looking for in our review? Cleaning the aquarium is not only to make the aquarium look beautiful, but also to maintain the health of the fish. 

Before buying, make sure the part of the aquarium you are going to clean, such as glass, fish waste, or water. That way, you can buy the right aquarium cleaning kit. Finally, don’t forget to feed the fish in moderation. 

5 Best Aquarium Cleaner Recommendations

  1. Manual Aquarium Cleaner Pump
  2. Eco One|Bacteria Starter
  3. Aquarium Magnetic Glass Cleaner|JC-01
  4. Nikita Star|Magnetic Brush
  5. SUNSUN|Aquarium Electric Vacuum Sand Gravel|HXS-02

Other recomendations: