Top 10 Best Epson Projector – Reviewed by Software Engineer

Best Epson Projector – Best Epson Projector: Epson is known as a projector brand with many advantages. One type of Epson projector has an eco mode feature, namely the Epson EB-E500. There is also the Epson EB-2155W with a brightness level of up to 5,000 lumens.  You can even find products with multiple connections, such as HDMI and Wi-Fi to connect to … Read more

Best Bluetooth Audio Transmitter – Reviewed by Sound Engineers

Best Bluetooth Audio Transmitter – The Bluetooth audio transmitter is the solution for those of you who value sound quality. When you want to enjoy the sound from your TV or PC via Bluetooth headphones or speakers, the product can help.  So, you don’t need to hesitate anymore to buy a wireless audio device. However, product specifications vary. There are also products that can be used as receivers. Therefore, … Read more

Top 10 Best 3D Printer – Reviewed by Software Engineer

Best 3D Printer – For those of you working in the manufacturing, toy, engineering, and healthcare sectors, you are probably familiar with 3D printer. This tool allows you to print three-dimensional designs that are more complex than traditional manufacturing processes. You can easily find 3D printer brands such as Anycubic, Creality, and Phrozen on the market. In order to get a good 3D printer, there are several factors … Read more

10 Best Electric Stabilizer – Reviewed by Software Engineer

Best Electric Stabilizer – Best Electric Stabilizer: Have the lights in your house suddenly dimmed and then come back on after a few seconds? If so, this indicates that the voltage is unstable. Voltage like this can interfere with the performance of electronic devices to cause damage.  To anticipate this, an electric stabilizer or stavolt is needed so that the electric current is … Read more

10 Best Cheap Pen Tablet for Beginners – Reviewed by Illustrator

Best Cheap Pen Tablet for Beginners – Best Cheap Pen Tablet for Beginners: For those of you who work in illustration or graphic design, a pen tablet is a very important accessory. With a pen tablet, you can draw by hand and transfer the progress directly to the computer screen.  Currently there are many pen tablet brands with varying prices, such as Wacom, Huion, and Veikk. This … Read more

10 Best Gigabyte Motherboards – Reviewed by Gaming Creator

Best Gigabyte Motherboard – Gigabyte is one of the gaming motherboard brands that you can choose from. This brand has not only good performance, but also affordable prices. No wonder Gigabyte is able to compete in winning the hearts of gamers. As one of the best brands , Gigabyte has many sophisticated products. This time we will help you choose a good motherboard from … Read more

Best ASUS Motherboard – Reviewed by Gaming Content Creator

Best ASUS Motherboard – Best ASUS Motherboard: As one of the world’s leading computer brands, ASUS has its own uniqueness in every product it creates. There is no doubt about the quality of the ASUS brand, so it is not surprising that this brand has many loyal customers. Well, this time we will give tips on choosing a good motherboard for … Read more

How to Disable WhatsApp App Temporarily Without Uninstalling

How to Disable WhatsApp – For those of you who need the interest to deactivate WhatsApp, then later you can listen to how to disable WhatsApp. Indeed, many people do not know how to do this, so see the discussion below. It’s true that the WhatsApp app is an app that is widely used by people. If you use the … Read more

The Best Crypto Earning Games for Android Play to Earn & Proved

Crypto Earning Games – Is it only possible to get crypto currency by mining? Apparently not, because you can get it in an easier way, namely by playing crypto earning games on Android. Crypto currency or cryptocurrency is becoming a hype among young people who like convenience and security in digital transactions. Crypto or crypto is a digital asset that has a unique … Read more