Apple Watch Best Apps You Must Install & Try – Whats Apple Watch Best Apps? Just got a new Apple Watch? Download this app to start taking advantage of it today. Just like the iPhone, using apps on the Apple Watch can open up a lot of possibilities.

While there aren’t many apps available for wearables like the iPhone, you might still be wondering where to start—especially if you’re a first-time user. We are here to help. Here are the best apps to download for anyone new to the Apple Watch.

The Best Apss For Your Brand New Apple Watch

Apple Watch Best Apps

Apple Watch officially strolled on the market on Friday (4/24/2015). Through its official website, Apple provides a number of suggestions for new owners of these smartwatch products. One of them is related to recommendations for applications that must be owned by Apple Watch owners.

So far, the AppStore specifically for the Apple Watch is rumored to have provided more than 3,000 applications. Well, instead of being confused about which application to download first, here is the Apple Watch best apps that Apple recommends to consumers.

1. Pandora: Music & Podcasts


You don’t need an iPhone to look stunning with the Pandora Apple Watch app. Popular apps can play music and podcasts without needing an iPhone nearby. All you need is a cellular-enabled Apple Watch or a Wi-Fi connection.

Just use a pair of Bluetooth headphones, like Apple’s popular AirPods line, to connect to your watch and you’re good to go. That makes it the perfect way for running or any other activity. And if you’re interested, there are also a number of other great apps that don’t require an iPhone near you.

With a subscription, you can unlock unlimited jumps and more.

DetailPandora: Music & Podcasts
DeveloperPandora Media, LLC
CategoryStreaming, Radio, Podcasts

2. To do list & Calendar

any do

Being organized is not an easy task. But if you’re new to Apple Watch, is a great app to try to manage all your daily tasks and more. In the app, you can see all your tasks organized in a simple list. You can even set reminders for specific task items and view any additional subtasks and notes.

It’s easy to add tasks right from your watch using Scribble or voice dictation. Subscribing will unlock additional features such as recurring reminders in advance, location reminders, and more. To do list & Calendar
CategoryPlanner, Reminders & Tasks

3. AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch


Getting a good night’s sleep is a big part of a healthy lifestyle. While the Apple Watch has a built-in sleep tracking feature, AutoSleep is even better. The best part about using this app is that you don’t have to do anything. Just go to bed with the watch on.

In the morning, you’ll see a notification with your sleep quality taking into account bedtime, anxiety, wake-up time, and heart rate. This app also features a Smart Alarm option.

You can set the window when you want to be woken up in the morning and then an alarm will sound when you are a lighter sleeper so you can wake up without feeling groggy. For more similar apps, check out our roundup of the best sleep apps for Apple Watch.

DetailAutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch
CategoryAuto Sleep Tracker & Alarm

4. Hello Weather

hello weather

For anyone new to the Apple Watch, the number of weather apps available is probably overwhelming. But a great place to start is with Hello Weather.

The app is easy to use and provides you with up-to-date weather information for any location. After opening the app, you can see the current weather conditions, short term forecast and outlook for the rest of the week. Select each section to view more information.

While the free version of the app provides detailed views and forecasts of your location, you will need a subscription to take advantage of more advanced features such as watch face complications and access to more weather data sources.

DetailHello Weather
DeveloperElectric Dream Machine LLC
CategorySuper useful forecasts & radar

5. PCalc


Unless you’re a math genius, having a calculator can always come in handy whether you’re splitting bills at a restaurant or doing other errands. And PCalc delivers a great experience on the tiny screen of your Apple Watch.

You can easily enter information into the keypad to get a quick solution. Using the Digital Crown, you can also switch to a quick screen for conversion or a tip calculator along with more advanced functionality such as algebra, logarithmic and trigonometry.

If you don’t want to use the keypad, you can even use Scribble or voice dictation to enter information.

DeveloperTLA Systems Ltd.
CategoryThe Best Calculator

6. Water Tracker Waterllama

Water tracker Waterllama

Getting and staying hydrated has never been easier. But as with any other part of your overall fitness, Waterllama’s great app can ensure you’re drinking enough water per day.

And with the Apple Watch app, you can quickly and easily log what you drink. Just open the app manually, or even go through the complications, and take note of the drink and its size. Cute llamas will show you how close you are to your daily goals.

It’s a fun and easy way to manage your daily hydration. While the iPhone and iPad apps are free, you need a subscription or make a one-time purchase to unlock premium features that include the Apple Watch app. You’ll also unlock over 40 popular drinks and the ability to create your own custom drink.

DetailWater Tracker Waterllama
DeveloperVitalii Mogylevets
CategoryMy drink water reminder – app

7. Heart Analyzer: Cardio Monitor

Heart Analyzer

The Apple Watch heart rate tracker, ECG measurement, and blood oxygen monitoring are among the most popular reasons users are attracted to the device. And with Heart Analyzer, you can take advantage of all that important health data.

On Apple Watch, the LiveHR feature will automatically read your heart rate when the app is opened. You can also view heart rate data throughout the day along with data from recent workouts as well.

With various complications, the app will display blood oxygen readings, Vo2Max and more on the watch face. There’s even a point of complication for viewing daily heart rate charts without even needing to open the app.

With a separate in-app purchase, you can unlock additional features including expanded data and even deeper analytics to view on your iPhone.

DetailHeart Analyzer: Cardio Monitor
DeveloperHelix Apps LTD
CategoryWatch Health & Fitness Metrics

8. Streaks Workout

Streaks Workout

Many people buy Apple Watch while on their way to a healthier lifestyle thanks to its wide range of fitness tracking features.

Streaks Workout provides a great way to work out on the go with just a few free minutes and your Apple Watch. No need any equipment. The app offers 30 exercises to choose from to create a custom workout that best suits your age and abilities.

You can choose from four different workout durations of 6, 12, 18, or 30 minutes. All exercise information, including heart rate data, is saved to Apple Health so you can use it to fill out the Daily Activity ring.

And Streaks Workout is just one of many great Apple Watch fitness and workout apps.

DetailStreaks Workout
DeveloperCrunchy Bagel
CategoryFor all fitness levels

9. Citymapper: All Your Transport


Traveling in a big city can be a hassle, especially if you’re just visiting. But Citymapper helps you navigate without needing to take out your iPhone. The transit app offers turn-by-turn directions for public transport, walking, cycling and scooter trips in major cities around the world.

In the Apple Watch app, you can see directions and transit information at a glance. There are also a number of complications so you can see the information on the watch face. Subscription will unlock additional features including more routing features.

DetailCitymapper: All Your Transport
DeveloperCitymapper Limited
CategoryLive Bus, Metro & Train Times

10. Coloring Watch

coloring watch

Coloring is not just for kids. This is a great way to calm down and relieve stress. And with the unique Coloring Watch app, you can do it on your wrist. There are more than 80 images to choose from and 100 colors to choose from.

You will switch between parts of the image by tapping the screen. Scroll through the different colors with the Digital Crown. The app also makes unique use of the Apple Watch’s built-in heart rate tracking feature.

Breathe calmly and begin a five-minute coloring session that will track your heart rate. After the session is over, you can see how your heart rate has changed. Information from sessions is saved as Mindful Minutes in the Health app.

You can view all the coloring pictures on your iPhone and even set the picture as a watch face or complication.

DetailColoring Watch
DeveloperSydvesti Oy
CategoryColoring Book on your wrist

11. Zombies, Run!

zombie run

As you may have noticed, one of the best ways to use your Apple Watch is to get fitter and healthier in your everyday life. And Zombies, Run! Is a unique way or you to get out and run or walk while immersed in a top-notch story.

Put on your running shoes and start the Apple Watch app. As you may have guessed from the name, you are one of the few survivors of the zombie epidemic. You are one of the few runners who go between the outposts to gather supplies, rescue survivors, and more.

When using the app, you will hear the mission through your headphones. If you’re being chased by zombies, which can happen at any time, you’ll need to speed up to survive. The Apple Watch app will show you missions, how far you’ve traveled, and supplies collected.

There’s also a companion iPhone app. All workouts count towards filling your Apple Watch Activity ring. While the app is free, you can pay for a subscription to be ad-free, unlock all game modes, and more.

DetailZombies, Run!
DeveloperSix to Start
CategoryRunning Game & Audio Adventure

Using the Best Apple Watch Apps

With this starter pack of apps, you can definitely see firsthand what you can do with your Apple Watch and how you can integrate the device into your daily routine.

The list of cool Apple Watch apps is endless. Since you can only use some of these on your watch, it’s important to load them only with the apps that provide the best user experience. There’s no shortage of great apps on the Apple Watch App Store.

The above application, in its own unique way, will give you a great experience. From tracking workouts and sleep to getting real-time updates on traffic and weather, there’s an app here to fulfill all your daily needs and wants.

As for our personal recommendation, if it’s audio recording you’re looking for, then Just Press Record is for you. For practice, install WorkOutDoors. For doing advanced calculations, you’ll find a lot to like in PCalc. For real-time traffic navigation and updates, Citymapper will serve you well.

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